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WOTI: WWF Classic with a hint of awesomeness!

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Date: Sunday Week 4, March 2010


WrestleMania 26


* Off Camera *


*** Edge is in his dressing room after his match with Chris Jericho. Christian enters the dressing room. ***


Christian: Good match tonight buddy.


Edge: * Grunts* You think so?


Christian: What’s up with you? It was a great match.


Edge: Don’t you see? It’s all about John Cena, Orton, & HHH now. I’m sick of being pushed only to be beaten.


Christian: You’re sick? At least you get Main Event spots. I’m always teetering on the edges. I keep asking for a Push and they keep promising me it, but it never happens.


Edge: Remember when wrestling used to be fun?


Christian: Yeah we reeked of awesomeness!


Edge: That time machine would come in handy right about now.


Christian: THAT’S IT!!!


Edge: What?


Christian: It’s perfect! We get the big hats, we get the big sunglasses, we reek of awesomeness again! We use the time machine and go back to better days, the days of TLC with the Dudleys and the Hardy’s. The days before John Cena!


Edge: That’s just crazy enough to work!


Christian: Meet me back here in 10 mins, and bring your Attitude!!!

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10 Mins Later


Christian: This is it my brother of awesomeness!


Edge: This time we stick together. When they offer me my push into Main Event I’m saying hell no me and Christian stick together.


Christian: Amen to that brother.


Edge: When are you setting it for?


Christian: 1999 back when it all began.


*** Christian types some numbers into the time machine, there’s a great flash of light and the time machine disappears from the locker room ***

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Date: ????????



*** Christian and Edge stumble from the time machine, evidently blinded by the light. They appear to be in a locker room but not the same one that they just left ***


Christian: I can’t see, where are we?


Edge: I’m not sure, a locker room somewhere.


*** The door of the locker room opens and a man enters ***


Edge: Oh great gods of awesomeness! I don’t believe it, Curt! Is it really you?


Christian: Angle?


Edge: Better dude! Curt Henning! It’s Mr. Perfect!!!


Mr. Perfect: Who the hell are you guys? And what are you doing in my locker room?


Edge: Curt? It’s us, don’t you recognise us?


Mr. Perfect: I’ve never seen you guys in my life, so unless you give me a damn good reason why you’re here I’m calling security.


*** The locker room door opens again and in walks Vince McMahon ***


Vince: Curt, I just wanted to talk to you about……. Who are these guys?


Edge: Vince it’s us!!!

Vince: I have no idea who the hell you are.


*** Edge leans over to Christian and whispers “We must be dreaming, or hallucinating or something, this cant be real”. Christian walks over to Vince McMahon and prods him on the forehead ***


Vince: SECURITY!!!


Christian: He seems real enough.


Edge: Wait a minute Vince, something weird is going on here. We’re from the future but we travelled back in time, but you should still know us. Now if we can just go to your office we can sit down and talk this through. Figure out what the hell is going on here.


Vince: I can’t see a problem with that whatsoever, lets go.

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Date: ??????


Vince’s Office



Vince: So let me get this straight? You guys are professional wrestlers from the future? You worked with me in the future but you wanted to come back to the good old days so you built a time machine?


Edge; That’s pretty much it.


Vince; I don’t know why but I like you guys, must be the hats and sunglasses. Ok I’ll give you a shot, but you’re going to have to pay your dues.


Edge: Vince, we’re just happy to be wrestling in a world without John Cena.


Vince: Cena, he’s the World Champion over at WWE, one of the biggest names in wrestling!


Edge: What? That’s impossible. Cena was from our time, he shouldn’t be World Champion in 1999.


Vince: 1999? What are you talking about son? It’s 2010!

Edge: Something very strange is going on here!


Vince: You have just spent an hour talking to me about time machines and now you wanna talk strange?

Edge: If this isn’t WWE then what is it?


Vince: This is WWF Classic. WWE is a rival promotion run by my daughter Stephanie. Then there’s WWF: New Generation, WWWF run by my father oh and WWF: Attitude.


Edge: It was the Attitude era we were trying to reach!


Vince: I don’t know about “era” but Attitude are run by my son Shane and are our biggest Rivals. If you wanna work there get the hell out my office and go see Shane.


Edge: I think We’re going to like it just fine around here Vince.

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Monday, Week 1, March 2010.


Vinces Office


*** Edge & Christian are called into Vinces office to discuss with Vince and the Road Agents how they are going to work them ***


Vince: Right guys. We have been talking and we're going to give you a short on TV fued with the Bushwhackers. They are unorthodox in their style but they will look after you out there until we can see what you can do. We will start on Superstars on Friday.


Edge: Actually Vince we have been talking as well and we have an idea to put to you.


Vince: You're just in the door and you're wanting to put suggestions to us?


Edge: See Vince we come from a place where we have seen the future of wrestling. Attitude & WWE are making huge leaps in popularity while Classic & New Generation are falling week in, week out. We need to play Attitude and WWE at their own game. We need to mix things up a bit. We are the future.


Christian: The futures bright, the futures awesomeness!


Vince: What did you have in mind?


Edge: You'll see Vince. You'll see.

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As said, awesome backstory. Short, but superb.


Bad News Brown v The Ultimate Warrior

The Texas Tornado v Mr. Perfect

The Bushwhackers v Edge & Christian

- Is it just me, or why do I like the idea of E & C losing to the Bushwhackers? :p


The Megapowers v Demolition ©

- No title change yet.

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Date: Friday, Week 1, March 2010



WWF Superstars

Great Lakes USA



The show opens with the camera panning round the crowd, no pyrotechnics go off but the crowd more than make up for it with atmosphere.


Segment 1



The camera cuts backstage where Bad News Brown is standing with Sean Mooney.


Mooney: You’re on your way to the ring to face Ultimate Warrior, what are your thoughts on your match tonight.


Brown: Warrior, Hogan, Piper, Pefect, Jake the Snake, they’re all the same to me. They are all going to suffer.


Brown walks away before Mooney can get another word in.



Segment 2


The Ultimate Warrior




Bad News Brown



Bad News Brown is already in the ring when Ultimate Warriors Music hits. Brown stands on the edge of the apron staring intensely up the aisle. Warrior bursts through the curtain and the crowd erupts. Brown jumps from the apron, reaches under the ring and grabs a chair swinging it straight onto the head of Warrior who is at full sprint. Brown laughs over the fallen Warrior and walks up the aisle. Leaving the commentators to try and make sense of what they just seen.


Winner by DQ: The Ultimate Warrior



Segment 3


Mr. Perfect is in the ring with a mic.


Perfect: You are looking at the Perfect champion. The greatest Intercontinental champion the World has ever seen. If there is anyone in the locker room who thinks they have what it takes, then come on out. There’s a moments silence then Perfect smirks and makes to leave the ring when the Texas Tornados music hits.



Segment 4

The Texas Tornado




Mr. Perfect



The match featured some good offence for Texas Tornado. Perfect then threw Tornado to the outside and rammed his head into the ring steps. Perfect then takes advantage of the Ref’s turned back during the count out to expose a turnbuckle. As soon as Tornado is back in the ring he Irish whips him into the turnbuckle and straight into a Perfectplex for the 3 count.


Winner by Pinfall: Mr. Perfect.



Segment 5



Perfect is still celebrating and mocking Tornado in the ring when President Jack Tunney appears from the curtain


Tunney: Mr. Perfect. I understand you are unhappy with the quality of the challengers for your title. So tomorrow night at Main Event, we are going to hold a round robin tournament for the opportunity, or should that be privilege of facing you at Wrestlemania for your Intercontinental Championship. The competitors will be Jake the Snake Roberts, Roddy Piper, Jimmy Snuka, and the Honky Tonk Man.


Mr. Perfect struggles to keep his composure before heading up the aisle clearly deep in thought.



Segment 6



The Bushwhackers




Edge & Christian


Everyone’s favourite jokers The Bushwhackers came to the ring in all their whacky glory. Only to be followed by 2 odd men in big hats & bigger sunglasses. The crowd clearly expecting a comedy match were more than a little shocked at the ruthless brutality that ensued as the 2 odd newcomers dispatched of the Bushwhackers.


Winners by Pinfall: Edge & Christian



Segment 7



Edge & Christian equip themselves with their hats & sunglasses and a pair of mics after their match.


Christian: The age of awesomeness has begun


Edge: And now for the benefit of those with flash photography



Edge & Christian pull a variety of 5 second poses as the bewildered crowd look on, not quite sure what’s going on.



Segment 8



The camera pans backstage and Million Dollar Man is hassling Jack Tunney.


Dibiase: Name your price Tunney, I want Hogan at Main Event tomorrow night, and I want the WWF championship on the line.


Tunney: Now Ted, you know Hogan isn’t obligated to defend his title until Wrestlemania where he will face Rumble winner Randy Savage.


Dibiase: You’re making a mistake Tunney. You want 2 best friends to headline Wrestlemania? It’s supposed to be a wrestlefest, not a lovefest.


Tunney: Tell you what Ted, if you can get Hogan to agree to face you tomorrow night then I’ll make the match.


Dibiase laughs and walks off camera.



Segment 9



The commentators discuss what they have just seen, and Bobby Heenan gives a lengthy speech on why Hogan makes him sick.



Segment 10


Tag Team Title Match


The Mega Powers




Demolition ©



Randy Savage & Hogan dominate the match against Tag Team champions demolition. Half way through the match IRS joins the commentators at ringside. He takes a few verbal pop shots at Hogan saying he is a coward and would never face Dibiase at Main Event. The Mega powers are all set to wrap the match up as Hogan is psyching up the crowd for that spectacular finishing leg drop. IRS springs up and pulls Savage from ringside to the outside. IRS then grabs the ring bell and savagely beats down on Savage. Hogan notices what’s going on and points at IRS with venom. IRS turns on his heels and runs up the aisle where Ted Dibiase is waiting and laughing the maniacal laugh we all know and love. Hogan stares with all his vitamin fuelled might before giving chase. The ref has nothing else to do but start the count.


Winners by count out and still Tag Team champions: Demolition.

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I liked it, mostly because it was short. A few suggestions if I may:


- you seem to be able to write promos decently, I wouldn't mind seeing more depth and length in them. A special mention to your DiBiase writing.


- your matches are a little tacky, and they would benefit from having more of a flow. For example, your Perfect vs Tornado -match. Instead of:


The match featured some good offence for Texas Tornado. Perfect then threw Tornado to the outside and rammed his head into the ring steps. Perfect then takes advantage of the Ref’s turned back during the count out to expose a turnbuckle. As soon as Tornado is back in the ring he Irish whips him into the turnbuckle and straight into a Perfectplex for the 3 count.


you could instead have:


For the first few minutes of the match, Texas Tornado was able to showcase his offence to the arrogant Mr. Perfect. This all changed when Perfect managed to toss Tornado out of the ring, and made him eat some steel from the ring steps. As the referee is counting Tornado out, Perfect exposes a turnbuckle, and throws his opponent to the exposed 'buckle, follows with a Perfectplex and pins him for the three count.


Well that isn't very good example, but the hell with it. Overall, I thought the show was decent, but I hope that PPV's come with more depth. And by the way, I hope that came out as constructive critism, not a flamefest :)

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