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Kerry Von Erich- Things that might have been

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This is my first attempt at a dynasty, so bear with me. This will be run using the DOTT database in WreSpi2. We'll be following Kerry Von Erich in all feds he signs with. When he signs with a new promotion, that promotion's roster will be posted, along with the current champions.


Currently, the game starts with Kerry signed with WCCW (obviously)Championship Wrestling from Florida, and Mid-Atlantic Championshhip Wrestling.


Rosters will be posted soon, so Stay Tuned!!!

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CWF Roster


No pics, since Tripod won't share my pics with this board. Sorry.

Heels in Red.


CWF Roster


NWA Florida Heavyweight Champion: Title Vacant


NWA Florida Tag Team Champions: Title Vacant


NWA Florida TV Champion: Title Vacant



B.Brian Blair

Mike Davis

Jack Hart

Ron Slinker


Lower Midcard

Black Bart

Brad Armstrong

Keith Larson

Scott McGhee



Kendall Windham

Lex Luger

Mike Graham

Mike Rotundo

Paul Jones

Ron Bass

Steve Keirn

Terry Allen


Upper Midcard

King Kong Mosca

Barry Windham

Bob Roop

Hiro Matsuda

Jerry Brisco

Pak Song


Main Event

Blackjack Mulligan

Boris Malenko

Dusty Rhodes

Kerry Von Erich

Kevin Sullivan

The Purple Haze



J.J. Dillon

Sir Oliver Humperdinck



Buddy Colt

John Heath

Fallen Angel


Announce Team

Barbara Clary-Colour Commentary

Gordon Solie-Announcer


Road Agents

Eddie Graham



Reggie Parks

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WCCW Roster


WCCW Roster


NWA American Heavyweight Champion: Kevin Von Erich


NWA American Tag Team Champions: Michael Hayes and Terry Gordy


NWA Texas Heavyweight Champion: David Von Erich


NWA World 6-Man Tag Team Champions: Michael Hayes, Terry Gordy and Buddy Roberts


WCCW TV Champion: Title Vacant



John Tatum



Brian Adias

Johnny Mantell


Lower Midcarders


Frank Dusek

The Magic Dragon



Chris Adams

Iceman King Parsons

King Kong Bundy

Mike Von Erich

Sweet Brown Sugar

The Missing Link

Wild Bill Irwin


Upper Midcarders

Buddy Roberts

Jimmy Garvin

Jose Lothario


Kevin Von Erich



Main Eventers

David Von Erich

Kerry Von Erich

Killer Khan

Michael Hayes

Terry Gordy



Arman Hussein (sometimes used as a manager

precious (Valet to Jimmy Garvin)

Skandor Akbar (manager to Kamala)

Sunshine (Valet to Chris Adams)



Bronko Lubich

David Manning

James Beard


Occasional Wrestlers

Ken Mantell

Fritz Von Erich (also working as Road Agent)


Announce Team

Bill Mercer

Marc Lowrance

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Mid-Atlantic Roster (Jim Crockett Promotions)


Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling


NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Ric Flair


NWA U.S. Heavyweight Champion: Greg Valentine


NWA Mid-Atlantic TV Champion: Title Vacant


NWA World Tag Team Champions: Ricky Steamboat and Jay Youngblood


NWA U.S. Tag Team Champions: Title Vacant



Angelo Mosca Jr.

George South

Kelly Kiniski

Mighty Wilbur


Lower Midcarders

Mark Youngblood

Nelson Royal

Nikita Koloff

One Man Gang



Bob Orton Jr.

Bugsy McGraw

Dick Slater

Don Kernodle

Jerry Brisco

Kerry Von Erich

Paul Jones

The Great Kabuki


Upper Midcarders

Greg Valentine

Jay Youngblood

Jimmy Valiant

Jos LeDuc

Ricky Steamboat

Roddy Piper


Main Eventers

Chief Wahoo McDaniel

Ivan Koloff

Jack Brisco

Johnny Valentine

Ric Flair

Sgt. Slaughter


Occasional Wrestlers

Johnny Weaver

Rufus R. Jones



Rich Landrum

Tony Schiavone



Gary Hart

Sir Oliver Humperdinck



Stu Schwartz

Tommy Young


Announce Team

Bob Caudle-Announcer

David Crockett-Colour Commentator


Road Agents

George Scott

Jim Crockett (owner of MACW, currently President of the NWA)

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MACW World Wide Wrestling for Week One, May 1983


Hello, wrestling fans. This is Bob Caudle, voice of MACW here. This week on World Wide Wrestling-


Kerry Von Erich takes on the One Man Gang

Chief Wahoo McDaniel takes on Johnny Valentine

Sgt. Slaughter takes on Jack Brisco

Paul Jones takes on "Dirty" Dick Slater

The Great Kabuki w/Gary Hart takes on Angelo Mosca, Jr.


Don't you dare miss it!

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