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Popularity Issues?

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I was wondering if this is being addressed in anyway in WMMA3, as I play a lot of long term games on WMMA2 and it becomes quite a problem as the game develops.


Basically previously huge name fighters (have a lot of name value) begin to lose fights and lose their reputation, which is fine... however it only takes a few fights for a High International level fighter to become worthless to a Regional/Low National company, despite his insanely high popularity and wage demands (which remain sky high due to name value). Guys like Shamrock still sell PPV's for smaller companies but on WMMA2 you can't even sign a guy like him, and even if you edit his name value to sign him, then boost it back up... he'd not be a draw?


Another example is Bob Sapp fighting for small UK company BAMMA, it's a HUGE deal and is effecting ticket sales dramatically. Yet if you signed him to the company (which you couldn't) on the game, odds are the main event wouldn't even be rated Good and the show would flop... all because the Name Value/Reputation/Win Streak issues. They either need to be connected more closely or a new system entirely effects if people want to see the fight... because right now, my fans would rather watch two unknown nobodies in a main event, than the Internationally known Cro Cop fight my champion all because he lost one fight in UFC before joining by tiny promotion.

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