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FBCB 2010 Patch 2.1.17

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I have uploaded a new patch.




Extract the files to your install directory. When you start the game it should say version 2.1.17 in the bottom left corner after applying the update.


Version 2.1.x



*Depth chart will be fixed prior to starting a game if it has not been previously set.

*Fixed a bug that caused certain boxes on the team schedule screen to not open when clicked

*Re-enabled export to FTP option

*Adjusted menu options so it isn't possible to exit a coached game on accident.

*Fixed a bug that could cause error 91 when exiting the coach game screen if you entered the coached game from the hot seat screen using options other than "Coach Game"

*Should no longer see a black blank section of screen when switching screens.

*Postseason tournies will now take losing teams if required.

*Added code that will prevent the extra postseason tournies from attempting to run when there aren't enough teams.

*Its now possible to output html boxes for the first 4 days of the schedule.

*The conference tounreys option should now by available by the start of the earliest conference tourney even if it occurs in Feb.

*Removed PFS attribute from player print screen as it is meant to be hidden.

*Removed the possibility of having the conference tourney start within 2 days of the last conference game.

*Fixed a possible error 9 during end season due to invalid player data.

*Fixed error 9 when clicking past the end of the current season on the calendar.

*Stop simming was the only button enabled when sim month was complete on the hot seat screen.

*Using Sim day on the hot seat screen should update the main menu properly now.

*Fixed error 9 when generating recruits due to invalid JC recruits from a previous period.

*The game will stop for injuries if you have it set to do so even if the cpu is handling the depth chart.

*Added error trapping to the assistant coach hiring screen to catch the cause of error 9 without crashing the game.

*The reply buttons should no longer be available after you reject a job offer on the email screen.

*Eliminated the possibility of a team calling a timeout during on opponent run immediately after a media timeout.

*The commish login screen should now pop up in the center of the game window.

*Fixed the conference sorting order on the schedule on coach moves screens.

*Fixed recruiting scholarship errors caused by an invalid import.

*Adjusted endgame logic to better use autofoul.

*Added a filter to shorten longer names that don't fit into the tourney brackets

*On coach game screen the exit button shouldn't be enabled until the previous action is complete. This caused error 91.

*No longer possible to back into the coach game screen if you click cancel on the recruiting warning screen.

*Fixed issue with better higher FT shooting skill resulting in worse FT performance.

*Fixed possible error 9 while helping fill team schedules in October.



*Added support for 15 team conferences with 16/18/20 game schedules

*When loading a save the game should default to the last human team that was selected on the hotseat screen.

*Made it possible to start the conference tourney in earlier weeks.

*Added the play-in game with score to the tourney bracket.

*Added code to adjust seeds to avoid early conference matchups in the championship tournament.

*Added support for 68 team championship tournaments

*Added the option to change the number of teams in the championship tournament in an active game.

*Added the current team goal to job offer emails.

*Added estimated recruiting budget to the assistant coach hiring screen.

*increased stamina recovery at half time.

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