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Taunts move pack


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Over the last few days, I've made a group of taunts that can be added to any database. Some are pretty obviously ased on real world wrestlers, while others are more generic. They all start with "Taunt: " to keep them together on the moveset list. Most are impact since standing has the most spots open. Taunts made: Taunt: Argue with Ref Taunt: Arrogant Pose Taunt: Bait Partner/Manager Taunt: Come On Baby! pin Taunt: Cut Throat Taunt: Dance Taunt: Double Bird Taunt: Finger Wag Taunt: Finisher Signal Taunt: Finisher Tease Taunt: Flop Taunt: Get Up! Taunt: Ghost Bump Taunt: Kip Up Taunt: Push-ups Taunt: Reeling Him In Taunt: Rope Shake Taunt: Suggestive Pose Taunt: Tuning Up The Band Taunt: Zombie Sit-up If anyone has any suggestions for future additions to it, feel free to let me know.
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