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PWC - A second attempt

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On December the first of 2005, United States Pro Wrestling was sold by Danny Jillefski to a new owner who was looking to turn the USPW brand into a more traditional based product, one that would appeal to the southern fans that USPW catered to in its position in the south eastern United States. The initial idea was to have a mix of the already existing roster veterans and newer talent brought in from the indie scene to supplement the weak undercard. Or at least, that was the plan.


Almost immediately, the roster change began. Corporal Doom, Shane Sneer, Mick Muscles, Sheik Mustafa were all targeted by larger promotions like TCW, DAVE & CGC. The outrageous demands made by wrestlers like Jim Force, Giant Redwood and the tag team of Java & Tribal Warrior saw them all released. New talents were brought in from across America & Japan, much of the undercard was released, to the point where it seemed like a mockery to even still call it USPW.


Perhaps that thought crossed the mind of the new owner, for on the second week of December, he announced at a press conference of a name-change. No longer, would the South Eastern promotion be referred to as USPW, but instead it would be reborn as the Phoenix Wrestling Company. All former titles had been retired in preference of newer ones, which would debut at PWC’s inaugural show, PWC – The Big Bang.



Writers note:


I would have continued with the old one, but I kinda accidentally deleted it while clearing out old save games. :o

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PWC Roster


Single Wrestlers


• Barry Kingman

• Captain USA

• Danny Rushmore

• Dark Angel

• Darryl Devine

• Frankie Perez

• Hell Monkey

• Joey Minnesota

• Mick Muscles

• Puerto Rican Power

• T-Rex


Tag Teams


Tokyo Express – Kazuma Narato & Fumihiro Ota

Samoan Fury – Rhino Umaga & Samoan Machine

Team America – Nevada Nuclear & American Machine

California Fly Boys – Donnie J & Jimmy P

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PWC The Big Bang!



California Fly Boys versus Tokyo Express for the PWC Tag Team Championships


T-Rex versus Dark Angel versus Joey Minnesota for the PWC World Championship


Captain USA versus Puerto Rican Power for a title shot against the PWC World Champion next month


Mick Muscles versus Darryl Devine versus Barry Kingman for the PWC Television Championship


Samoan Fury versus Team America for a title shot against the PWC Tag Team Champions next month


Hell Monkey in an open challenge

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