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WWF 2002: SmackDown! vs. RAW

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It was, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best times to be a wrestling fan. Vince McMahon's powerhouse WWF was finally being challenged by the up-and-coming WCW out of Georgia run by billionaire Ted Turner at the back end and the controversial Eric Bischoff at the front of things. This mid-90's slugfest took the wrestling world by storm which included the likes of several of wrestling's biggest names jumping from one ship to the other with a ton of buzz following them. WWF was creating a whole new slew of household names while WCW was showcasing some of the biggest names of wrestling current and (especially!) past.


I'm talking about the Monday Night Wars, of course. But like all good things, everything has to end at one point and alas the "Monday Night Wars" didn't turn out to be much of a war towards the end. WCW eventually slid further and further down in relevancy and at last... Eric Bischoff's worst nightmare came true.








To open up a historic RAW, Vince McMahon is seen in his office with two TVs hooked up. One is labeled WWF, showing the typical WWF RAW opening. However, curiously, one was marked WCW showing Jeff Jarrett putting on a pair of sunglasses and getting his trademark guitar ready. This is one sight no WWF fan expected to see to kick off RAW.


Vince McMahon: Well now... here's the WWF... and here's WCW. Oh there's Jeff Jarrett! And here we have... the owner of the World Wrestling Federation... and now... the owner of WCW. That's right! I, Vince McMahon, I have purchased... I own my own competition. Heh. And tonight... tonight, I have the ability to address WWF fans as to what this means. I have the ability to address WCW as to what this means. And yes - I have the ability to address WCW fans as to what this means to them as well. Tonight, at the right time, there will be a special simulcast. And... let me just say that for sure, one man will make history - and that's me, Vince McMahon. Now as far as the Jeff Jarrett's of the world are concerned. You know how Jeff spells his name? That's J-E-Double F. Well you know what? Hmm.... I would suspect that it's spelled a different way after tonight... that would be capital G-Double O-Double N-Double E. Goonnee.




Indeed Vince McMahon has accomplished something that he no doubt has dreamed about since the early days of the Monday Night War. He thought he had successfully bought his own competition. And on air, with a smug grin on his face, he proclaimed his victory over WCW and even publicly fired one of it's superstars, bitter former WWF employee Jeff Jarrett.


Later in the night, Vince indeed had the simulcast he promised. But... it didn't go down the way he expected.








Paul Heyman: Shane's not in Cleveland... HE'S IN PANAMA CITY!

Jim Ross: Shane McMahon is on Nitro!



Shane McMahon: What's up Vince? Surprise dad! You're in Cleveland, Ohio. And I'm in... Panama Beach City, Florida! Standing... in a WCW ring! And as usual, Dad, your ego has gotten the best of you. I mean, Dad... you wanted to finalize this deal... WCW at WrestleMania? You have the audacity to ask Ted Turner himself to come down and finalize that deal? Well Dad, that was just the opportunity I was looking for. The deal is finalized with WCW. And the name on the contract does say McMahon.... however the contract reads - Shane McMahon!


JR: I do not believe what we've heard! Shane McMahon has bought WCW! And Mr. McMahon is in absolute shock! Mr. McMahon cannot believe... and quite frankly, neither can I!




Vince was simply blindsided by his own son. While showing off his shiny new toys to his WWF crowd, Shane McMahon took it from him right under his nose. And what ensued the next few months was the closest Vince was ever to being put out of business... and by his very own son, at that. While Shane owned WCW, many of the people Vince wronged in the past decided to jump to Shane's pastures. Paul Heyman, former ECW owner and at-that-time announcer, was one of the leading figures of this motion along with other ECW alumni. And arguably the biggest shocker of them all was when Steve Austin turned his back on the WWF as means of revenge of all the years of hell McMahon put Austin through.


Another interesting traitor turned out to be one of McMahon's right hand men - Kurt Angle. However, Angle's involvement in WCW's affairs turned out to only have one purpose...


In any case, the heated feud between the McMahons or WCW vs. WWF ultimately lead to a Survivor Series match where the surviving team would be the surviving organization. If Team WCW won, Vince was out of business. If Team WWF won, Shane would forfeit his WCW rights back to Vince.




WINNER TAKE ALL - 5 on 5 Survivor Series Match



Austin with the bird..... Stunner - NO! Rock catches the foot! And Rock hits his own STONE COLD STUNNER! Austin is down! The Rock is beaten and worn... but he is able to get to the cover. 1... 2... NO! WCW referee Nick Patrick pulls Earl Hebner out of the ring and knocks him in the head. The Rock jumps to his feet and attempts to rough Patrick up, but Austin has gotten back to his feet and hits The Rock's patented Rock Bottom on the People's Champion! Austin, just like Rock was, is dazed and is having trouble getting the cover. He finally does... Patrick makes the count. 1...2... NO! The People's Champ kicks out! Austin argues with Patrick, culminating in him getting knocked out of the ring. Austin pulls Earl Hebner in the ring and goes for a stunner, but Rocky pushes Austin away - right into Earl! The ref is bumped. Rock goes for the Rock Bottom... no, Austin pushes him away... STONE COLD STUNNER! Austin makes the cover, but Hebner is out. Austin attempts to revive him as someone is seen running down the ramp.


JR: Wait a minute...

Heyman: Here comes Kurt, thank God!



Winners: Team WWF @ 44:56



And so in the end - Shane McMahon's master plan was a bust. Ultimately WCW would go to Vince just as planned. Shane accepted his fate and took a hiatus from his duties in the WWF, unknown to ever return again. As for Vince and Kurt Angle? Well, let's just say things were going swimmingly again. WWF was back on top and officially wrestling's biggest monopoly.


Or were they?






On the night after, Vince McMahon decides to close out WWF RAW to vacate Steve Austin of the WWF title and award it to Kurt Angle due to his interference in the match up.


Vince McMahon: I would just like to say on behalf of every World Wrestling Federation fan in this arena.... I would like to say to Kurt Angle - THANK YOU!


Fans aren't as thankful, and it's showing.


King: I'm going to have to second that... now wait a minute.

JR: Looks like they're booing.

King: Come on!


Vince McMahon: Now let me repeat that... on behalf of every person in this arena - THANK YOU, Kurt Angle.


Still not budging on that one. Jeers throughout the entire arena.


King: He's speaking for everyone! No respect, what don't these people get about this? He saved the WWF singlehandedly!


Vince McMahon: Kurt Angle... he's an Olympic hero! He's an American hero! He's a WWF hero! And by God, like it or not, he's your hero!


Well they certainly don't like it, more boos from the rabid fans.


King: He's our hero! He's my hero, certainly!


Vince McMahon: And since Stone Cold Steve Austin has chosen to be typical Stone Cold and that is "don't show up" the night after your defeated. As far as I'm concerned... wherever Stone Cold is, he can stay there. Because we need a WWF champion.. we need a champion with dignity. We need a champion with class. We need a champion with credibility. We need Kurt Angle as the World Wrestling Federation champion. I was hoping Austin would be here so I would have the distinct honor of stripping him of the WWF championship. In the absence of that, Kurt allow me - as the sole owner of the World Wrestling Federation----


Suddenly, familiar music rings our ears... and Charlotte is on their feet!



JR: Wait a second...

King: What is that?

JR: It... It can't be what I think it could be... but it is!

King: What!?

JR: There's the Nature Boy!




Flair Country is on their feet as the Nature Boy makes his first appearance on Monday Night RAW in nearly a decade, decked out in a suit of his own.


JR: "Nature Boy" Ric Flair, he lives here in Charlotte... and there is a standing ovation here in the Queen City!

King: Wait a minute, JR! He has no business here, he's a party crasher! This is Kurt Angle's moment of glory! Don't steal Kurt's thunder!

JR: Vince McMahon, like the rest of us, must be wondering what the hell Ric Flair is doing here in the WWF!

King: Well it's obvious, JR. It's his hometown, he's getting a cheap pop from all his local fans. I mean, sure, he's great and everything but...!

JR: Ric Flair is one of the greatest of the game.. in the game's history!

King: But he's not in the WWF!

JR: I know that!

King: You can't just walk into the ring here, where's security?!


By this time, Flair has made himself into the ring. McMahon's mouth is half open in shock, but has a look of slight rage on his face as well. Flair has the biggest smile he could muster up painted across his face.


JR: Is this a mirage?!

King: Look at this sight - what is wrong with this picture?

JR: Am I seeing Ric Flair on RAW?


Vince McMahon: Oh I almost forgot! And you know... that's pretty typical cause you're almost forgotten but... this is your hometown isn't it Ric Flair?

Ric Flair: Why don't you listen to the crowd and tell me if this is my home town or not?

Vince McMahon: That's alright! This is your hometown - Charlotte, North Carolina - that's great. But this is my ring and you're standing in it... and I want an explanation.

Ric Flair: The explanation that I'm going to give you all revolves the fact that I bet on a winner last night! Wooooooooooo!

Vince McMahon: What the hell are you talking about?!

Ric Flair: I sat home on the big side of town in the big house and I bet on a winner last night! But Kurt Angle, let me just say this to you. You're a man that has an Olympic gold medal, you got a legacy, you're an ambassador, there's just no way you won the World title. Be Kurt Angle... be the gold medal winner and be a man that wins by being the best man.

Vince McMahon: So you came down here cause it's your hometown to give us your opinion! How nice, Mr. Flair! Nice to see you, goodbye!

Ric Flair: Do you just want me to cut right to it?! I bet on a winner last night and did you know... when Shane and Stephanie sold their stock to that consortium? Well that consortium... wooooo!


Uh oh. Flair rips his jacket off and dashes to the rope. The look on Vince's face says it all.. he knows exactly what's coming next.


JR: Wait a second... the consortium.... you... you don't mean?!


Ric Flair: Woooooooooooo! The consortium was me! And now you and I are limousine riding, jet flyin', kiss stealin', wheelin' dealin' son-of-a-guns! You know why? Cause we're partners!


King: WHAT?!

JR: Oh my God! Flair and McMahon are partners?!


Flair wraps his arm around McMahon's shoulders. Vince has no idea how to react and after all that hard work.... it looks to have amounted to this instead! Vince simply puts on the stupidest looking smile he can muck up as Angle stands speechless. But it gets better from here as the glass breaks!





JR: And here comes Austin!

King: Oh my God!


Angle quickly snatches the mic from Vince McMahon as the Rattlesnake heads up towards the ring.


Kurt Angle: Hold on a second, hold on a second! Austin! Austin! Hold on! If anyone understands what I did last night, it's you!


Nope. Austin pummels Angle, taking him down and laying down the strikes before stomping a mudhole. McMahon tries to intervene, but he gets a similar treatment from Austin. Flair, now holding the WWF title, standing in the ring as his business partner is thrown out of the ring. Despite WCW losing and Austin being recognized as a "WCW employee", Flair allows Austin to take it from his shoulder and place it back on his where it belongs.




Just as McMahon thought he finally had become the monopoly that he was hoping to be... it was crushed. Shane and Stephanie had gone back on their word and sold their shares to Ric Flair which gave Flair 50% ownership of McMahon's global phenomenon. Now with Flair as co-owner, McMahon's plan of kicking Austin out of his company for good were moot. Austin was left WWF champion as well as The Rock WCW champion. At the next PPV, Armageddon, the titles would be unified in a mini-tournament featuring Steve Austin, The Rock, Chris Jericho, and Kurt Angle. Chris Jericho would make history by winning and becoming the first ever WWF Undisputed Champion.


Things just weren't going McMahon's way... and that's when frustration set in. And with frustration came the most bizarre case of desperation anyone has ever seen from Vince McMahon.






Vince McMahon: The WWF is going to die because of Ric Flair. I know that. The WWF... has cancer. Because of Ric Flair. Flair's going to ill it. The kind of cancer that Flair gave to the WWF is the slow... eating kind of cancer. I have to do something that even I will regret. I'm not going to let Ric Flair kill what i created. It's what I built... me. The WWF is mine. I CREATED IT, I'M NOT GOING TO LET RIC FLAIR KILL.... what I created. No, no... I'm going to KILL WHAT I CREATED. I'm going to kill my creation! I'm going to inject the WWF with a LETHAL DOSE OF POISON! If anyone is going to kill my creation, I'm going to do it! Me! Me... and the N.... W.... O!




It seems Vince McMahon was going insane... it's been nearly a year since he "bought" WCW and ever since then it's been more miserable than it ever was now that "WCW's ghost" was haunting Vince right in his own very backyard. Vince thought to do the unthinkable.... kill his very own creation with the New World Order - a cast of former WWF wrestlers who nearly did indeed kill the WWF back in the Monday Night War... and ironically some could argue that they were the very reason the WWF ultimately won as well. Surrounded by a cloud of controversy, the NWO finally did show up at the appropriately-enough named PPV No Way Out.








Over 15,000 fans payed witness to watch "Rockhouse" hit the airwaves for the first time in the WWF. Hall, Hogan, and Nash - three men I don't think anyone would have ever expected to return to the WWF - made their way down to the ring. After much yucking around, Nash pops his return cherry by getting on the stick first.


Kevin Nash: You know... we're here tonight to set the record straight. We came in here earlier today and you would not believe the amount of heat we had with the boys! Some of the stares... were actually kind of frightening. And for what?! I mean... because of some "reputation" we have? I mean... in the last couple of weeks... words have been thrown around in association with the NWO like "poison", "cancer", you know some people say that we're self servant. You know, some people have actually used profanity and said that the NWO is a bunch of "company killing bastards"! And speaking for myself and my two friends here... let me tell you something, that hurts our feelings. I mean what is it we've done?! What awful thing did we do? I mean... all we want is a fair chance. A clean state. We want the ability to prove to you great fans not only can we do it, but nobody does it quite like us!


Nash hands the stick over to Hall.


Scott Hall: Hey yo! We're not the bad guys! Heck, we're a bunch of marks. We're fans. We just want the opportunity to work with some of the great WWF superstars. I mean... we might even get some autographs. Maybe take some pictures? If we're luck, uh... we might get to drink some beer with the boys.


Nash jokingly grabs on Hall and tells him no, acknowledging Hall's unfortunate past with the drink.


Scott Hall: But the point is... we don't want any trouble. Because deep down... we're just like all of you!


And there's only one man left, arguably the most recognizable wrestler in wrestling history. Despite his affiliation with the NWO, the fans can't help but cheer for the Hulkster.


Hollywood Hogan: You know, Scott and Kevin, I couldn't agree with you more. We're just like all of you there. I mean we might be a little more rich and a little more famous, but we're not here to kill the WWF. We want to make it better. All we want to do is to give the WWF fans exactly what they want, and all we want from you is a chance. But it's up to all of you out there and all the boys in the back if we get a chance. And that remains to be seen. But I can tell you one thing right now - there's one man who gave the WWF a chance and that was Vince McMahon. And right now... I would like to thank Vince McMahon for the opportunity. And I want to tell you something Vince, we will not let you down. God bless Vince McMahon! Thank you. And God bless all of you too! And last of all, God bless America! Thank you for the chance!




They got their chance... and they showed just what they could do. Just weeks into the game, they went straight for the WWF's two poster boys - The Rock and Stone Cold. The former would find themselves brutally attacked by the NWO including an infamous situation where The Rock was dragged into an ambulance and Hollywood Hogan drove a truck into it. Meanwhile, Vince McMahon convinced one of his most loyal employees - The Undertaker - to go after Flair. This included a vicious beatdown on Flair's son David. Unrelated to the story arcs here, but indeed a historic moment was when "The Game" Triple H made his long awaited return in the Royal Rumble to earn himself a match against Chris Jericho at WrestleMania. These events culminated into quite the WrestleMania X8 card. At the historic event, Stone Cold was able to defeat Scott Hall. Triple H made history by becoming the second Undisputed Champion when he defeated Chris Jericho. And in one of the most epic showdowns in WrestleMania history - The Rock defeated Hollywood Hogan in a dream match.


The latter would certainly set Vince McMahon off as Hogan's first WWF match in nearly decade generated a gigantic crowd reaction. The crowd was so hot for Hogan's return that they even cheered for him over the WWF's biggest name - The Rock! Hogan noticed the fans were on his side despite the deeds he had done... and due to that, decided what his purpose in the WWF was. After the match was over, Nash & Hall attempted to beat the Rock down, but Hogan helped fend them off. To complete his transformation, Hogan & Rock did Hulk's poses to the pleasure of the crowd. Hogan was officially out of the NWO and McMahon's "cancer" went 0-2 at their first official WrestleMania under the NWO banner. Needless to say, McMahon was livid. While X-Pac made his return with black and white colors to replace Hogan, they were still certainly weakened. The tension between Flair & McMahon was at an all time high. The RAW after WrestleMania X8, it was announced that both co-owners have come to a groundbreaking and historic decision.


The WWF would be split into two. Vince McMahon would take over his flagship Monday Night RAW program that he's had on the air since 1993. With it, comes Sunday Night Heat and a band of wrestlers that he has the opportunity to draft on a special WWF Draft edition of RAW. Ric Flair would take over the younger WWF SmackDown! along with the brand new Velocity weekend program. Flair will also get the opportunity to draft a cast of characters to appear on his Thursday show. And that takes us to now! It's April 1st, 2002 - the day of the WWF Draft. History is to be made and McMahon & Flair are finally getting what they've been asking - solitary away from the other. While it may not be in the form they expected, it'll certainly be interesting to see what's next in the World Wrestling Federation!


OOC: Been working on this one for awhile and think I'm ready to get the ball rolling. I hope it's enjoyed by anyone who decides to read.

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Monday Night RAW




Hulk Hogan


Triple H


Kurt Angle

William Regal




Eddie Guerrero


Matt Hardy







Al Snow



Mike Awesome



Bubba Ray Dudley


D-Von Dudley

Mark Henry

Mr. Perfect






Perry Saturn

Stevie Richards


Bill DeMott

D'Lo Brown

Lance Storm




Crash Holly


Justin Credible





Trish Stratus


Molly Holly




Torrie Wilson - Manager

Big Boss Man - Occasional Wrestler




Vincent Kennedy McMahon - WWF RAW General Manager

Jim Ross - Lead Commentator

Jerry Lawler - Lead Colour

Jonathan Coachman - Interviewer/Back-up Commentator

Jack Doan - Referee

Jimmy Korderas - Referee

Mike Sparks - Referee

Teddy Long - Referee

Tim White - Referee

Dean Malenko - Road Agent

Jack Lanza - Road Agent

Pat Patterson - Road Agent

Sgt. Slaughter - Road Agent


Thursday Night SmackDown!




Big Show

Rob Van Dam

The Rock


Chris Jericho

Kevin Nash

Scott Hall




Chris Benoit

Diamond Dallas Page



Booker T

Brock Lesnar

Jeff Hardy








Scotty 2 Hotty

The Hurricane

Val Venis


Bob Holly

Chavo Guerrero





Billy Kidman


Spike Dudley




Shawn Stasiak

Jamie Noble




Johnny Stamboli










Stacy Keibler - SmackDown! Secretary


Paul Heyman - Manager of Brock Lesnar




Ric Flair - WWF SmackDown! General Manager

Arn Anderson - Assistant General Manager

Eric Bischoff - Executive Consultant

Jim Cornette - Velocity Director of Talent

Michael Cole - Lead Commentator

Tazz - Lead Colour

Kevin Kelly - Interviewer/Back-up Commentator

Chad Patton - Referee

Charles Robinson - Referee

Earl Hebner - Referee

Mike Chioda - Referee

Nick Patrick - Referee

Dusty Rhodes - Road Agent

Gerald Brisco - Road Agent

Michael Hayes - Road Agent

Ricky Steamboat - Road Agent


The Free Agents


The Undertaker - WWF Undisputed Champion

Jazz - WWF Women's Champion

Steve Austin - Undrafted

Linda McMahon - WWF CEO

Rhyno - Injured

Shawn Michaels - Injured

Shane McMahon - Inactive

Stephanie McMahon - Inactive

Debra Williams - Inactive

Garrison Cade - Bobbaganoosh

Mike Sanders - Bobbaganoosh

Tyson Dux - Bobbaganoosh


Tag Teams & Stables


Billy & Chuck

Head-Butt (Al Snow & Rikishi)

New World Order (Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, X-Pac)

The APA (Bradshaw & Farooq)

The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray & D-Von)

The Rock N' Sock Connection (The Rock & Mick Foley)

The World's Most Perfect Team (Mark Henry & Mr. Perfect)

The Zoo Crew (Scotty 2 Hotty & Albert)


The Champions


WWF Undisputed Championship

Current Holder: The Undertaker

Won from Triple H @ Backlash


WWF Intercontinental

Current Holder: Rob Van Dam

Won from William Regal @ WrestleMania X8


WWF European

Current Holder: William Regal

Won from DDP @ SmackDown!


WWF World Tag Team

Current Holders: The Perfect Team

Won from Billy & Chuck @ Backlash


WWF Hardcore

Current Holder: Mike Awesome

Won from Lance Storm @ RAW


WWF Cruiserweight

Current Holder: Tajiri

Won from Billy Kidman @ SmackDown!


WWF Women's

Current Holder: Jazz

Won from Trish Stratus @ RAW


WWF King of the Ring

Previous King: Edge


The Show Archive


Coming soon!

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The WWF Draft!


RAW is LIVE in Pennsylvania for what should be the most historic RAW ever with not only three title defenses, but the entire roster being split in half right before our very eyes. Vince McMahon, representing RAW and Ric Flair, representing SmackDown, will have 10 draft picks to spend on the show. Starting next week, the very superstars picked by either brand will sign an exclusive contract to that show. Following the broadcast, you can follow the rest of the draft on WWF.com!


Trish Stratus will be in action taking on Ivory. With newcomer Jazz now holding the Women's Championship, you can bet all the top divas will be vying to be the new contender. Although they may not be a top target for neither McMahon nor Flair, one has to wonder where the Women's Division may thrive after the WWF Draft.


In our first title bout, William Regal will defend his European Championship against Diamond Dallas Page! Titles will be a big part of the draft tonight, so you can expect both veterans of the ring to put on a show as DDP looks to win back the title Regal won from him two weeks ago on SmackDown!


The Hardy Boyz will team with Edge as they lock up against the Dudley Boyz & Christian. These six men all have very deep history with each other both as friends and enemies. With the WWF Draft looming, it could certainly spell the end for some of the WWF's hottest tag teams.


Hulk Hogan will team up with the Big Red Machine Kane to take on the NWO - Kevin Nash & Scott Hall. The NWO looks to make their mark post-WrestleMania as Hogan and his newly found friend continue to try to run them out of the WWF. Will this be the last time Hogan and the nWo lock horns with the events of the draft?


Rob Van Dam defends the Intercontinental Championship against the returning Eddie Guerrero! Latino Heat makes his big return after a year and is looking to win gold on his first night back! Can Eddie take the title or will RVD prevail? And what does the future hold for these two men as well as the Intercontinental Championship for that matter?


In the main event, Triple H & Chris Jericho will face off in WrestleMania X8 rematch! But the stakes are even higher for Y2J! Jericho has put his own manager's career on the line in order to get another shot at beating The Game. If Triple H successfully defends his Undisputed Title, Stephanie McMahon is forced to leave the WWF! Will Y2J take back the gold or will Triple H send the Billion Dollar Princess packing?


Quick Picks:


Trish Stratus vs. Ivory


The Hardy Boyz & Edge vs. The Dudley Boyz & Christian

Hulk Hogan & Kane vs. The nWo (Kevin Nash & Scott Hall) w/ X-Pac


UNDISPUTED CHAMPIONSHIP: Triple H © vs. Chris Jericho w/ Stephanie McMahon

Bonus Question: Who will RAW and SmackDown's first picks be?

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Trish Stratus vs. Ivory


The Hardy Boyz & Edge vs. The Dudley Boyz & Christian

Hulk Hogan & Kane vs. The nWo (Kevin Nash & Scott Hall) w/ X-Pac


UNDISPUTED CHAMPIONSHIP: Triple H © vs. Chris Jericho w/ Stephanie McMahon

Bonus Question: Who will RAW and SmackDown's first picks be?

Raw - Austin

Smackdown - The Rock

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Trish Stratus vs. Ivory




The Hardy Boyz & Edge vs. The Dudley Boyz & Christian


Hulk Hogan & Kane vs. The nWo (Kevin Nash & Scott Hall) w/ X-Pac




UNDISPUTED CHAMPIONSHIP: Triple H © vs. Chris Jericho w/ Stephanie McMahon


Bonus Question: Who will RAW and SmackDown's first picks be?

RAW - Steve Austin

SD! The Rock



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Trish Stratus vs. Ivory


The Hardy Boyz & Edge vs. The Dudley Boyz & Christian

Hulk Hogan & Kane vs. The nWo (Kevin Nash & Scott Hall) w/ X-Pac


UNDISPUTED CHAMPIONSHIP: Triple H © vs. Chris Jericho w/ Stephanie McMahon

Bonus Question: Who will RAW and SmackDown's first picks be?

RAW: Kurt Angle.

Smackdown! The Rock.

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Bryce Jordan Center - State College, Pennsylvania

15,000 Fans *SELLOUT*



Dark Matches

- Hardcore Holly defeated Tyson Dux at 3:25 via pinfall




No pyro, no big opening, no JR welcoming us. The history changing WWF RAW starts out in a serious setting. WWF CEO Linda McMahon sits behind a desk at WWF HQ where she runs down the rules of the draft.




Linda McMahon: Welcome to the WWF Draft. The World Wrestling Federation is about to change forever. Due to the unbelievable amount of tension between current WWF co-owners Vince McMahon and Ric Flair, they, myself, and the Board of Directors feel that this direction is the best for all parties involved. Rather than try to run the WWF together, they will take 100% control of one of the two main shows - RAW and SmackDown. During tonight's telecast of Monday Night RAW, history will take place in front of the thousands in attendance and the millions watching at home. 20 picks will be drafted to either RAW or SmackDown. After the show is over, the remaining members of the roster will be drafted and announced via WWF.com.


Any members of the roster currently on the injured reserve list will be left off the draft until they are in full health, in which negotiations with either brand can begin. Due to a contractual clause, Steve Austin will not be in the initial draft and will instead make his decision on SmackDown. Since the WWF Undisputed Champion will be considered undrafted, both Triple H and Chris Jericho will be drafted through the lottery picks after tonight's telecast. In addition to the Undisputed Champion, the Women's Champion Jazz will also remain undrafted and participate on both shows. The Tag Team Champions Billy & Chuck will be a collective unit due to their reign and due to a contractual clause, all NWO members will be considered a collective unit as well. Everyone else is fair game.


In conclusion, I'd like to announce that the effects of tonight's RAW will be official on next week's edition fo Monday Night RAW. All WWF superstars are urged to tie up any loose ends they may have during tonight's RAW and the upcoming SmackDown! show before getting use to their new home.


We wish Mr. Flair, Mr. McMahon, and all the WWF superstars luck in this history changing moment!


After Linda's message, we go LIVE to the roaring capacity crowd and that oh-so-familiar voice.




JR: Indeed it is a historic night, welcome to WWF Monday Night RAW... and in a week's time, officially Vince McMahons' WWF RAW!

King: This is crazy! The future of every WWF superstar is up in the air today... even for us, JR! This could be our last night together!

JR: Wrestlers, managers, referees, announcers, nobody is safe from the WWF draft, King





"No Chance" hits to PA to a roaring angry crowd as Vince McMahon arrogantly walks out to the RAW podium. The Pennsylvania crowd is very hostile towards the boss. Nonetheless, Vince inhales all the jeers and moves forward.




Vince McMahon:: Thank you for that very warm welcome. And while you're getting done with that, I'd like to welcome YOU all to Vincent Kennedy McMahon's Monday Night RAW. In just a few moments, myself and Mr. Flair will make our first draft picks. And to determine who gets the first pick and advantage for the rest of the draft, I will have referee Earl Hebner administer a coin toss.


Earl Hebner walks out from the gorilla position and Vince hands him a coin.


Vince McMahon: And since Ric Flair is apparently late.... a great sign for SmackDown, by the way... I feel it is in the interest of fairness that I get to call the flip. So Mr. Hebner, please begin the coin toss---



The crowd is on their feet as the Nature Boy's famous theme plays throughout the arena. McMahon grows a very impatient look on his face, marching towards Hebner and pointing his powerful finger in the senior official's face.


Vince McMahon: I said flip it, damn it!




Flair himself, decked in a classy looking suit, struts out from the back and woo's about 3 or 4 times. Hebner tosses the coin up in the air, McMahon does his best to pay no attention to Flair.


Vince McMahon: Heads, heads, heads!


Flair is still playing with the crowd as Hebner flips the coin up in the air. As it crashes down on the stage, McMahon quickly rushes over and points to the coin like a mad man.


Vince McMahon: It's heads, I get the first pick, Flair!


Flair's not skipping a beat as he struts over to his podium, still playing to the fans who are still cheering loud enough that McMahon has to shout... as if he ever uses his inside voice anyway! But before he gets there, Flair stumbles upon the coin, bends over, and picks it up.


Vince McMahon: Hey, hey, put that down! I already called it, Ric. Maybe next time, you should get here on time. You're about to run a WWF brand after all, how do---

Ric Flair: Hey, Vince! You ain't gonna con the dirtiest player in the game with a double sided coin, woooooo!


Flair takes the coin and tosses it back to Vince, who flinches. Flair officially gets to his SmackDown podium as McMahon grows an embarrassed, yet enraged look on his face.


Ric Flair: Tell ya what Vince, I was feeling pretty generous today. So how about we make a deal if you're a betting man like I know you are, Vince!

Vince McMahon: What exactly are you getting at?

Ric Flair: You pick your guy, I pick my guy... woooo! And we send those son of a guns out to the ring. The winner gets their brand the advantage for the rest of the night!

Vince McMahon: Uh-huh, and what's the catch here, Flair? You're letting me get a pick of the crop right here, right now and you want to challenge my pick with yours?

Ric Flair: That's exactly what I wanna do, Vince!


The fans cheer in approval, right behind Flair. McMahon looks around the roaring Pennsylvania crowd and nods his head.


JR: What a huge match that would be! Two #1 picks could be a PPV quality match - opening up an historic RAW!


Vince McMahon: Well... how about... no.


The fans immediately boo in disappointment but Flair can't help but smile.


Vince McMahon: You can try to throw me off track all you want, Flair. But it's not going to work tonight.

Ric Flair: You gonna call out the Nature Boy for taking his sweet time styling and profiling, but you're already showing signs doubt to your very first pick?! And you still say your RAW brand is gonna mop the floor with SmackDown, McMahon!? Why don't you prove it, woooo!


McMahon instantly shows a face of intensity to the claim.


Vince McMahon: You know what, fine! I'll do it! And you know why?! Because I want to see the spoiled look on your face when my RAW superstar beats your SmackDown superstar. I want to see your brand... I want to see it crumble right before your very eyes. Ric Flair losing... the perfect start to Vincent Kennedy McMahon's RAW!

Ric Flair: Floor is yours, Vince.

Vince McMahon: Before I reveal my first pick, I have something I want to make clear.


Vince fishes through his breast pocket and pulls out a small piece of paper.


Vince McMahon: The following is a list of rules for my first draft pick. One, he is not to put his hands on I, Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Two, He cannot talk about shoving anything up anybody's ass. Three, he cannot use the phrase "it doesn't matter".


The fans are on their feet, anticipating the obvious announcement...


King: I think I have a good idea of who Mr. McMahon is talking about, JR!

JR: And I think 15,000 jam packed fans do too!


Vince McMahon: Without further ado, please allow me to introduce my first draft pick... the self proclaimed "Most Electrying Man in Sports Entertainment"..... THE R--



Uh oh. That's not the music 15-grand were expecting. The crowd immediately goes from anticipation to jeers as "Medal" blasts through the PA.




Kurt Angle has a big smile on his face as he casually walks down the stage in his ring gear. McMahon looks confused as ever. Angle turns over to McMahon's podium and leans in to the microphone attached.


Kurt Angle: Vince, I have to say... it's an honor! I would just like to take this time to thank you for being the best boss a guy can ask for!

Vince McMahon: Uh... Kurt...

Kurt Angle: And I also would like to thank.... me, for being an American hero and WWF saviour! You have my word, Vince, I'm going to give it my all and make RAW pr---

Vince McMahon: Kurt! What are you doing?

Kurt Angle: Well I just thought I'd take the time to thank you for picking me, Vince!

Vince McMahon: I... haven't picked anyone yet.

Kurt Angle: But... but you promised you would pick me! And all your rules are things I can guarenteee I'll follow! I'll never put my hands on you, I know better than that! Shoving things up people's asses? Hey I don't have a problem if people do that, but I know I don't!

Vince McMahon: Kurt... listen... we have business to attend to. So I have to ask you to please go to the back with the rest of the Superstars.

Kurt Angle: Are.... are you saying that you're not going to pick me?

Vince McMahon: No, Kurt, I--

Kurt Angle: After all we've been through? After me helping you destroy WCW for good?! Come on, Vince! I don't want to work for Ric Flair!


Vince, obviously growing severely frustrated, leans away from the microphone and mouths something to Angle. We can't hear it, but it's obvious he said "I'll pick you next" Kurt moves from the mic and the two begin to quietly argue.


Ric Flair: Woooo!


Vince and Angle both turn to Flair who has a sly grin on his face.


Vince McMahon: Have something to say, Ric?

Ric Flair: As a matter of fact, I do! Let it be known, Vince... if you don't pick Kurt Angle now... I will!


The fans cheer and Angle falls to his knees, begging Vince to change his mind and pick him. Vince looks irate!




Angle stands up and nonchalantly walks down to the ring with a grin on his face, proud of being the first overall draft pick. McMahon's face is red with rage as Flair is cracking up at his podium. McMahon gives a mean stare towards Flair.


Vince McMahon: Don't... don't you dare do it!

Ric Flair: Oh and what is "it" that I'm doing, Vince?!

Vince McMahon: You know damn well!

Ric Flair: The only thing I know is my next pick... and he is none other than... THE ROCK!



Vince grits his teeth and looks like he's about to bash his own head through the podium as the fans nearly blow the roof off the building!




The Rock proudly makes his way down to the ring. The Pennsylvania crowd is on their feet as the Great One takes the reaction all in, slowly making his way down the ramp and letting every second seep into McMahon's already boiling blood.


Vince McMahon: You can wipe that smile off your face now, Flair. You can have the Rock. Yeah, you can have him, Flair. Because quite frankly, I don't want someone with an ego as big as Hulk Hogan's on my roster. Keep in mind, Flair... I MADE the Rock! I made him just like I made Hulk Hogan!


Vince turns around and goes to head back to his war room before the match begins, but Rock quickly breaks the silence.


The Rock: Whoawhoawhoawhoawhoawhoa-WHOA!


McMahon stops dead in his tracks and slowly turns a stare to the Rock, who has by now gotten himself a microphone and is standing next to the same corner he did his trademark pose on.


The Rock: Finally.... FINALLY, THE ROCK HAS COME BACK TO PENN STATE! And now it seems tonight is the Rock's final RAW.. the final curtain, the end of the road, the ol' swan song! And the Rock has had a lot of great memories on this show. Winning the WWF title... teaming with Mick Foley... shoving Vince McMahon's face STRAIGHT UP Rikishi's ass!


Jerry Lawler: Wah! He can't say that!


The Rock: So let the Rock ask you this, Vince... do you think you made the right decision in picking this stroodel-loving-milk-chugger over the most electryfing man in sports entertainment today?

Vince McMahon: Well, quite frankl---

The Rock: IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK! Because the fact of the matter is, the Rock is heading to the house that Rocky built - SmackDown! And in front of the millions.... and millions of the Rock's fans - who I may remind YOU Vince are the ones that MADE the Rock who he is today..... the Rock is going to kick both Kurt Angle and RAW's candy asses! IF YA SMELLLLLELELLELLELLL.... what the Rock....

Ric Flair: Wooo!

The Rock: ....is c---




Winner gives their brand the advantage for the rest of the draft



Kurt Angle cuts the Rock off, having heard enough of him. For a good few minutes, Angle controls the match with McMahon shouting from his podium much to the chagrin of the crowd.

Angle begins to get overconfident, however, and goes for the Ankle Lock early... Rock easily gets out of it and begins to make his come back with the crowd right behind him. Angle heads to the outside in frustration, only for Rocky to pursue him where Angle is able to regain control with a little help from Vince McMahon. After a toss in the ring steps, Rocky is thrown into the ring. McMahon immediately begins distracting Jimmy Kordaris on the apron as Ric Flair curiously watches, not doing anything about it. As Angle fishes under the apron for a chair to move in for the kill, Flair stalks behind unbeknownst to the Olympic Hero. Angle slides in the ring with Flair right behind. As Angle waits for Rock to get up, an arm finds itself between Angle's legs! Angle drops the chair and is in perfect position to fall right into the Rock Bottom! Flair calls for the refree, who McMahon tries to desperately milk more time, but the ref is ready for the count. 1....2....3!


Winner: The Rock @ 12:47

Jim Ross: The Great One picks up a victory on his last RAW!

Jerry Lawler: This isn't right, JR! Mr. McMahon won the toss-up, now Flair gets another pick back-to-back!

Jim Ross: Regardless, Mr. McMahon is running back up the stage like a scolded dog!


The Rock: As The Rock was saying.... the Nature Boy and the Great One have just proven without a shadow-of-a-doubt that from this day forward SmackDown! will be kicking RAW's candy asses.... IF YA SMELLLLLELELLELLELLL.... what the Rock .... is cooking....


Mr. McMahon proceeds to storm off as the Rock raises an eyebrow, a beaming Ric Flair watches on.






As Chris Jericho and Stephanie McMahon walk into the arena, Kevin Kelly catches up with them, mic in hand.


Kevin Kelly: Chris Jericho, I just wanted to get a few pre-game thoughts from you going into your match tonight with Triple H... this could be Stephanie McMahon's last---

Chris Jericho: Would you please shut the hell up, Kelly!? Tonight is this simple, the Best in the World will have what is his back around the beautiful waist of Y-2-J. Stephanie is here to stay, whether Triple Haitch likes it or not. I'm the man who beat Steve Austin and the Rock in one night, I am the FIRST Undisputed champion... and tonight I will be the FIRST two-time Undisputed champion.

Kevin Kelly: Stephanie, any thoughts on what could be your final night in the WWF?

Stephanie McMahon: I would if it was my final night in the WWF. But it won't be. You'll have to take me out kicking and screaming.

Kevin Kelly: Well, to be fair, we have seen that be---


*THWAP* Stephanie hits her trademark slap right across Kevin Kelly's face. Jericho sticks his pointer finger right where Steph's fierce handprint glows.


Chris Jericho: SHUT THE HELL UP, KELLY! Let's get out of here, Steph....


The duo leave the scene as Kevin, still holding his cheek with his right hand, watches on.


JR: Looks like Jericho hasn't lost a bit of his overconfidence since losing his precious championship!

King: Some people earn their confidence and Chris Jericho has! Y2J beat the Rock and Stone Cold in the same night, JR! There's nobody else that can claim that!

JR: Chris Jericho has a long line of accomplishments, no doubt about that. But "The Game" has quite the list of achievements too. History means nothing, these are two of WWF's elite slugging it out for the main prize in the WWF.






Trish was full of Stratusfaction tonight and the crowd was right behind her. Ivory started the match out strong, but Trish easily took control and eventually hit the bulldog to end this one after only a few minutes.


Winner: Trish Stratus @ 3:45


Jim Ross: An impressive win for Trish Stratus as she continues to pursue the Women's Championship!

Jerry Lawler: I just hope this isn't Trishes last night on RAW, who knows what could happen in the draft!? Could you imagine RAW with no Trish? No puppies!

Jim Ross: Oh, I don't know. There's plenty of puppies to go around, King!


After the match, Trish celebrates in the ring as Ivory rolls out and heads back. But not before long, Trish's face eats mat credit to Jazz with a forearm to the back of the head. The crowd immediately turns to jeers as the beast of a woman puts the boots to Trish.




Jazz lifts Trish back to her feet and hits a powerbomb to knock Trish unconscious. To an angry crowd, Jazz poses with the belt over her head over a lifeless Trish.


Jim Ross: For someone who claims to be so more dominate than the rest of the Women's divison, that was quite the cowardly attack by Jazz!






Flair and McMahon are back at their respective podiums for the next round of picks.


Ric Flair: Since the Rock, who respresents Ric Flair's SmackDown, was able to defeat Kurt Angle, who represents Vince McMahon's RAW - it looks like I got a coup! So I'd like to proudly announce my next Draft pick... the collective unit... WOOOOO! The collective unit of the N! W! O!


Flair's face is flush red with excitement as he gives a sly smirk to Vince. Vince lets out a trademark gulp, but a smirk grows over his face as well.


Vince McMahon: Well... isn't that special. Ric Flair "stealing" my nWo. Oh whatever will I do? Ric, perhaps I should remind you that I brought the nWo for one reason and one reason only.... to destroy you. I wanted to inject a dose of cancer into my own creation to rip the wheels off of your power. So I must congratulate you, Ric, on bringing my self proclaimed cancer to your brand. With that said, I would like to announce my second draft pick... the Undertaker!


King: Looks like Mr. McMahon was able to just outsmart Nature Boy right back, JR!

JR: I'm not so sure about that, King. Looking at their past, I'm sure "Naitch" is thrilled he never has to deal with Big Evil again!

King: But now he has to deal with the nWo!

JR: You know, I may have to give you a "touche" on that one, King...






This match had a lot of emotional attachment as both tag teams involved realized that this could be their last night teaming. As for Edge and Christian, they have have a grudge that has gone back for nearly a year that is still red hot! Christian and the Dudleyz control the majority of this match by working on the Hardyz and not letting Edge get a tag. But not before long, a hot tag is made which leads to all six men brawling in the ring. When the commotion clears, the Hardyz and the Dudleyz battle it outside while the legal men - Edge & Christian keep it on the inside. A short battle ensues before Edge can connect with the Spear and send Christian on another tantrum!


Winners: Edge & The Hardy Boyz @ 7:06

JR: Big win for Edge and the Hardyz here on an historic RAW! You have to wonder what's going on in the Hardyz heads during this big draft, either man could be seperated right here before us, King!

King: And so could the Dudleyz! Could you imagine these guys without each other?

JR: I think looking at Edge now could give us an indicator on that one!




We cut to Flair's war room to see him finishing up on the phone as an obnoxious knock can be heard from the outside.




Ric Flair: Yeah, yeah... you sure you're ready though?... Well than that's perfect.... No, yeah, I'll make you my next pick if that's the case.... alright I gotta go, I'll see Thursday.


Flair hangs up just as the door bursts open. X-Pac, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall barge in with intimdating looks on their faces, but Flair doesn't lose the spirit in his emotions.




Ric Flair: nWo, black and white! Let me be the first to congratulate you on joining Ric Flair's SmackDown!

Scott Hall: You've selected the nWo? Big trouble for you, chico.

Kevin Nash: Yeah Ric, you may think you're sly picking us... but I think you forgot something. We only answer to one man... and that man is Vince McMahon.

Ric Flair: Well I'm glad you're still in spirit!

X-Pac: What the hell are you talking about?

Ric Flair: Well you'll be happy to know that I just got off the phone with a good friend of mine, back from injury, ready to tear into the competition, and you know what he told me? Well for one, he mentioned that X-Pac sucks, woooo!


The crowd immediately breaks into an "X-Pac sucks" chant. Pac, still aggitated by the line, goes to rush Flair, but the nWo hold him back.


Ric Flair: And I'll go ahead and mention that he's SmackDown's official third pick... Chris Benoit!


Hall & Pac both look shocked at the return of the Rabid Wolverine, but Nash steps them aside.


Kevin Nash: Flair, you can throw whatever you want at us... but anything you do isn't going to break us apart. We're blood brothers for life, Flair. And we took McMahon's cash for one reason and that was to run you out of here.


The nWo swiftly exit the room, but Flair keeps a smile painted on his face till we switch views to our next segment.


King: Hey he can't do that! Chris Benoit was on the injured list!

JR: But now he's back, King! And what a pick it is, the Rabid Wolverine returns to Thursday nights! And against the nWo no less!




We go from Flair's war room back to the stage at the podiums. Vince McMahon stands with a huge grin on his face, despite the fans calling him a certain part of the human anatomy. Vince holds the hesistation no further.




Vince McMahon: I've been waiting to do this one for awhile! Coming to Vincent Kennedy McMahon's RAW at Pick #3.... my very own creation, mind you.... HOLLYWOOD HULK HOGAN!


Vince mockingly does some Hulk Hogan poses, but the fans cheer nonetheless learning that Hulkamania is now a RAW exclusive!


King: Why would Mr. McMahon bring his own worst enemy to his very own show, JR?!

JR: Well as the old saying goes, keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer. I believe Mr. McMahon may have something up his sleeve when it comes to the Hulkster on Monday Nights!




We cut backstage to the Rock, now back in his street clothes, walking down the backstage corrider. The fans, who are already loud, get even louder when Rocky bumps into his good friend as of late, Hulk Hogan.




The Rock: Looks like this is the end of the road, brutha.

Hulk Hogan: Appears so.


The two give a firm hand shake and Rock gives Hogan a friendly tap on the arm.


Hulk Hogan: You know something, I heard what you said out there. And you're absolutely right. The people did make The Rock... but the people also made Hulk Hogan.

The Rock: No doubt.

Hulk Hogan: I'll be the first to admit, I'm not crazy about working for Vince McMahon but if the people of RAW want to see Hulkamania, Hulkamania is going to live on, brother!

The Rock: As long as the people have the voice, Hulkamania will always live on.

Hulk Hogan: I'm bummed we're already going our separate ways, dude. Icon and Icon together as one was no match for the NWO, would have just been a matter of time. But I was hoping you and especially the people would dig the new companion.




The camera pans back to show Kane has been behind Hogan the whole time. Fans obviously cheer in approval.


The Rock: Oh The Rock digs it alright. Let The Rock ask you something... you ready to whoop some ass? Some black and white candy ass?

Hulk Hogan: Oh I'm ready. The Kanester's ready. The 15,000 screaming Hulkamaniacs are ready! And the 15,000 screaming Kanenites are ready! And the millions... and millions of Rock's fans are ready for the Hulkster and the Big Red Machine to layeth the SmackDown on the NWO's candy asses if ya smell what the Hulkster's cooking brother!


Hogan throws his hand out, Rock shakes again. The two pat each other's shoulders and walk off screen as Kane silently lugs behind.


King: Wah!

JR: Hogan & Kane will indeed be teaming up tonight against the NWO, what a slobberknocker that'll be!




We quickly cut to Ric Flair at his podium.




Ric Flair: I'd like to announce that it's time! Wooo, it's time for the Nature Boy to bring some gold home to mama! I pick the Intercontinental Champion Rob Van Dam!


The fans start to do RVD's classic pose and cheer in approval for Flair's fourth pick!


JR: What a big pick for SmackDown! RVD and the Intercontinental Championship are now SmackDown!'s property!

King: I'm not so sure if that was smart, JR, isn't RVD facing Eddie Guerrero later tonight for that very title?!

JR: You're right about that, King. Latino Heat makes his return and remains undrafted! But speaking of undrafted title contenders, the European title is being defended next!




WWF European Championship



Not only was this match about winning or defending gold, it was about looking good for the two owners of the WWF. Page and Regal are undrafted at this point and looking good here was a priority. Regal was able to control the match with his submissions and ground attacks, but DDP hung in there and had the fans way on his side, jeering on the blueblood reigning champ.


Eventually DDP was able to get on the mark of a comeback and even hit the Diamond Cutter! But before Page could pin, a figure slid into the ring and clotheslines him hard to the ground!




Regal goes to run away, but he is forcibly tossed up and over the rope, smacking hard against the floor. The referee calls the for the bell and gets the hell out of there!


Winner: No contest @ 5:20

JR: That slimeball Paul Heyman is back out here and look what that monster of a man Brock Lesnar is doing to a blindsided Diamond Dallas Page!




The referee throws the match out and while Regal is a little stunned, he retreats backstage while Lesnar works on DDP, giving him some hard boots. Lesnar pulls DDP back up and props him on his shoulders... F-5! DDP is out cold! Heyman climbs into the ring and raises the arm of his latest and quite possibly most fearsome client ever!


Paul Heyman: Please take this time to get a nice good look at not only the next big thing... but if Vince McMahon or Ric Flair had a brain... the next big pick!




We cut to Vince McMahon sitting in his war room, looking quite flustered and looks to be going over some things in his head. The door swings open and Kurt Angle walks right in as if he was roommates with Vince.




Kurt Angle: Vince! How's it going?


Not forgetting what happened earlier all thanks to Angle, Vince isn't too pleased to see his usual right hand man in his office.


Vince McMahon: What do you want?

Kurt Angle: I just wanted to offer some support, I am your #1 pick after all!

Vince McMahon: Trust me, you've done enough today.

Kurt Angle: Oh, no, don't give me that. Now what's the matter? You look pretty down.

Vince McMahon: Well as a matter of fact, I am a little frustrated at Flair's last pick.

Kurt Angle: Pffft. What's the heck is so great about Rob Van Dam?

Vince McMahon: Well I wanted the title on RAW.

Kurt Angle: Oh, yeah....


Kurt looks to go in thought but snaps his fingers.


Kurt Angle: Vince! Eddie Guerrero is making his return tonight and taking on RVD for the title... it's perfect, just pick Eddie and we could get the belt back here!

Vince McMahon: I don't think so.

Kurt Angle: What, why not? What's wrong with Eddie?

Vince McMahon: You want me to make my next draft pick based off a bet?

Kurt Angle: Well why not?

Vince McMahon: I don't want to derail from the plan. I've already done that once tonight and it didn't work so well, now did it?

Kurt Angle: Well to me, it seems like you have a choice between picking a potential champion or someone that isn't Kurt Angle. So I think the choice is pretty---

Vince Mcmahon: Alright, damn it, fine! Fine, I'll do it. But you listen to me, I want you to go down there and make sure Eddie wins, got it? In fact, I'm going to go ahead and assign you to do guest color commentary during that match so you can watch it from the best seats in the house. Don't screw me over again, Kurt....

Kurt Angle: Hey, you can count on me!


Angle quickly leaves the room and Vince sits back down with an even more frustrated look on his face.


JR: Oh great. Looks we're getting a special "guest" here soon, King....

King: Hey, I'm excited! Have you ever commentated with an Olympic Gold Medalist?!

JR: No, but I haven't with a three legged dog either. I wasn't planning on doing either anytime soon...


Intercontinental Championship



Eddie was hot on his return. While playing the heel here, the fans were clearly into him and glad to see him back. RVD had just as big of a reaction though so obviously had more of the Pennsylvania fans on his side. Kurt Angle was watching from the commentary table, scuffling with JR over much of the match about why he really is out there with King obvliviously siding with Angle.


The match between the master of the frog splashes was a great one, both had a lot of energy in the tank and clearly wanted to go all out and put on a show. While Eddie was doing more than enough to hold out on his own, Angle lost his patience and tried to open something up for him anyway. He hopped up onto the apron to argue with the ref, RVD noticed and that split second of losing focus ended with him getting German suplexed to the mat. Eddie quickly hopped onto the turnbuckle and hit the frog splash!


But the referee was still occupied with Angle, refusing to turn around until Angle leaves. Angle and Eddie both were screaming for the ref to turn. A hot tempered Eddie sprung to his feet and charged over towards Angle, who swiftly hopped off the apron. Angle tries to defend what he was doing, but Eddie is having none of it, leading the two to have a screaming match. This gives RVD enough time to come to his senses. As Eddie turns around he eats boot with a hard spin kick to the face. RVD off the ropes.... Rolling Thunder! Angle quickly grabs a chair and dashes into the ring knowing that Eddie is a hiccup away from losing. As Angle goes to scramble RVD's brains, Van Dam is able to duck and gives him the perfect set up for the Van Daminator! RVD lands close to Eddie's body and hooks the leg. 1....2...3! This one is over!


Winner: Rob Van Dam @ 9:08

JR: Looks like that plan backfired...

King: Hey, at least we got Latino Heat on Monday Nights from now on, JR!

JR: I'm not so sure Mr. McMahon is going to be as oppotimistic about this result as you are, King!




Vince McMahon is seen walking down the hallway, presumably to his podium. He is obviously ticked at Angle's failed plan, but still seemingly looks glowing as if he's got big plans for these next few picks. However, before he reaches his destination, a laughing Mr. Flair meets him feet away from the entrance to the stage.




Ric Flair: Well ain't that a crying shame... woooo! How'd that plan work out for ya' Vince?

Vince McMahon: Well Ric, you can save it because I can guarantee you that my next few picks are going to put RAW head and shoulders above over SmackDown!

Ric Flair: Oh, is that so?

Vince McMahon: As a matter of fact it is.

Ric Flair: Well Vince I know a poker face when I see one, as I've seen so many on the big side of town, and as you know, it is my pick! So I'm going to go on a hunch and say you're thinking big aren't ya?

Vince McMahon: You're smarter than I thought, Ric.

Ric Flair: Well then I'll go ahead and make my next pick the biggest athlete in the world - the Big Show!

Vince McMahon: I was actualy thinking of a certain Big Red Machine named Kane!

Ric Flair: I'll call your Kane and raise you a Booker T!

Vince McMahon: Well while you're doing that, I think I'll go ahead and bring the European Championship to RAW... I pick William Regal!

Ric Flair: And I pick Edge!

Vince McMahon: Well then I pick Rikishi!

Ric Flair: Too bad I already picked the Rock so he can't shove your head up his big ass again!

Vince McMahon: What did you say?!


McMahon charges for Flair, but Arn Anderson - who has been following Flair around all day - gets in the way of it and breaks them up.


Ric Flair: Woooo! Let's finish this off, I'm feeling mighty good today! Wooooo!


King: Did you catch all that JR?!

JR: Looks like we're in the sweeps in this draft, King! And it looks like we're about to get some more!


After a quick commercial, McMahon and Flair are back at their podiums ready to wrap this draft up


Ric Flair: The honor is all yours, Vince!

Vince McMahon: This next pick of mine, Flair... is going to be to the hottest free agent in professional wrestling today. I'd love to see how you top my pick of "The Next Big Thng" Brock Lesnar!


Flair throws his head back and Vince grows a huge smile on his face, confident in picking the gigantic rookie.


Ric Flair: You're right Vince.... that is a hard pick to top. Which is exactly why I'm picking him since it is my turn, not yours, woooooo! Brock Lesnar is coming to SmackDown!


The fans erupt in cheers as Vince has that look of rage on his face, but as it typically has here tonight, it goes back to that evil smile we all know and.... love?


Vince McMahon: I love when you think you have me, Flair. I just love that look on your face when you think you deceived me. To be quite frank, you can have Brock Lesnar and you can especially have that little weasel Paul Heyman on your roster. In the meantime, I'll take advantage of your lost opportunity... the WWF Tag Team Titles are coming with me, Flair. I pick the collective unit of Billy & Chuck.

Ric Flair: Well if that's the case... I'll take one half of one of the best tag teams in the world.... Jeff Hardy is coming to SmackDown!

Vince McMahon: Oh, yeah?! Well I pick Matt Hardy!

Ric Flair: And while you do that, I'm taking the Cruiserweight title home with me too! I pick Tajiri!

Vince McMahon: And I'll take the Hardcore Championship along with Raven!


JR: I think that's everyone!

King: We're getting the Hardcore, European, and Tag Titles.... and the Hardy Boyz are broken up, JR! Can you believe it?

JR: I believe it, alright. Every tag team in the WWF had to know the risks for this draft!


Ric Flair: And I'll submit that my brand could already kick your brands ass!

Vince McMahon: And how have you come to this conclusion, Flair?

Ric Flair: Because I'm challenging YOU, McMahon! I'm challenging you for this upcoming SmackDown! Wooooo! I say you put my guys in the ring, you put your guys in the ring, and we get ourselves a battle royal! Wooooo! And as an extra token of my confidence... I say we make the winner of this battle royal face the WWF Champion at Backlash!


The fans erupt in another big cheer, behind the Nature Boy's idea.


Vince McMahon: You know what, Flair? I accept. I accept your challenge because I cannot wait to not only have my brand beat you on your first show.... but also sign Steve Austin to an official RAW contract all in one night! Sounds like a plan to me, Flair!


JR: What a big match for Thursday!


Flair and Vince face off for possibly the last time on Monday Nights before they both head to their war rooms to observe the rest of the show.






The Hulkster and Kane both knew this was the last RAW they'd see the nWo on so it was their mission to send a message to not only them, but SmackDown as well. But Nash and Hall weren't going to let Hulkamania run wild that easy. While the black and white worked on Hogan with a variety of double team moves and a few distractions from X-Pac on ringside, the nWo controlled the early part of this match. but when the inevitable hot tag came, Kane began to clean house on the black and white. Just as Hogan & Kane looked to be securing the win, X-Pac was quick to stop the momentum his way - a chair to Kane's cranium! Kane falls to the ground as the referee calls the bell!


Winners: Kane & Hulk Hogan @ 10:32

Though they secured a loss on their last night here on RAW, the nWo doesn't seem too bothered by it as they straight to assaulting Hogan and Kane 3-on-2. Just as Scott Hall pulls out the spray paint. Nash and Waltman drag Hogan to the center of the ring and roll him on his back. Hall begins to shake the can as the nWo are all smilies.


JR: Come on, now damn it! This is enough! Haven't they proven their point?!




The fans immediately rise to their feet as the Rock storms down the ramp and slides into the ring. The nWo dash out of the ring and exit through the crowd, not wanting a piece of the fired up Rocky! The Rock helps both Hogan and Kane up to their feet. The three of them embrace and all do Hogan poses for Rock's last appearance on Monday Nights!




We are just minutes away from the main event and the titantron shows a split screen of Triple H heading to the ring one side, and Chris Jericho along with Stephanie heading to the ring on the other. The fans are cheering in anticipation for what should be a hell of a main event to conclude this historic RAW!


King: This is it, JR! The match we've all been waiting for - an Undisputed title defense being held right here on RAW!

JR: And you have to know that McMahon and Flair will both be watching this match very closely, the loser will be drafted to either brand in the supplimental draft after the show!

King: More importantly... this could be poor Stephanie's last night in the WWF!

JR: Yeah... "poor" Stephanie. Give me a break. She just got done trying to run us out of business, King!


WWF Undisputed Championship - If Triple H wins, Stephanie must leave the WWF



The fans are fully behind the Game in this WrestleMania rematch. But this match certainly was not as onesided as the fans were, both men wanted that title more than anything. Stephanie was obviously doing everything she could to distract Triple H as her own career was on the line in this one and all she could do was watch!


While Jericho threw everything he could at Triple H, the Cerebel Assasain looked unbeatable tonight by getting out of a nasty looking Liontamer and kicking out of a late-in-the-game Lionsault. Steph tried her best to distract Triple H, but he had none of it, focusing all his energy towards Jericho. Steph could not afford to risk a disqualification here!


Eventually the all-too-common ref-bump occured which gave Steph the opportunity to grab the Undisputed champsionship and slide it into the ring. Jericho quickly took the gold and got ready to smack Triple H's face in... but The Game ducks and kicks to Y2J's midsection... Pedigree! Triple H goes for the pin as the referee strugles to make the count. 1........ 2....... 3!


Winner and STILL WWF Undisputed Champion: Triple H @ 18:33

JR: THE GAME HAS DONE IT! Triple H is still Undisputed Champion!

King: Oh no, what's going to happen to Stephanie, JR?!


Triple H grabs the title that is handedly sitting nearby and raises his arms in the air to the cheering crowd. Stephanie's face says it all... this is her last night in the WWF! Steph crawls over to a turnbuckle and hangs onto it, refusing to leave the ring and accept her fate. Triple H signals his arm and a couple of burly security guards come down to escort the Billionaire Princess away. But not before Triple H gets the crowd to rub some salt in the wounds.




"Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, gooooodbyeeee!"




(Dark Match) Hardcore Holly defeats Tyson Dux

The Rock defeats Kurt Angle

Trish Stratus defeats Ivory

Edge & The Hardy Boyz defeat Christian & The Dudley Boyz

DDP & William Regal fight to a no contest

Rob Van Dam defeats Eddie Guerrero to defend the Intercontinental Championship

Kane & Hulk Hogan defeat Kevin Nash & Scott Hall (via DQ)

Triple H defeats Chris Jericho to defend the Undisputed Championship

Overall Show Rating: B




1. Kurt Angle

2. The Undertaker

3. Hulk Hogan

4. Eddie Guerrero

5. Kane

6. William Regal - WWF European Champion

7. Rikishi

8. Billy & Chuck w/ Rico - WWF Tag Team Champions

9. Matt Hardy

10. Raven - WWF Hardcore Champion




1. The Rock

2. New World Order (Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and X-Pac)

3. Chris Benoit

4. Rob Van Dam - WWF Intercontinental Champion

5. The Big Show

6. Booker T

7. Edge

8. Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman

9. Jeff Hardy

10. Tajiri - WWF Cruiserweight Champion


Predictions *Many thanks for commenting by the way gents, meant to post that this morning.*


Jingo: 4/7

boothy44: 3/7

guyver3: 3/7

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- WWF.com issued a supplimentary draft after Monday Night RAW. These draft picks were randomly drawn. Here are the results:


RAW Roster


11. Bubba Ray Dudley

12. Bradshaw

13. D'Lo Brown

14. D-Von Dudley

15. Trish Stratus

16. Goldust

17. Farooq

18. Lance Storm

19. Perry Saturn

20. Jacqueline

21. Torrie Wilson

22. Bill DeMott

23. Justin Credible

24. Mr. Perfect

25. Steven Richards

26. Al Snow

27. Crash Holly

28. Molly Holly

29. Christian

30. Mark Henry


Official RAW Referees: Tim White (Senior Official), Jack Doan, Jimmy Kordaris, Mike Sparks, Teddy Long


SmackDown! Roster


11. Chris Jericho

12. Ivory

13. Shawn Stasiak

14. Chavo Guerrero

15. Test

16. Lita

17. The Hurricane

18. Billy Kidman

19. Albert

20. Scotty 2 Hotty

21. The Godfather

22. Diamond Dallas Page

23. Val Venis

24. Hardcore Holly

25. Funaki

26. Spike Dudley

27. Maven

28. Stacy Keibler

29. Tazz

30. Johnny Stamboli


Official SmackDown! Referees: Earl Hebner (Senior Official), Nick Patrick, Mike Chioda, Charles Robinson, Chad Patton


Stone Cold Steve Austin will be drafted during the next SmackDown! show as Ric Flair and Vince McMahon campaign for "The Rattlesnake" to join their brand!

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Lance Storm pinned Raven for the Hardcore Title. Stevie Richards opened the show by challenging Raven. Spike Dudley joined them shortly after. After a few minutes, Lance Storm ran in, quickly hit a superkick on Raven, and got the win.


Molly Holly defeated Jaqueline. Molly cut a promo after the match about how she represents class. Torrie Wilson taunted Molly in a skimply bikini on the stage.


Mike Awesome defeated Crash Holly. This was Mike Awesome's return match. Complete squash.


Mr. Perfect and Mark Henry defeated the APA when Henry pinned Farooq after a World's Strongest Slam. Match was set up earlier in the night.


William Regal defeated Al Snow to retain the European Championship.


Other angles featured on the show:


- Regal cut a backstage promo on his defense against Al Snow.

- The APA were playing poker backstage and Mr. Perfect asked if he could join as he always has the "perfect hand". Bradshaw and Farooq take turns taking shots at Perfect, especially his recent run in the WWF which has been far from perfect. Mr. Perfect challenges them to a tag match and promises that he has the "perfect partner". Just like that, Mark Henry roars into the room and tears the APA's parlor apart. Perfect/Henry vs. APA are booked for later in the night.

- Lance Storm had a few run-ins with the likes of Bill DeMott and Perry Saturn trying to get his Hardcore Title. Storm was able to evade them and escape the arena.

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WWF SmackDown! takes us to Allstate Arena in Chicago for another supersized edition that will mark the last "joint show". This will be the last SmackDown! you'll see the likes of Kurt Angle, Eddie Guerrero, Kane and Hulk Hogan on. In addition, we also got a #1 Contender's battle royal between all the Top 10 picks from last Monday.


Tajiri will defend his Cruiserweight Championship against Billy Kidman. Flair certainly struck gold with many of the Cruiserweights being drafted to the SmackDown brand. However, Tajiri wasn't so lucky as his reluctant manager Torrie Wilson will be off to RAW. How will Tajiri handle a title defense without his manager?


"The Next Big Thing" Brock Lesnar will finally make his in-ring debut against Albert. The big man from Boston will be the first test to see if Brock is as good as Paul Heyman has been hyping over the past month.


Last Monday, the Hardy Boyz were broken up as Jeff was drafted to SmackDown! and Matt was drafted to RAW. Team Extreme looks to make their last night as a tag team go on a high note as they take on the NWO - Scott Hall & Kevin Nash.


Speaking of Team Extreme, Lita will see action as she goes against the Women's Champion Jazz. Lita looks to take the title, especially convenient for her as her boyfriend has been drafted away from her. But Jazz has been a serious threat in the women's division as of late, can Lita take her down?


Mr. Perfect has announced that he will be having a "Perfect Challenge" in Chicago against any SmackDown star. Perfect, now an official RAW superstar, claims he wants to show why Vince McMahon makes the perfect boss and RAW makes the perfect brand. Who will answer the challenge?


X-Pac will take on Chris Benoit. Last Monday, Flair drafted the returning "Wolverine" over the phone with the NWO in the room with him. With Benoit making his triumphant return, can he start off with a win over the black and white member or will the NWO make Benoit's return start off rocky?


In a slobberknocker, a battle royal will be held that will feature all wrestlers picked within the Top 10 of the WWF Draft. But most importantly, this is Flair and McMahon's chance to see who came out on top in the WWF Draft as their best superstars battle it out for a chance at a title shot against Triple H.


Also, Stone Cold Steven Austin is in the building as Ric Flair and Vince McMahon attempt to sign him to RAW or SmackDown. "The Rattlesnake" has been stubborn as of late so it'll certainly be a tough task with either man attempting to score Austin. Where will Austin go, if anywhere?


Quick Picks:



Albert vs. Brock Lesnar

The Hardy Boyz w/ Lita vs. The nWo (Kevin Nash & Scott Hall)

Mr. Perfect vs. ???

Chris Benoit vs. X-Pac

DRAFT PICK BATTLE ROYAL FOR #1 CONTENDERSHIP: Big Show, Booker T, Brock Lesnar, Chris Benoit, Edge, Jeff Hardy, Kevin Nash, RVD, Scott Hall, Tajiri, The Rock, X-Pac, Billy, Chuck, Eddie Guerrero, Hulk Hogan, Kane, Kurt Angle, Matt Hardy, Raven, Rico, Rikishi, The Undertaker, William Regal

BONUS QUESTION: Will Steve Austin sign with either brand and if so, which one?

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Albert vs. Brock Lesnar


The Hardy Boyz w/ Lita vs. The nWo (Kevin Nash & Scott Hall)


Mr. Perfect vs. ???


Chris Benoit vs. X-Pac


DRAFT PICK BATTLE ROYAL FOR #1 CONTENDERSHIP: Big Show, Booker T, Brock Lesnar, Chris Benoit, Edge, Jeff Hardy, Kevin Nash, RVD, Scott Hall, Tajiri, The Rock, X-Pac, Billy, Chuck, Eddie Guerrero, Hulk Hogan, Kane, Kurt Angle, Matt Hardy, Raven, Rico, Rikishi, The Undertaker, William Regal


BONUS QUESTION: Will Steve Austin sign with either brand and if so, which one?

I figure SmackDown. Angles with Austin and Flair will be awesome.

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Albert vs. Brock Lesnar


The Hardy Boyz w/ Lita vs. The nWo (Kevin Nash & Scott Hall)


Mr. Perfect vs. ???


Chris Benoit vs. X-Pac


DRAFT PICK BATTLE ROYAL FOR #1 CONTENDERSHIP: Big Show, Booker T, Brock Lesnar, Chris Benoit, Edge, Jeff Hardy, Kevin Nash, RVD, Scott Hall, Tajiri, The Rock, X-Pac, Billy, Chuck, Eddie Guerrero, Hulk Hogan, Kane, Kurt Angle, Matt Hardy, Raven, Rico, Rikishi, The Undertaker, William Regal


BONUS QUESTION: Will Steve Austin sign with either brand and if so, which one? Smackdown, only because it makes sense for him to screw McMahon


I know I don't have real reasons, but I'm very excited to see your diary play out. Good Luck!

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Albert vs. Brock Lesnar

The Hardy Boyz w/ Lita vs. The nWo (Kevin Nash & Scott Hall)

Mr. Perfect vs. ???

Chris Benoit vs. X-Pac

DRAFT PICK BATTLE ROYAL FOR #1 CONTENDERSHIP: Big Show, Booker T, Brock Lesnar, Chris Benoit, Edge, Jeff Hardy, Kevin Nash, RVD, Scott Hall, Tajiri, The Rock, X-Pac, Billy, Chuck, Eddie Guerrero, Hulk Hogan, Kane, Kurt Angle, Matt Hardy, Raven, Rico, Rikishi, The Undertaker, William Regal


BONUS QUESTION: Will Steve Austin sign with either brand and if so, which one? Smackdown!

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ALLSTATE ARENA - Chicago, Illionois

15,000 Fans *SELLOUT*


Dark Matches

- Maven defeated Johnny the Bull by pinfall at 4:11


We kick off SmackDown! with the typical fireworks flying above the trademark fist to the tune of screaming fans.




Michael Cole: 15,000 packed in live here in Chicago... ladies and gentlemen - welcome to WWF SmackDown! and I guess we can now say - Ric Flair's SmackDown!

Tazz: And what do ya' know, we're still together Cole!

Michael Cole: Are you actually happy about this, Tazz?

Tazz: Sure, I can't really pick on JR too much...

Cole: Yeah, gotcha. Anyway, an action packed---



Cole: Looks like we're starting off with the Nature Boy, Tazz!

Tazz: Only natural to kick off with da' boss.




To a shower of cheers and "woo"s from the crowd, the Nature Boy himself struts out from the curtain decked in a classy looking tan suit. Flair wastes no time heading to the ring, all smiles painted upon his face. Flair climbs up into the ring and grabs hold of a nearby microphone to start this show off.


Ric Flair: Wooooooooo!


The crowd woos right back, much to Flair's delight.


Ric Flair: Man oh man do I hear a ring to the name of Ric Flair's SmackDown! Last Monday ol' Vinny Mac and I had ourselves a battle. He picked his soldiers, I picked mine. And let me see if I can get a poll from the Chicago fans right here right now.... give me a little....


Flair stumbles backwards into the ropes, struts a few times and throws his body back.


Ric Flair: Wooooooo! if you think SmackDown is up and above Vinnie's RAW!


Fans obviously wooooo quite loudly and Flair simply nods along.


Ric Flair: Already starting out with some smart fans in my SmackDown audience, I like that! So to all the blue shirts out there in the backstage - let me leave you off with this address. I believe in every singl----



Tazz: Uh oh!

Cole: That music can only mean one thing, Vince McMahon is here for possibly his last SmackDown! appearance ever!

Tazz: 'Dis is history right here, Cole!




Flair lets his arms drop down as he watches Vince McMahon do his power strut down to the ring, reeling in all the boos. Mysteriously, William Regal is following Vince McMahon from behind, decked out in a suit of his own. The duo climb up into the ring - Regal making sure to wipe his feet first - and exchange some unheard words with Flair before McMahon is able to get a microphone.


Vince McMahon: Well, well, well. Isn't this just... cute. Ric Flair actually thinking that he is a threat to me - Vincent Kennedy McMahon. You must be off your medication, Flair. Quite frankly, I don't care what any of your biased SmackDown! fans think and---


The fans immediately start booing loudy... not that they were quiet before by saying "what" after nearly every word that came out of Vince's mouth.


Vince McMahon: SHAAAAAAAAT UP! Flair, you're in a long line of imbeciles who thought they could take me down. I should remind you that later tonight we will have a draft pick battle royal and I can only guarantee that a RAW superstar is coming out on top. And you know it's funny, Flair, because every single person on your roster is MY creation. You hear me? Mine. I made them. Every single one of them. Even your old WCW buddies are able to keep onto a WWF job title thanks to me deciding to not throw them out to unemployment - as much as they deserved it.


The fans get riled up again and even begin chanting something that rhymes with grass mole. William Regal, growing flustered with the rowdy fans, grabs hold of a mic and begins to scold them.


William Regal: You will not speak to Mr. McMahon in such a way! Look at this, Flair. Classless fans, taudry set-up. Mr. McMahon had to actually ask me to assist him around this arena just because of how dire this place is. Each and every one of you are nothing but---



Fans immediately jump out of their seats, damn near blowing the roof off the place as the leading role of the SmackDown! cast himself has his famous tune blast from the PA to cut Regal off.




The Rock makes his spectacular entrance and as he does, William Regal begins to yammer in Flair's ear about it.


William Regal: You see this is exactly what I am talking about! How rude for your first draft pick to come out here in the middle of me trying to s---


Once again Regal is interupted as Rocky stretches his hand and cups over Regal's microphone. The Great One, who brought one of his own out with him, slowly pulls his arm to his mouth before swiftly throwing his head back.


The Rock: Finally.... the Rock has come back to Chicago!


Rock turns his attention back to Regal.


The Rock: William Regal, the Rock had no idea you were still figuratively AND literally kissing some Vince McMahon ass... so let the Rock ask you this... why in the blue hell are you in the house that Rocky built?

William Regal: I already bloody---

The Rock: IT DOESN'T MATTER WHY YOU'RE HERE! Cause let the Rock tell you this, tonight there's a battle royal, RAW vs SmackDown, #1 Contendership on the line, and the Rock has every intention of tossing all your red candy asses out of my ring one...


The Rock begins to motion himself towards each ringside, throwing his arms out and gesturing the throw out motion.


The Rock: ....one by one, by one, by one, by one by the Great One! And when it's all said and done, the Rock will stand tall. The Rock will be the #1 Contender.


Regal gets in the face of the Rock in particular, growing impatient of his precense already.


Vince McMahon: You know what, Rock? Why don't you man up and back up what you say? Let us have a.... preview for later tonight, shall we?


William Regal removes his jacket and loosens his tie. He's certainly not in ring gear, but the usually classy Regal obviously wants a piece of the Great One. The Rock simply extends his arm out and gives his trademark "just bring it" taunt. Regal pretends like he's going to lunge at Rock, but backs away, leading to Vince giving Rock a fast and cheap kick between the legs.


Cole: Oh and what a cheap shot by Vince McMahon! After all this talk about classiness, this is how he presents himself on his last night here?!

Tazz: Well hey, he did say it would be a good preview fa' tonight's battle royal and ya' gotta remember, battle royals are no-DQ!

Cole: He's not even in the battle royal! This is just an assault and it looks like it's about to get ugly!


The Rock, while fired up and strong, grows weak to the cheap shot by Vince. Flair attempts to intervene, but Regal knocks him to the ground with a quick left shot to the head, leading to Vince gladly pummeling him on the ground. Regal begins to give the boots to the Rock with a smile on his face. The fans begin to chant for the Rock to come back, knowing the fresh People's Champion has it in him to come to his senses. Regal attempts to lift the Rock to his feet and grabs him by the back of the head to presumably "eliminate" him from this unsanctioned brawl. But the Rock whips Regal's warm off of him and begins to layenth the SmackDownth with his trademark snap jabs to the head. Regal tries to swing a counter punch, but it's simply countered on it's own into a perfect Rock Bottom!


On the other side of the ring, Flair is on his knees with McMahon laying down straight strikes to the forehead of the Nature Boy - attempting to bust him open. But Flair gets a little payback on McMahon by giving a cheap shot of his own, a good ol' Ric Flair low blow to McMahon's grapefruits! Vince stumbles backwards right into the Rock who hits the spinebuster! And, well... you know what happens from here. Elbow pads off, Rock springs from one rope to the other and finally the People's Elbow! Regal stumbles onto his feet and exerts one last bit of energy to try to tackle the Rock, but Rock easily snags Regal by the head and toses him up and over the top rope! Flair lifts McMahon back up to his feet and does the same to him. The ring is cleared and the fans go nuts as Rock and Flair pose in the ring to the tune of SmackDown!'s proud theme.


Cole: And if that preview holds true, I'd say Rocky has a pretty good shot at winning tonight's Battle Royal!

Tazz: William Regal is only one man, Cole, he's got over 20 other guys in there who wants a title shot just as bad as him!




We cut backstage to a somber looking Team Extreme in their locker room. Matt Hardy is wearing a RAW shirt while Jeff and Lita wear SmackDown ones.




Matt Hardy: Never thought in a million years it would end like this, but I guess we don't have a choice...


Jeff nods and the two share a hug, the brothers pounding each other's backs. As they come apart, Lita moves in and gives Matt a quick kiss.


Lita: I'm really proud of you guys....

Matt Hardy: Well let's go out there and make a statement. I say Team Extreme shall die looking just as good as we always have in our final match together. What do you say, Jeff?

Jeff Hardy: Hell yeah. End of one road opens up another, but damn am I going to miss this....


Cole: An emotional night for both Matt and Jeff Hardy. Over the last few years they have been one of the best tag teams to ever grace the WWF and right here on this telecast of WWF SmackDown!... it's all over, Tazz.

Tazz: Much respect to them both, Cole. They always put 100% in everything they do and hell, listen to their fans here in attendance. It's going to kill em' to never see these two together again!






The Hardy Boyz were hot with the fans, especially the stereotypical screaming girls. While Hall & Nash were clearly more experienced than the boys, the young guns showed lots of heart out there. Lita was out with them, cheering them on which surely helped them continue their drive to push forward. The nWo were all business out there, wanting to prove a point to Ric Flair that they meant what they said and were out to take over SmackDown.


While the action between the Hardyz stayed relatively even at first, that quickly changed. Towards the middle of the match, Matt Hardy was getting bullied around by Hall & Nash with their quick tags. While several pinfall attempts were made, Matt refused to let his team's history end on a loss and the fans screaming in appreciation would not allow it either. Reaching deep into his heart, Matt was able to kick an on-the-offensive Hall away from attack and reach up for the tag. Jeff was reaching as far as he could and Matt was literally just inches away from getting the tag....


....but what the hell is this?! Jeff Hardy swipes his hand away with a smirk and hops off the apron. Matt, shocked at his own brother turning on him, crawls up to the ropes and starts questioning what he's doing. Jeff turns around and never looks back. Lita, just as dumbfounded as Matt is, begins chasing after Jeff and tries to persuade him into getting back in there. Matt begins to pull himself up on the ropes and while the fans are showering the backstabbing Jeff with boos, the nWo have just gotten themselves a nice opening. While Matt is distracted, Big Sexy gets into the ring and awaits Matt to focus back on the match. Matt eventually does turn around only to be met with a swift kick to the gut setting up for the perfect Jackknife Powerbomb. 1...2...3 and this one is over!


Winner: New World Order @ 7:06


Cole: What the hell was that?! How disgusting do you have to be to backstab your own brother in your last match together?!

Tazz: I think Jeff hinted it to us before.... it's the end of the road for the Hardyz and the start of a new one. That's just how this business works, Cole, teams don't last forever.

Cole: There was nothing the Hardyz could do about this, fate had them split up. That didn't mean that Jeff had to leave his team in the dust like that! And oh great - look at this! Hardy is defenseless right now and the nWo are not done! Get some officials out there and break this up!






The match is over, but the nWo is far from finished. Nash, Hall, and Pac begin to lay the boots to the downed Matt. The fans are stunned as Jeff finally disappears behind the curtain. Lita begins to sprint down to the ring and begins screaming at the nWo to stop as they begin to deck out the spray paint. Scott Hall slides the steels steps from outside into the ring and Nash lifts a limp Hardy up to his feet. He sets it up with a final kiss and Jackhammers Hardy a second time, this time directly on top of the steps! Hardy is completely out cold at this point and the nWo take advantage of it by branding his back with their initials. As EMTs start to pour out from the back, they toy around with lita a bit, but don't physically hurt her. As they leave, Lita and the EMTs look over Matt, the nWo showing no concern as they yuck their way to the back.


Cole: An absolutely vicious and unnecessary assault by the nWo. This has got to be one of the most awful weeks Matt Hardy has ever had to endure in his life.

Tazz: Yeah he's gettin' it rough. Drafted away from your brother and girlfriend.... betrayed... beaten down by the nWo... who knows if they'll even let him into the Battle Royal.

Cole: After all that's happened, I think a title shot is the last thing on Matt's mind right now.




We go right backstage to Ric Flair's office, who is shaking his head in disbelief after what just happened. A knock on the door and before Flair can even say "come in", the door swings open and Y2J emerges from stage left.




Ric Flair: Ah, Chris. Welcome aboard to SmackDown, I'm thrilled to have you here.


Flair puts his hand out, but Jericho simply stares at it and looks back at Flair.


Chris Jericho: Flair, I know you're a smart guy. I know you know I deserve another shot at Triple H. We both know that title is mine. I'm a SmackDown guy now and how great would it be for you to shove in Vince's face that a SmackDown guy was the one to take out the Undisputed Champion?

Ric Flair: Chris, you're a hell of a competitor, and I mean that. That's a lot coming from me, trust me. But you already used your rematch clause and besides, we got the battle royal tonight. You weren't picked during the RAW draft so you're not in. I can't do much for ya.

Chris Jericho: I'll work for it, put me in. I can beat every single guy on this roster, for the love of God I've beaten the Rock and Steve Austin in the same night. Put me in the battle royal, what do I have to do to get in?

Ric Flair: Getting out of my office would be a start...

Chris Jericho: Oho, I see how it is. Well this is a good start to my SmackDown! career, wouldn't you agree? You know what, I refuse to leave this office until you handle my situation like a real General Manager would. I'm the king of the world, baby! You cannot treat me like the rest of the peons of the roster, that's not how you treat the Ayatollah of Rock'N'Rolla!

Ric Flair: Well... if you insist.


Flair chuckles and heads over to his desk. Jericho impatiently stares with his hands on his hips. Flair looks up and whistles. Suddenly a gigantic figure from the left side of the screen comes roaring into camera view....




Following Flair's implied orders, Show promptly chases after Jericho. Jericho attempts to stand his ground at first but... who could against a 500 lb giant running towards you? Jericho quickly dashes towards the exit, not before leaving some parting words.


Chris Jericho: You're not going to get away with screwing me, Flair!






Backstage we see Cruiserweight Champion Tajiri with Torrie Wilson. He is yelling at her in Japanese and while we can't understand what he is saying, it appears he's trying to get Torrie into her kimono for his upcoming match.


Torrie Wilson: Tajiri, no! I don't have to do this anymore, I'm a RAW diva now. I'm free from you, leave me alone!


Tajiri is having none of it and continues to yell incoherently. He tosses the kimono over to her and slowly orders her. After a hesistation, Torrie slips the kimono on. Tajiri grabs her by the arm and tugs her out with him.


Cole: Jeesh, at least this is the last time she has to do that, Tajiri has been making Torrie something of a slave lately. Who does he think he is? She's part of the RAW roster now, she's not his manager anymore.

Tazz: Well hey, who wouldn't want to give up Torrie Wilson?!

Cole: Cruiserweight title is on the line, next!




Cruiserweight Championship



As a typical Cruiserweight match, this was a fast paced match that showed off the duos athletic ability. While the fans weren't as into it as they could have been, these two still got some appreciation from the crowd. Torrie Wilson emotionalessly stood at ringside with the Kimono, wanting this to end already so she can be free.


While Tajiri controlled most of the match, Kidman did hold his own and got a few close ones in there. Torrie eventually decided to try have the last laugh by climbing up onto the announcers table and stripping the Kimono off to a bikini underneath. Tajiri, catching wind of this, furiously started screaming at her from inside the ring. This split second gave Kidman the opportunity to get a quick roll up but Tajiri powered out. Torrie's plan did slightly backfire as Kidman... just as any man would to be fair... also became a bit distracted by Torrie's skimpy bikini. That split second gave Tajiri enough recovery time to roll Kidman up and use the ropes for extra leverage to secure the victory.


Winner and STILL Cruiserweight Champion: Tajiri @ 6:19


Cole: As always, an exciting bout from our Cruiserweights. Tajiri retains, but at least Torrie is free to go off to RAW.

Tazz: I'm not even sure if Tajiri understands what the draft's concept is, he's still tuggin' Torrie to the back with him!

Cole: This is becoming ridiculous, could someone put a stop to this already?!






After a quick commercial back, Albert along with Scotty 2 Hotty were already in the ring, doing some dance moves to the delight of the crowd. But that joy quickly went stormy as Brock Lesnar's music hit for his debut match.


This was, to be simple, a desruction. The fans were in awe as Brock easily took care of the big man Albert - who has been known to be a tough guy to put away. Brock had an answer for anything Albert tried to do and ended it after just a couple of minutes with the devastating F5. Albert didn't stand a chance.


Winner: Brock Lesnar @ 2:10


Cole: What a debut for Brock Lesnar!

Tazz: Have you EVER seen anyone put Albert away like that?! Haha, wow that was nuts!

Cole: But it looks like this beast of a man and that... that slimeball Paul Heyman are going back to doing what they do best - this cowardly assault inbetween matches! Come on now!






The match is over but Brock is not finished. With Paul ordering his client from ringside, Lesnar lifts Albert back up to his feet and grabs him up off his feet. He charges over to the ropes and lets Albert fall right over the top rope, perhaps prearing himself for tonight's battle royal. Scotty 2 Hotty climbs into the ring to avenge his friends but.... well, this isn't even fair. Lesnar easily takes Scotty out with a monsterous clothesline. He lifts him back up and hoists him over his head, tossing him out as well on top of Albert. Heyman gets into the ring and raises Lesnar's hand up, but slightly differnet music hits than the one Heyman and Lesnar were expecting...





Diamond Dallas Page comes out to a nice reaction, along with most of the fans holding up that trademark diamond sign. DDP gets on the stick and talks as he walks down the ramp and eventually climbs onto the apron.


Diamond Dallas Page: Yo monkeyboy, congratulations on beating a bunch of scrubs in your debut. That's real imprssive. Almost as impressive as taking me and Reegs out with our backs turned. Yeah, that's some real quality stuff there that you're teaching your client, Paul. Tell ya what, how about we do something a little out of the ordinary. You following me? How about one on one... mano y mano.... in that very ring... Brock Lesnsar, Diamond Dallas Page. A sanctioned match, you know, something you just successfully completed now after months of getting it right! What say you, Brock?


The fans cheer in approval and appreciate DDP's courage of standing up to Brock Lesnar after months of him bullying the roster around. Lesnar takes a mic and lifts it up to his mouth, but the mic is snatched away by Paul Heyman.


Paul Heyman: The answer is no, Page! You see in this business, you have to get noticed. And I'd say Brock did plenty of that by taking you out and you being able to do absolutely nothing about it. And hey, it got us a draft pick, did it not? I hope you're content with your supplemental draft placing, Ric Flair seems to have a lot of faith in you already! While you struggle to find people who still think you're relevant enough to wrestle, I think me and my client have other business to attend to. You know, like taking out Triple H and Brock Lesnar - you heard it here first - breaking the record for the youngest WWF Champion of all time. Have a good day!


Heyman tosses the mic aside. The pair climb out and walk right past DDP to the backstage. DDP looks miffed, but shrugs his shoulders and plays to the crowd a bit before the cameras swap elsewhere.






We cut to the backstage area that sees Tajiri and Torrie Wilson again in the parking lot area. We see that a taxi is pulled in. Tajiri is yelling in Japanese again, ordering Torrie to get into the taxi with him.


Torrie Wilson: Don't you understand?! We're over!


But evidently Tajiri doesn't. He grabs her by the arm and begins to pull her. But....






SmackDown!'s resident super hero steps in to save the day!


The Hurricane: Have no fear, the Hurricane is here!


The Hurricane marches over to Tajiri and Torrie.


The Hurricane: Citizen Torrie! What is this perp doing to you?

Torrie Wilson: He won't leave me alone, I'm a RAW diva now and he treats me like his property!

The Hurricane: Well this simply cannot be, justice must now be served!


Hurricane turns around and shoves Tajiri to the ground. Torrie takes that chance to break for it, hopping in the taxi and instructing the driver to leave without Tajiri. Hurricane turns and arches his fists to his hips, head to the side.


The Hurricane: And so another day is brought to peace, all in a days work from the Hurricane!


A hand creeps up and taps Hurricane on the shoulder.


The Hurricane: Huh?----WAH!


Misted! Hurricane falls to the ground, clutching his face as the green mist seeps into his eyes. Tajiri simply wanders off the scene.




WWF Women's



While Lita is certianly one of the toughest divas in the WWF, Jazz was simply tougher tonight. Lita already having to deal with an emotional rollercoaster with the Hardy Boyz seemed to be on her mind more than taking the Women's Title. While she put on a fight, it wasn't enough. Jazz was able to secure the victory after a few minutes with the Jazz Bomb.


Winner and STILL Women's Champion: Jazz @ 5:36


Cole: This Jazz just seems to be unstoppable at this point, Lita's mind was not in this match obviously but she's never an easy fight.

Tazz: I tell you, she's been steamrolling this Women's division since she got here. It's going to take some serious steppin up to knock her off this pedastal, and I love it!

Cole: And oh great, after this already stressful enough day for Lita, looks like Jazz isn't satisfied with just a win here. Give me a break!






Jazz, wanting to prove just how dominate she claims to be, seems to not be done with this one, She picks Lita back up and attemps to beat her down more, but Lita quickly blocks a punch and unleashes a fury of strikes on her own. Before any momentum is built up, Jazz quickly scurries under the ropes and starts to head backwards up the ramp, eyeing Lita and raising her title up to remind her of who was victorious in the fight that mattered.


But Jazz should have kept her eyes where she was heading as *THUNK*




...a hit from behind sends Jazz falling to the floor and dropping her title! Trish Stratus is out to a huge reaction from the fans and starts brawling with Jazz down to the ring. Clearly having the upper hand here, Trish decides to feed Jazz to the dogs by tossing her right back into the ring. Getting the last laugh here, Lita lifts Jazz up and nails the DDT! Trish and Lita both push Jazz out of the ring and share an embrace in the ring, much to the pleasure of the crowd.


Cole: Two of the best divas in the WWF right there in the ring Tazz and due to the effects of the draft, possibly the last time you'll ever see them in the same ring again.

Tazz: Never even realized it until just now, Cole. Man, the draft does that to ya. Sometimes you don't realize things until they're right in front of you. Could you imagine never seeing Trish and Lita in the same ring again?






We cut backstage to Kevin Kelly along with Raven. Raven is leaning against a grocery cart full of weapons, wearing a cut sleeved RAW shirt for tonight's battle royal.


Kevin Kelly: Ladies and gentlemen, I'm back here with Raven... and Raven, tonight you get the opportunity of a lifetime... one of just over 20 men to get a chance at becoming #1 Contender right here on SmackDown!. How do you feel the odds are now stacked against you with you being the last pick of the draft and well... already losing the title that got you picked in the first place?

Raven: I've been waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting. Ever since I've came here, ever since I've made my presence to the WWF known.... I've been scoffed at. I've been scorned. I've been snubbed. The only reason I was drafted was for the belt around my waist. Vince McMahon didn't want Raven, he wanted what Raven possessed. And now that's gone. But I still retain my draft pick and although I could scream from the rafters "what about me?" or "what about Raven". But... I won't. Because tonight... it is all about me. It is all about Raven. It is all about my masterpiece. Raven.... WWF Undisputed Champion.


Raven throws his arms out to the side, but suddenly a figure kicks the cart he's leaning on against him.




It's Chris Jericho! Kevin Kelly scurries away as Jericho rams the cart into Raven until he falls. Jericho pulls Raven's very own stop sign out of the cart and smashes his head with it a few times. Raven is busted wide open as Jericho picks him up and rams him against the garage door nearest to them. Jericho rips the shirt right off of Raven and slips it onto himself. With a smile and a wink to the camera, Y2J walks off.


Cole: What the hell was that about?! Did Jericho just... trade himself?

Tazz: Actually I think he just got himself a ticket to that Draft Battle Royal...but who knows what he is thinking!?






Cameras cut back to ringside where to a natural chorus of boos, Mr. Perfect and Mark Henry stand in the ring.


Mr. Perfect: You know this week has been pretty... perfect. I'm glad I got drafted to the perfect brand...


He motions towards the red RAW shirt he has over his usual wrestling attire...


Mr. Perfect: And allow me to introduce you to my new perfect partner, the World's Strongest Man, Mark Henry....


He points to Mark Henry, who is crossing his arms and staring ahead without a change of expression.


Mr. Perfect: And together we form the perfect team. The only thing that isn't so perfect is you snotnose Ric Flair fans never being able to see us again. While showing my face week in and week out on the clear cut "B" show would be embarrassing, robbing my flawless ability from any program is shame for anyone. But fear not, SmackDown fans as I will leave you on one thing to remember me for... I will now demonstrate just how perfect RAW is over SmackDown. To any of those SmackDown punks back there, I'm issuing the perfect challenge! Now I know most of you may be a little intimidated going up against ---





The fans step up as Edge steps out, certainly not one of those "intimidated" by Mr. Perfect's challenge. Perfect looks a bit surprised to see Edge out, but quickly tries to go back to his look of confidence. After his usual run on the stage, Edge heads down to the ring.


Edge: So, let me see if I got everything down here.... blah... blah blah blah..... blah..... blah blah blah, blah blah..... blah..... blah blah. Oh, and apparently you're perfect, right?

Mr. Perfect: Is that jealousy bleeding through your voicebox, kid?

Edge: Uhh... yeah, sure. I would totally trade in my King of the Ring trophy for a failed comeback veteran who has more losses than I can count.

Mr. Perfect: No matter what you say or do, I'll still always be better than you. But since you insist on flapping those gums of yours instead of actually accepting my challenge, I think it's time for me to leave this dump.

Edge: So is this the perfect walk out?


Mr. Perfect shakes his head and begins to head over to the ropes. He sticks his leg into the rope, but turns back to Edge.


Mr. Perfect: On second thought....


Suddenly Edge falls to the ground from a huge blindside via Mark Henry. Henry bounces off the ropes and splashes on Edge to add to the damage. Henry quickly leaves the ring.


Mr. Perfect: Let the perfect challenge begin!




After that sneak attack from Mark Herny, the referee was understandably relectant to ring the bell... but despite the carnage, the match was underway. Mr. Perfect obviously had the big advantage here and controled the first half of this match with ease, using his skill at technical skills to pick Edge apart piece by piece. Edge still had feul in the tank, though, and gradually began to attempt a comeback. Everytime he got the upper hand, something would fault it however. Mark Henry made sure to keep Edge distracted often to keep his partner on the advantage.


However with the fans on his side, Edge was able to mount the comeback and overconfidence on Mr. Perfect's part got the better of him. Attempting a Perfect Plex a little too early backfired miserably as Edge was able to turn it into an Edge-A-Cution. Following a short burst of offensive, Edge was able to finally hit the spear for the big win!


Winner: Edge @ 9:49




Cameras cut to a loud area backstage where we hear two men's voices echoing through the walls.




It seems Eddie Guerrero has run into Kurt Angle and considering what happened last time these two met, things aren't looking pretty.


Eddie Guerrero: Estúpido! I had him down! You know it, Latino Heat was about to take home that title and I KNOW you were boiling up in jealousy, homes!

Kurt Angle: Jealous?! What the heck am I, an Olympic Gold medalist, supposed to be jealous about you, Eddie? I think you're a little jealous that I got picked first by Vince McMahon himself!

Eddie Guerrero: Yeah, you fall to your knees like a little baby. "Awww Vince pweeeease pick me". You ain't nothing but Vince's little errand boy and that's the only reason he picked you.

Kurt Angle: Hey that's Mr. McMahon to you! Only his friends can call him Vince, and I happen to be a damn good friend of Vince!




And right on cue, Mr. McMahon himself walks onto the screen with a complexed look on his face. Naturally he's a bit beat up from earlier tonight, but is being a man about it for the most part. William Regal, who also looks a bit dazed, is following him from behind.


Kurt Angle: Oh Vi-----Mr. McMahon! How's it going?!

Vince McMahon: What the hell is all this screaming about coming from over here?

Eddie Guerrero: This pendejo thinks he can get away with screwing me over.

Kurt Angle: Pendejo? What does that mean? You know, I'm so looking forward to being able to eliminate you as soon as you enter the ring later tonight. And I can, oh it's true!

Eddie Guerrero: I wouldn't blame you, you don't think I want a little retribution too?!

Vince McMahon: SHUT UP! Both of you. Kurt, you're not going to eliminate Eddie from that Battle Royal.

Kurt Angle: You don't think I can?!

Vince McMahon: I mean you aren't going to or else. Tonight is about embarrassing Ric Flair, you hear me? RAW is to come out on top, I don't care which of you do, but it needs to happen. So whatever the hell is going on between you two, you better sort it out or I should have the mind to fire you right here on the spot. You aren't a team player, you don't belong on MY brand. Do you understand?

Kurt Angle: Got it, Mr. McMahon. But I don't trust Eddie and I never will.

Vince McMahon: Well then, Eddie, give your word that you're going to listen to my orders.

Eddie Guerrero: And let the injustice go on here, homes? That title was mine, Angle screwed it up and Latino Heat NEVER forgets.

Vince McMahon: I'll make up for it if you follow my order .

Eddie Guerrero: Whatever, homes. Kurt, you stay out of my way, I stay out of yours, vato.

Vince McMahon: Glad that's settled. Now cut the Kindergarten class and get ready.


McMahon and Regal huff off. Angle and Guerrero share an awkward stare before going off in opposite directions.


Cole: Some turmoil amongst the RAW brand and hey, I'm not complaining! That's some good news for us, eh Tazz?

Tazz: Fasure, Cole. But I hafta hand it to Vince and how he handled that. This ain't a team battle royal but to these GMs, I think all they care about is their brand dominating.




Benoit had a great crowd reaction for his first match in nearly a year. Pac was out there alone, unnatural for the nWo but with the all-important battle royal still to come - not so surprising. Benoit was prepared and easily controlled the first few minutes of the match. But ring rust did become a factor and X-Pac was able to get the upper hand in a momentum shift after countering out of an early attempt at the crossface.


From there it was back and forth, however a nWo buddy did try to change it fully into X-Pac's favor as Scott Hall came jogging down to the ring. The split second distraction was enough for Benoit to trap himself into a potential X-Factor, but Benoit was able to cleverly snatch X-Pac's arm into a counter Crippler Crossface! Hall bangs on the mat, but X-Pac is slapping within seconds!


Winner: Chris Benoit @ 11:34


Cole: The Wolverine is back and jumpstarting his renewed SmackDown! career with a win!

Tazz: Ain't nothin sweeter than being able to secure a win on your first night back from a vacation.

Cole: And that may not be his final one for this week, there's still a battle royal to get to later tonight!






Cameras cut to the executive office of Vince McMahon, who is awaiting by his door. It seems he's expecting someone. William Regal is nowhere in sight this time, presumably getting ready for the battle royal that is beginning very shortly.


Suddenly the door opens and two figures slowly creep in.




It is that of Kane and Hulk Hogan. The Hulkster and his monster intimidately stand toe to toe with their own boss. Vince doesn't even twitch as he turns to the Big Red Machine.


Vince McMahon: I believe I only called Hulk Hogan to my office. So Kane, I'd like to ask you to leave.


Kane doesn't even budge.


Vince McMahon: Now.


Both the Hulkster and Kane remain stiff and Vince already looks like he's about to lose it. Hogan eventually turns to Kane.


Hulk Hogan: It's alright. I'll handle it. Go ahead.


Kane slowly turns and heads out the door. Vince turns his attention back to the Hulkster.


Vince McMahon: Now you listen to me and you listen to me good, Hogan. I hired you, you are MY property. Not only are you my proprety but you're also my creation. So I expect you to follow what I have to say.

Hulk Hogan: Whatever, Vince. Is this the only reason you called me here?

Vince McMahon: No, actually I'm about to get to that. Now that draft pick battle royal is coming up next and I want to make this crystal clear to you - I want RAW to come out on top. For SmackDown to go off the air with a RAW superstar winning the main event.... that would be my most cherished accomplishment out of this entire draft business. But that's not all.... no, you see Hulk... after every SmackDown superstar is out of that battle royal, I want you to remove yourself from the ring.

Hulk Hogan: You want me to take a dive? You expect me to let down every single Hulkamaniac out there in the audience just for your own amusement? Not going to happen, brother.

Vince McMahon: Well this isn't a want, Hulk. No, this is an ORDER. And I know that you have a hard time understanding the concept of what a boss is, but that's who I am. I'm the man in charge. You are my employee, my subject, my creation, my property. Nothing more, nothing less. Get used to it or expect to face some serious consequences.


Hogan stares silently for a moment.


Hulk Hogan: So let me see if I got this all down... you want a RAW guy to win. And you want me to take a dive. You know what Vince, I think I can do that.

Vince McMahon: A positive start to this new relationship, I wasn't expecting that from you, Hulk. Now go.


Hogan simply nods and walks out the door. The cameras follow him as he meets back up with Kane, who has been stiffly standing outside the door.


Hulk Hogan: Yo. Change of plan, brother....


Hogan starts quietly talking to Kane as they head towards the ring, but the cameras don't have time to catch anything else as it's time for the Battle Royal.




Draft Pick Battle Royal






We start this one off with a few interesting twists to the story here. Matt Hardy is officially in, but did not come out with the rest of the group, presumably still back getting medical help. Raven, who was originally in the Battle Royal, seems to be nowhere to be found. Chris Jericho, who stole his shirt, snuck out with the rest.


Chris Jericho put himself into an interesting scenario by joining this match with a RAW shirt. While his intentions were to clearly sneak in, many of the SmackDown stars took it as him being a traitor. Just seconds into the show, Jericho was bullied out by both angry SmackDown stars as well as RAW stars following orders.


Once the real battle begun, Tajiri found himself quickly disposed of by Kane. Rico was eliminated easily by the Big Show. Billy & Chuck tried to exract revenge, but they found themselves topping over with almost as much ease!


Matt Hardy finally makes his appearance dashing down to the ring with his back taped up from before. He immediately sets his eyes on Jeff, but as Jeff sees him coming - he eliminates himself and runs through the crowd, taking the easy way out rather than having to deal with the vengeance seeking brother. Matt tries to run after Jeff, but Kurt Angle pulls him back in and reminds him of Vince's orders. After some scuffling, Matt is able to break free and eliminates himself as well in pursuit of Jeff.


Disention begins in the SmackDown side of things as the nWo try to get revenge on Chris Benoit for his win over X-Pac. But Booker T steps in to ward the nWo off. After laying X-Pac out with a spin kick, Booker T convinces Benoit to go for the headbutt. As Benoit rises up to the turnbuckle, Booker T betrays Benoit by pushing him out. Booker tries to suck up to the nWo afterwards, but the trio simply toss him out next to Benoit, leading to the two to brawl on the outside.


Kane starts an elimination streak by impressively taking out Edge and Rob Van Dam. Meanwhile Rikishi is pushed out on a triple team by the nWo.


Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero on the same page and work to try to get The Rock out of the match. Rocky is able to get Eddie onto the apron. While Eddie is able to keep himself from getting eliminated, Angle charges to the Rock in an attempt to catch him off guard. But the Rock moves out of the way and Angle collides with Eddie, forcing him out! Screwed by Angle for the second time in a row this week, Eddie begins to scream at Angle from outside, leaving the Rock with an easy venue to dump Angle out as well!


The ring is getting more and more clear, but another body from the outslide slides in... it's Diamond Dallas Page! DDP is in his street clothes and hits a quick chop block while he is battling with the Undertaker. DDP makes a quick exit and leaves Undertaker without enough room to take Brock up and over, leaving a very irate Paul Heyman to scream from the sidelines. On the other side of the fence, the nWo are attempting to triple team Hogan & Kane. The Rock already has some bloody history with the nWo - especailly with his former comrades Kane & Hogan. So he has no problem in breaking the brand lines here to help his buddies out and even the odds - even eliminating X-Pac in the process!


We are left with Big Show, The Rock, Hulk Hogan, Kane, The Undertaker, William Regal, Scott Hall, and Kevin Nash. 4 SmackDown, 4 RAW, and naturally this leads to just that. Big Show and 'Taker go at it, Hogan and Hall start to brawl, Kane and Nash go to war, and The Rock rekindles his earlier confrontation with William Regal. A repeat of earlier tonight, William Regal finds himself back on the mats below credit to the Rock. But shockingly The Rock finds himself on the outside too! By who? None other than Nash & Hall, breaking away from their respective brawls to get one little last laugh for taking out their partner X-Pac earlier. The Big Show, watching as his fellow brand member is thrown out, confronts the NWO about it. Hogan, Kane and 'Taker all take the time to regroup as the trio argue over priorities. They seem to have an understanding but Nash suddenly boots Show in the head, causing him to stumble back. The Outsiders attempt to push the big man over the top rope, but to no avail. 'Taker, seeing an opportunity, picks himself up and helps the NWO topple the giant Big Show over the top rope. Vince McMahon has to be beaming now as three RAW wrestlers along with the NWO are left.


Once Show's feet hit the ground, Taker quickly turns and clocks Nash in the head. He turns around and does the same for Hall. While the Outsiders attempt to give Taker the same treatment they've given The Rock and Big Show, The Undertaker gets a helping hand from his half brother Kane and Hulk Hogan, now back to their feet and having an open opportunity to take their arch nemesis' out for good. Nash & The Undertaker go at it as Hogan & Kane take on Scott Hall. "The Bad Guy" doesn't stand a chance and eventually Hall is seen easily being thrown up and over thanks to the big man Kane.


With Hall gone we are down to The Undertaker, Kevin Nash, Hulk Hogan and Kane. Hogan and Kane walk in the corner with Hogan motioning that he'll take out Nash and Kane can take out The Undertaker. Obviously Hogan is leaning towards his companion taking the win here. While the titans go at it, Vince McMahon curiously power struts his way out to many, many jeers from this SmackDown crowd as Scott Hall is heading to the back. McMahon starts ordering Hall to get back in the ring, but we can't audibly hear what exactly is being said. Before we know it, Hall marches down to the ring. He gets up onto the apron close to where Nash and Hogan are duking it out in the corner. Hall climbs in as referees scream from ringside for him to get out - but no disqualifications here, folks. The Outsiders begin laying the boots onto Hogan while Kane & Undertaker are duking it out on the other side. Suddenly the fans are on their feet as The Rock makes his way back out to the ring, much to the chagrin of Vince. The Rock targets Hall, taking the already eliminated member of the NWO out again with a lightning fast strike to the head. Rock pulls Nash off Hogan and gives him a similar treatment, popping him in the head a few times as well. Rock does his classic series with the strong one causing Nash to tumble over onto the apron. Hall snags The Rock's leg at that moment to pull The Great One out, but Hall & Rock have no problem brawling themselves up the ramp and to the back. Meanwhile Hogan takes the opportunity to knock Nash right off the apron to take Big Sexy out of the equation.


No time to sit down for a celebration though as before you know it, The Undertaker jets across the ring and hoists Hogan up and over. The Hulkster can't believe it and a quick camera shot shows a pleased Vince McMahon as he turns and heads to the back. This brings us to our final two - Kane and the Undertaker! The Brothers of Destruction have themselves a brawl and while Kane takes the advantage steaming off a mountain of momentum, 'Taker obviously has had much practice against Kane throughout his career. After a short struggle for power, Kane gets Taker up against the ropes and attempts to power him out. But Taker impressively stays solid. Kane goes one last charge, but Taker ducks and virtually body drops Kane up and over!


Winner and NEW #1 Contender: The Undertaker @ 15:01


Cole: And the Undertaker along with RAW has done it... you have to wonder what the expression on Ric Flair's face is right now, some of SmackDown's superstars virtually handed that win to RAW.

Tazz: Brand pride is one thing but the WWF Title means everything, Cole. At the end ofta' day, it's every man for himself.

Cole: I don't think the NWO had their eyes on the WWF Title as much as they had on making their agenda known to Ric Flair. After what we just witnessed here tonight, "The Nature Boy" is going to have his hands full with these guys.


Much to the chagrin of the crowd, Undertaker raises his arm up in the ring, doing himself and Vince McMahon proud. He goes to lift his leg up over the rope and head to his motorocycle, but...




The crowd quickly turns from jeers to big cheers as The Game heads out from the curtains and slowly makes his way down to the ring with his Undisputed title belt in tow. 'Taker, no expression on his face, watches from the ring. Triple H rolls into the ring and gets face to face with the Undertaker. The two men lock eyes and don't even flinch.


Cole: These two have had some great battles over the years and it looks like we're going to see it again!

Tazz: Yea that was a battle, you can't expect anything less when you're in a ring with a crop like that. As a SmackDown guy, I'm disappointed but big props to 'Taker!


Triple H raises the title up high before we cut off.






As we come back from commercial, Vince McMahon is already in the ring having already been out there during the Battle Royal. Tucked underneath is left arm is a red clipboard which we can assume is a RAW contract. With a confident grin painted over his face, he wastes no time talking as the red light blinks on the cameras.


Vince McMahon: Heh, how about that, huh? What do you know? Monday Night RAW comes out on top once again! Come on out here, Flair. I want to see the look on your face right now.





And out comes Flair! Much to McMahon's displeasure, Ric looks to be in the same state he usually is. Much like Vince, he is also carrying a clipboard with a contract attached to it for SmackDown. He does his usual strut down aisle and plays to the crowd as much as he can before he gets into the ring.


Vince McMahon: I know deep down inside that black heart of yours that you're absolutely livid. I bet you would want nothing more than to reach over here and throttle me by the throat.

Ric Flair: I'm livid like you're a Nobel Peace Prize winner, brutha! Incase you forgotten, the Undisputed Championship is co-owned by both of us.... but must you remind you, WOOOOOO! Must I remind you that Stone Cold Steve Austin is not!

Vince McMahon: You're absolutely right, Ric. Stone Cold Steve Austin is not co-owned by us, but he will be 100% owned by me.

Ric Flair: Is that so?

Vince McMahon: Oh I'm quite sure of that.

Ric Flair: Well Steve's a big boy ain't he? He can make his own decisions, so why don't we bring him out here.





The fans are on their feet as the glass breaks. Austin does his usual walk down to the ring, McMahon unusually schmoozing the Rattlesnake by giving him a soft applause. As Austin rolls in, he shares a deadlocked stare with Vince as he passes him, but goes from turnbuckle to turnbuckle with his trademark bird. McMahon motions his arms up to Austin after each turnbuckle pose, as if to invite the fans to cheer for him. Flair is shaking his head with a smile as he sees his nemesis desperately try to suck up to his former worst enemy. As Austin stands still in the center of the ring, McMahon promptly tries to get the first word in.


Vince McMahon: In the interest of fairness, Flair, I believe we should both give a little bit of an opening statment before we let Steve make his decision. I'll go ahead and start. Steve, I don't think I have to remind you that the better brand came out the victor in the battle royal that just concluded moments ago. Clearly RAW is the better brand here and someone in the caliber of you, Stone Cold Steve Austin... you deserve to be on the #1 brand - which is me. Clearly. So Steve, this shouldn't be a hard decision.


Austin's expression is exactly the same as it was before. McMahon backs away and Flair steps in.


Ric Flair: Well, I'll leave you with this. I'm the Nature Boy... WOOOO! That's all there is to it, Steve. I'm not Vince McMahon. I'm a... kiss stealing... wheeling dealing.. jet flying... limosine riding... SON OF A GUN! And I'll be the best damn boss you ever work for, wooooo!


Austin, again, has the same exact expression he's had since he got there.


Vince McMahon: Cute. Really, Flair. Just cute. And that is the very example of why you're a disgrace to this business. I created sports entertainment, dammit! I'm the reason why everyone of your rowdy, disrespectful fans can even get a seat here. I'm the reason why this show even exists! Do you---


Steve Austin: What?


Vince stops in his track. Both he and Flair looks towards Austin as the crowd shouts "What?" back.


Steve Austin: Now if you two would stop your whinin' like a couple of little girls, I think it's time I make my own decision. I said it's time to sign a contract. Stone Cold Steve Austin is coming to RAW....


The fans boo and McMahon suddenly gets an excited grin over his face. McMahon gets his contract ready, but...


Steve Austin: ...or SmackDown.


The fans cheer in response and Flair nods in approval. Austin walks over to Ric Flair.


Steve Austin: Do you want me to sign for SmackDown?

Ric Flair: Yes. Absolutely.


Austin walks over to Vince.


Steve Austin: Do you want me to sign for RAW?

Vince McMahon: Well, I think about it this way, Steve--

Steve Austin: What?

Vince McMahon: I said I think you s--

Steve Austin: What? What? What? What? I don't give a rats ass about your opinions. Do. You want me. To sign for RAW?

Vince McMahon: Uh---Yes.


Austin moves back to the center of the ring.


Steve Austin: Well to be honest with you both, I'm intersted. I said I'm inrigued. Ric... I like you. You're a guy I can have a beer with. And another beer. And another beer. And another beer. And then we can go and whoop some ass. We could style. We could profile. And kick some more ass. And have some more beer.


Flair smiles and nods as that can only be good for Austin's intentions of where he wants to go. He turns to Vince.


Steve Austin: You're a jackass. You're pathetic. You're a piece of trash. You're a piece of crap. You suck. You made my life a living hell for years. Do you expect Stone Cold to just forget about that? EH-EH!


McMahon does his trademark gulp.


Vince McMahon: Steve, look bygones will---

Steve Austin: What? Did I say I was done? What? Did I give you permission to speak? What? Part of me wishes that I can never look at that stupid looking face ever again. But having said all that, Vince... I can't deny that I've had a pretty damn successful career. And all that was done with you as the boss. So...


Austin puts his hand out.


Steve Austin: Do we have a deal?


McMahon's jaw slightly drops, which quickly turns to that sinister grin. He firmly shakes the hand of Stone Cold, leaving a disappointed Ric Flair to watch on.


Cole: What?!

Tazz: I can't believe my eyes, Cole!

Cole: Is Austin seriously making a deal with the devil again?!


Vince McMahon: Heh, well how about that, huh? You know, Steve, we may not always see eye to eye.... but this is the best decision you've ever made in your career.


Vince pulls his clipboard out and hands it to Austin.


Steve Austin: What is this crap?

Vince McMahon: It's a contract.

Steve Austin: What?

Vince McMahon: It's to make this official.

Steve Austin: What?

Vince McMahon: Knock it off!, damn it!


Austin drops his arms down and gives a cold, hard stare to his.... future boss?


Vince McMahon: I'm... I'm sorry. I'm just jumpy and I want this official.

Steve Austin: What?

Vince McMahon: The contract!

Steve Austin: What contract?

Vince McMahon: This contract which will officially make you an exclusive member of Monday Night RAW.

Steve Austin: Can you please remind me when the hell I signed up for that?

Vince McMahon: We just shook on it!

Steve Austin: Ain't you a business major? You went to college? Well obviously you didn't go to Stone Cold U. You shook my hand. We made a deal. A verbal agreement. And that deal was something I already mentioned before you shook my hand. What? You don't remember? Well let Stone Cold refresh your memory. I said I wished that I don't have to look at that stupid looking face ever again. And now I don't have to.


And with that... bird flip, kick to the gut and stunner! McMahon flops to the ground and Flair immediately starts celebrating in the ring. Austin picks up McMahon's contract and rips it in two!


Cole: HAHA! SmackDown is getting Stone Cold, Tazz!

Tazz: Big, big signing for Mr. Flair here tonight, without a doubht!

Cole: What a night this has been! And look at Flair, this celebration looks like it's just getting started!


Flair rolls out of the ring and picks up a cooler of beer. He struts on the outside a little bit and rolls inot the ring. Austin is simply standing in the center of the ring, not saying or doing much. Flair opens the cooler and tosses a beer to Austin and then one to himself. As he opens the beer up, he picks the microphone up.


Ric Flair: Stone Cold! WOOOOO! Stone Cold! Stone Cold is coming to Ric Flair's SmackDown! Woooooooooooooo!


Flair begins to pour his beer on top of Vince's head while drinking the rest. Austin hasn't even opened his yet. As Flair walks over to Austin, he holds his beer up to toast, but instead gets a nice surprise kick to the gut and a stunner as well!


Cole: WhaWHAT?

Tazz: What is that all about?!


Austin proceeds to then toast himself and guzzle down the beer he was handed. He goes back to Ric Flair's downed body and picks up his contract. Looking it over, he teases signing it, but simply rips it up just like he did to Vince. The crowd is stunned as Austin rolls out of the ring and heads up ramp.


Tazz: So wait... Austin signs with nobody?

Cole: Looks like that's exactly what happened! I don't know what is going through the mind of the Rattlesnake right now but... does anybody?

Tazz: Man this is just whack. I thought we had Stone Cold right here on SmackDown, Cole!

Cole: You and I both... but it looks like Steve Austin has.... walked out on the WWF. Goodnight ladies and gentlemen.




(Dark Match): Maven defeated Johnny the Bull

The nWo defeated the Hardy Boyz

Tajiri defeated Billy Kidman to defend the Cruiserweight Title

Brock Lesnar defeated Albert

Jazz defeated Lita to defend the Women's Title

Edge defeated Mr. Perfect

Chris Benoit defeated X-Pac

The Undertaker won the Draft Pick Battle Royal







Beejus: 5/7

Shutout28: 5/7

Jingo: 4/7


I know I don't have real reasons, but I'm very excited to see your diary play out. Good Luck!


Thanks, it's well appreciated :)

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Chavo Guerrero defeated Spike Dudley. Competitive, fast paced match that ended with a Gory Bomb.


The Hurricane defeated Derek Lux. Hurricane cut a promo before the match saying that all super villains shall beware and that he is the protector of SmackDown. Hurricane compliments Derek Lux on being a law abiding citizen and wishes him well, but Lux kicked him in the gut. Tajiri interfered after the match to mist Hurricane.


Maven defeated Test. Test dominated, but Maven won with a quick roll-up. Test assaulted him afterwards.


Zoo Crew defeated Shawn Stasiak and Johnny the Bull. Albert pinned Stasiak after hitting the Baldo Bomb. Pretty much a squash.


Val Venis defeated Bob Holly. Hard fought match.


Other angles featured on the show:


- The Godfather was seen backstage with Stacy Keibler, counting his lucky stars that he got on the same brand as Stacy. Molly Holly enters the scene and thanks her luck that she's on RAW, away from "this bimbo". Stacy smacks Holly and Molly goes in for an attack, but Godfather holds her back. The Godfather tries to smooth talk Molly and talks about how she use to be a "dang cool" girl. He asks if he can take her out to mellow down, but she insults the Godfather by talking about how degrading he is to women. Godfather responds with a comment about Molly's butt, leading to her leaving a slap of her own to the Godfather and huffing away.

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- Hey guys, site traffic has been up more than ever since the WWF Draft, it's getting insantly busy up here. Be sure to check often as we are here 24/7/365 with the LATEST breaking news and rumors, exclusive only to this site! Thanks for the continued support of the website! Have a good weekend and be safe!




- The WWF's current legal problems with the World Wildlife Fund continue to turn for the worst in the current court proceedings. If the Wildlife Fund is able to secure a court win over the World Wrestling Federation, changes in both the compnay's name and logo are to be made immediately following. This could be a marketing nightmare for the McMahon's if the Panda lovers win this one!




- Jeff Jarrett is growing closer to opening up his brand new wrestling company. We don't know the name or any real details as of now other than it will be based in Nashville and Jarrett has been saying that he wants to give the WWF some new competition. This could turn into quite the interesting development considering Jarrett's very real hatred of Vince McMahon.




- Independant wrestler Tyson Dux has been travelling on the road with the WWF for B-Shows and dark matches working under the name Derek Lux. Officials were not planning on signing the Canadian to a contract, but he has reportibly grown close to Chris Benoit - who has taken him under his wing as his protege. With Benoit's backing, Dux could earn himself a spot on the roster.




- Various sources have claimed that Vince McMahon was apparently livid at the announcing job done on SmackDown. Nobody is quite sure what ticked him off so much, but he was screaming into Michael Cole's headset throughout the night.




- Tough Enough III was originally scheduled to air on MTV by the summer, but it's future is in doubt at the moment. One source states that Triple H hates the idea of Tough Enough and feels that it's damaging to the business by breaking kayfabe. Right now officials are thinking about implementing Tough Enough into one of the weekly shows with a more kayfabe spin to it. More as we get it.

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RAW comes to us live at Pepsi Arena in Albany, New York with the first exclusive edition of Vince McMahon's RAW. Coming off of successfully having The Undertaker win the Draft Pick Battle Royal and become the #1 Contender, we can expect Vince McMahon to especially be in good spirits. Speaking of McMahon, the RAW Owner has stated that he will open the show with a very special address towards Hulk Hogan. As we saw on SmackDown!, Hogan and McMahon's working relationship has been aggressive and Vince showed that when he tried to get Hogan eliminated from the Draft Battle Royal by using his NWO one last time. What does McMahon have in store for Hulkamania?


RAW's tag division is heating up and Rico is looking for the next top contender for his "boys". We'll be sure that he will be paying attention to a tag match between two recently formed tag teams - The World's Most Perfect Team of Mark Henry & Mr. Perfect and the new fun-loving pairing of Al Snow & Rikishi.


Eddie Guerrero has had a frustrating first week back into the WWF, but he looks to get back in the mix as he goes up against another person who's been struggling, Christian.


Last Sunday on Heat, Lance Storm was able to secure the Hardcore Championship away from Raven. Storm has stated that he has a special request for McMahon, but he has to get through the RAW locker room first. Will Storm make it out of Albany the Hardcore champ?


The hunt for Jazz's opponent at Backlash begins as two top contenders face off. Trish Stratus will go head to head with "pure and natural" Molly Holly.


In the main event, Vince McMahon has awarded his #1 Draft Pick with a shot against the Champion. In a non-title bout, Kurt Angle will go head-to-head with Triple H. Angle has screwed up quite a bit ever since being selected for RAW, but this is his chance to fully direct momentum to his side. Meanwhile "The Game" looks to go out big as he prepares for his match against The Undertaker.


Quick Picks:


The Worlds Most Perfect Team vs. Rikishi & Al Snow

Christian vs. Eddie Guerrero

Molly Holly vs. Trish Stratus

HARDCORE CHAMPIONSHIP: Lance Storm vs. Anyone who wants it

Kurt Angle vs. Triple H

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The Worlds Most Perfect Team vs. Rikishi & Al Snow

Named team vs. Un-named team, basically.


Christian vs. Eddie Guerrero

Really feel like this could go either way, but Eddy seems to have more story behind him to need solid momentum for. Insert Christian tantrum here.


Molly Holly vs. Trish Stratus

Building a strong face to go against Jazz is a good thing, even if I do like Molly so much more.


HARDCORE CHAMPIONSHIP: Lance Storm vs. Anyone who wants it

Just.... don't try and have Lance swing any chairs. It'd kill the Hardcore division very fast.


Kurt Angle vs. Triple H

Possible Kurt face turn in the works? I wouldn't scoff at it, while he was an amazing heel at this time, your Raw is somewhat lacking. Especially since Hogan is old and/or busy with McMahon.

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- Various sources have claimed that Vince McMahon was apparently livid at the announcing job done on SmackDown. Nobody is quite sure what ticked him off so much, but he was screaming into Michael Cole's headset throughout the night.


Michael Cole is always the one to blame lol.


Anyway, my pics

The Worlds Most Perfect Team vs. Rikishi & Al Snow

Christian vs. Eddie GuerreroMolly Holly vs. Trish Stratus

HARDCORE CHAMPIONSHIP: Lance Storm vs. Anyone who wants it

Kurt Angle vs. Triple H

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Pepsi Arena - Albany, New York

15,000 Fans *SELLOUT*


After the opening and pyro, the camera does it's typical pan around the arena as that oh so familiar voice welcomes us to the show.




JR: Capacity crowd here at Pepsi Arena for the very first official edition of Mr. McMahon's Monday Night RAW!

King: First?! JR, this has always been his show!

JR: You know what I meant, King. It's the first edition of RAW after the historic WWF Draft! And tonight is our first chance to see our exclusive superstars in action!



JR: And speak of the devil himself!

King: Devil?! That's our boss, JR! Our exclusive boss, at that! And look at that smile, he looks like he's in a great mood!




And indeed he is. The fans continue to rain the boos as McMahon walks down the ramp, keeping a devilish smile on his face. McMahon finally gets to the ring after taking his sweet time. As he gets into the ring, he picks up the stick, and that gruff McMahon voice fills the arena.


Vince McMahon: Thank you! You can boo me all you want, but all of you here have a ticket to Vincent Kennedy McMahon's Monday Night RAW. Just like all you people have been doing every single week for years upon years upon years. You all come to see MY show. And no matter what any of you think of me, you cannot deny the power behind my creations. It's hard to be modest when you've been #1 for so long, after all. Now Ric Flair may be my.... "business partner" if you will. However, I think everyone here who bought a ticket to RAW... and to be fair, anyone who switched SmackDown on... saw that my brand is clearly the better one. So I guess now is the time we say... farewell. That's right, tonight marks the official start of the Draft. Which means.... no more Ric Flair. No more New World Order. No more RAW is Jericho. No more of the Big Show. And certainly no more of the Rock. If they're content with working with a hack on a hack show, so be it. But I don't need The Rock and Stone Cold to keep the thing I created afloat. And I did the very same thing not even 10 years ago when a similar "icon" decided to duck his tail between his legs and head off to what he thought would be greener pastures. And I think we all know the result of that.... so Hulk Hogan. At this time, I'd like to please call you out here to ring. Now.


After a short pause...



Jimi Hendrix's guitar strums hits the PA and the fans go nuts.




And out comes Hogan. And just as they were in the era McMahon was referring to, the Hulkamaniacs are indeed going wild as the Hulkster air guitars his way down to the ring. McMahon, not amused, stands in the ring impatiently. Hogan climbs into the ring and begins to do his trademark poses, but McMahon cuts him off.


Vince McMahon: You know something, Hogan... people thought I was absolutely nuts to bring you to this company. When I stood up in front of the board and said with a straight face that I wanted Hulk Hogan to once again grace the WWF locker room... they thought I was absolutely crazy. And I must have been.. I must have been out of my mind to put any trust you, Hogan. I brought you in here with the New World Order with a handshake deal... you looked me in the eyes, Hogan.... you looked me in the eyes and told me you would help drop a dose of cancer into this company. You told me you would help run Ric Flair out of here once and for all. And what did you do? Not one month in did you decide to turn your back on me and go back to being egomaniac that you are. You have to have all the fans on your side, you have to have as much support as possible because you can't handle being in a minority for business. No, you have to be the spotlight. It's all about you. Well--

Hulk Hogan: And you can stop right there, brother! Let me tell you something, Vince, it was just 3 weeks ago... Icon vs. Icon. The Rock vs. Hulk Hogan. 70,000 fans were up on their feet cheering for me, Vince. They were chanting my name against The Rock. And it wasn't because of my association with you or the nWo, I know the Hulkamaniacs well enough for that! They cheered me because even after all the rotten things I did for a son of a bitch like you.... they still had just a shred of respect for me. And after all that, that rung a bell in my head that what I was doing wasn't right. So money, spotlight, ego? That's where you're wrong, Vince. It's your greedy ass that wants Flair out of here so you reap all the benefits. And then you come out here and direspect the very fans who pay money to see the show you run? You look at these people like they're zombies. But here's something you just fail to understand. Hulk Hogan didn't make Hulkamania. You didn't make the WWF. But I know who made both, and you're looking at them, brother!


Hogan stretches his arms out to the crowd. The fans obviously cheer in approval, but Vince is not pleased.


Vince McMahons: I didn't bring you out here to schmooze on the audience, Hogan. All "inspirational speeches" aside, this is still my damn show. And I would greatly appreciate it if you didn't cut me off just to give the same cliche excuses you always give. "It was for the people"... I know your game, Hogan. I bet you're asking why I drafted you and I'll tell you why. I wanted to contain "Hulkamania". Now Flair? He's running a circus. And if he drafted you, he'd let run around doing whatever the hell you wanted to do. But I know you, Hogan. And I want to welcome you to the 21st century. And in this century, I don't see Hulk Hogan in main events. I don't see Hulk Hogan in title matches. I don't see Hulk Hogan in anything that anyone should consisder "relevant". Now I drafted you to an exclusive contract and I'll be honest... when I did, I had every intention of suspending you on your first night here. I was going to send you back to Venice Beach and have you collect your paychecks through the mail while you watched what the WWF of the 2000's should be. But over the last few days... I've changed my mind on this. I want to expose you, Hogan. I want to expose you for what you really are. And now that you are an exclusive member of my brand... there's not a damn thing you can do about it.




Suddenly, out of nowhere, the Dudley Boyz slide into the ring from behind and blindside Hogan! McMahon drops the mic and begins screaming orders at them as they lay the boots on the downed Hogan. D-Von rolls out of the ring to get a table but before he can get it out....



A huge fireball of pyro shoots out from the stage and the fans are on their feet! The arena goes red and the Dudley Boyz' face says it all.




Kane swiftly comes marching down to the ring. McMahon retreats out of the ring and orders the Dudleyz to continue the beatdown. Kane enters the ring and easily knocks Bubba out with a clothesline. D-Von is in the ring with the table in arms. He charges to the Big Red Machine, but Kane lifts his leg up and causes the table to smack against D-Von's head! The table drops and D-Von staggers around only to walk right into a Chokeslam! Hogan, now back to his feet, does his famous T-Shirt tear and hits the Legdrop of Doom on Bubba! McMahon begins to back himself up the ramp as Kane & Hogan pose in the ring!


JR: Well it's clear that Vince McMahon took a big risk in taking in a mortal enemy to be on his brand and I'm sure now he's starting to regret what he just started here!

King: I think anyone who messes with someone who has a friend named Kane would regret that right away! What does Kane see in Hogan anyway?!

JR: I think Kane may just well be the "trump card" to McMahon's claims of Hogan wanting the spotlight to himself. And heck, it's showed here tonight!






As we come back from commercial and the ring cleaned up, Rico stands with the Tag Team Champions - Billy and Chuck - in the center of the ring.


Rico: I am SO happy to be here on Monday Night RAAAAW! You know, RAW's tag team division is quite competitive, but I think after these past months... my boys have proven to be spectacular! Amazing! Outstanding! Astounding! And of course.... fabulous! And just due to how unstoppable my boys have shown to be as partners... Mr. McMahon has given ME special permission to choose the next Number One Contenders! So whoever is back there, give this next one all you got because we'll be watching!






This was a battle between two newly formed tag teams and while Snow & Rikishi certainly had the fans on their side, Perfect & Henry controlled most of this match by containing Snow in the ring. Rikishi made several attempts at rushing in and defending his partner, but the referee held him back each and every time... of course allowing Perfect & Henry to get in some more double teams behind the refs back. But as in all tag matches, the hot tag was eventually made and Rikishi made work of cleaning Perfect's clock. When Henry climbed in.... it wasn't so clean. A battle bewteen two big balls of power stood center ring and dished it out. Snow eventually found himself back in with a blind tag as the two big men battled to the outside. As Snow attempted to take advantage of Mr. perfect, he found himself in a surprise cradle! Mr. Perfect was playing possum! And Snow's shoulders are down just enough for the three count!


Winners: The Perfect Team @ 5:47






After the match, Rikishi & Snow retreat to the back as Henry and Perfect stand tall in the ring.


Mr. Perfect: Well I hope for your sake, Rico, that you were watching very closely to that contest! Because I think we proved that the Perfect Team will certainly make... the Perfect Opponents!


Rico nods his head with a smile and orders Billy & Chuck to applaud Perfect & Henry! While The Perfect Team lets it all soak in...




The APA swoop into the ring and begin to brawl with the duo! Perfect immediately retreats and while the World's Strongest Man tries to fend them off, Perfect convinces him to leave the ring as well.


JR: The tag team division here on RAW looks to be heating up more than ever!

King: Yeah but I highly doubt there's any competition out there that can compete with the Perfect Team!

JR: Well I think the APA might object to that claim, King.






We cut backstage to Vince McMahon's office. McMahon is mumbling to himself about Kane and Hogan, although it can't really be heard as he is thinking to himself while staring at the floor. William Regal appears to be rummaging through several drawers and cabinets, apparently looking for something. After a short while, McMahon looks up with an impatient look on his face.


Vince McMahon: What the hell are you doing?

William Regal: Well.... you see, it appears I have lost my brass knuckles...

Vince McMahon: You mean the ones that I decided to entrust to you?

William Regal: Errm... yes. That's the one.

Vince McMahon: Well you better damn well f---


Knock, knock, knock. Never a good idea to bang on McMahon's door without notice and obviously McMahon wasn't informed of a visitor. The door swings open and...




...in comes Matt Hardy. You can hear the shriek of women from ringside, but Vince doesn't seem so pleased to see Matt in his office.


Vince McMahon: You better have a damn good explanation for why you decide to barge in my office.

Matt Hardy: I'm sorry, Vince... but I need to ask you something. It's kind of urgent.

Vince McMahon: Well get on with it.

Matt Hardy: I'm requesting to be traded to SmackDown. Now... it isn't about you, Vince. It has nothing to do with RAW as a whole... I just want retribution against my brother.

Vince McMahon: You... you what? You have some nerve! How dare you come into my office on your first day on the job and request to be traded to that disgrace of a brand. I don't give a damn what the hell your reasons are. I drafted you on national TV in front of millions of people and already you want out? That's what you want?

Matt Hardy: I said it doesn't have to do with yo---

Vince McMahon: Sh-aaaat up! You want to be a big man and try to order ME around, do you? Well let's see how much of a big man YOU are. First of all, your request is denied. And second of all you are wrestling here tonight against..... THE UNDERTAKER!


Hardy tries his best not to look intimidated by McMahon's counter but it's hard not to. Hardy simply nods and backs his way out of the room.


King: Oh man, not the best start to Matt Hardy's RAW career, eh?

JR: Certainly not a cake walk for the former Hardy Boy, but could you imagine? Could you imagine what it would do for this kids career if he was able to beat the Pheonom here tonight?!

King: Undertaker is the #1 Contender for a reason, Matt's going to need a miracle... and then some!

JR: You may be right, King, but anything... and I mean ANYTHING can happen in the WWF!






A pretty familiar sight by this point.. Eddie Guerrero and Kurt Angle seem to be in a tense mood backstage. Eddie is casually seen getting ready for his match while Angle, still in his street clothes despite a big main event match later on, seems to be the one angry.


Kurt Angle: You know, Eddie... Vince was pretty upset at me due to your stupidity. How can you be so dumb to make ME look like that last Thursday? It's almost as if... it's almost like you did it on purpose. And you know what?! I wouldn't put it past you, Eddie! So what do you say about that?


Eddie simply shakes his head and scoffs.


Eddie Guerrero: You know what I say, ese? I say I'm done with you. I'm done hearing your mouth and your whining and your complaining, I don't care anymore, homes. I'm moving on. I got a match against Christian in just a few minutes. Forget the last week, I'm starting fresh, vato.

Kurt Angle: Oh look at you, Christian huh? Man, Eddie, that's a big match you got yourself there. Well tonight for me... I just happen to have a main event match against Triple H. I mean obviously Vince knows I'm superior to you, huh Eddie?

Eddie Guerrero: No me importa. I don't care, homes! Do I need to spell it out for you?

Kurt Angle: Yeah, sure you don't care. Know why? Cause you're minor leagues! While you were away for a year wrestling in a bunch of little wrestling companies nobody has ever heard of, I single handedly destroyed WCW!

Eddie Guerrero: Good for you.


Eddie, done lacing his boots, simply walks off much to Angle's dismay. Kurt grits his teeth and begins walking down the corridor where Eddie went. But he doesn't seem to be following him, he takes a turn and walks past a few doors... before stopping at one in particular. He knocks.




Christian emerges from behind the door and smiles at the sight of his old friend.


Christian: Kurt! Hey, it's been awhile hasn't it?

Kurt Angle: You can say that. Hey, buddy, could you do something for me tonight?

Christian: Sure.

Kurt Angle: Hold onto these and... well... I'm sure you'll find a use for them.


Angle pulls out brass knux. It appears to be William Regal's, but it has been painted red, white and blue. Christian takes them, stashes them in his tights and nonchalantly heads out to the stage.






A good lightwight battle between these two men that stayed relatively even throughout. Once Eddie got onto a big wave of momentum, Christian pulled out the Brass Knux that Angle gave to him backstage. After tricking the referee into turning his back, Christian goes for the punch. But Eddie ducks and the knux fall to the mat. Eddie quickly picks them up and knocks Christian out for his troubles! Storing those knux in his tights now, Eddie gets the ref's attention and goes for the quick cover!


Winner: Eddie Guerrero @ 7:26


JR: A well earned victory for "Latino Heat". Finally he gets his taste of winning after returning back to the WWF!

King: Yeah, and he had to do it by cheating!

JR: Oh please, Christian pulled those brass knux out of his tights looking to knock Eddie's lights out, but it backfired. And if those knux are whose I think they are, I know a certain "Olympic Hero" who could be in some big trouble with a certain "boss".

King: Poor Kurt. None of those would have never happened if Eddie hadn't stole them!






WWF Hardcore Champion Lance Storm is seen walking backstage in his street clothes. His title is secured over his shoulder and he seems to be looking around at every corner making sure he isn't going to get jumped. But suddenly...




The Houdini of Hardcore himself leaps down off of a production case he was hiding out on. Storm, startled, jumps back a bit giving Crash the open opportunity to beat him down. Crash grabs a pipe and swings for Storm's chest. The heavy blow causes Storm to keel forwards and Crash looks to set up for a DDT onto the concrete floor. *THWACK*


... but that wasn't the sound of Lance Storm's head meeting floor. It was the sound of Crash's face meeting boot!




Justin Credible walks onto the screen after sticking his leg out for a perfectly spotted Superkick. Storm looks up at his old friend with reluctance, but Credible holds his hand out for him to get up. The two softly chatter to each other a bit as they walk towards whatever their destination may be.






While no doubt this was meant to be a "punishment" match for Matt Hardy, this certainly didn't end up the way Vince imagined it to.


Undertaker went into this one thinking he had it already won, but Matt Hardy surprisingly had an answer for everything Taker did in the early goings. While 'Taker was able to use his experience to eventually out-duel Matt, the determination of the Hardy Boy kept him in the contest for much longer than most people in his pecking order would.


The fans were on their feet as Taker went for a Last Ride and Hardy was able to somehow counter it into a DDT. And although Hardy looked to have Taker down, the Deadman was able to kick out. Hardy tried to take advantage of the momentum shift, but 'Taker ceased the stun period and stood back up to his feet. Hardy attempting to look for a spot when there wasn't one caught him in the trap of a Tombstone. And that was enough to finally put Hardy away.


Winner: The Undertaker @ 12:42


JR: What fight from Matt Hardy, can you believe the determination this kid shows when going up against one of the biggest dogs in the yard?

King: Yeah every little dog has fight but they always eventually get their head bit off! Haha!

JR: Be that as it may, Matt has earned a lot of respect here tonight. I guarantee you that!






We cut backstage to a shot of Triple H and Kevin Kelly.


Kevin Kelly: Ladies and gentlemen, I am standing here with the Undisputed Champion of the WWF - Triple H. Hunter, you got a big match tonight against Kurt Angle. Another big match in less than two weeks against The Undertaker... how are you preparing for these next few weeks?

Triple H: Someone like Angle, he doesn't intimidate me. I can prepare for him just like I prepare for everyone else. Take a look at this title around my waist, Kelly. It's there because I'm the best at what I do. That's what this title represents. It kinda pains me to say this but, Chris Jericho was the best in the busines when he had it. Now I am. You're the top of the class. The cream of the crop. Battling only the top guys in the business week in, week out... nobody ever said it would be easy, but I'm use to it by now. But someone like the Undertaker... it's different. It's very different. 'Taker is the one guy on entire roster I look at with a little bit of fear. He's one of the best in the business and as much as we don't like each other... hell, as much as hate each other... I still respect him. I respect him for everything he's done and everything he can do. But I guess it helps to have a few friends in these cases.

Kevin Kelly: Friends? What kind of friends?

Triple H: Well... I guess we'll just have to... wait and see, won't we? But I may have a little bit of a surprise for you all next week.


Triple H smirks and walks off the screen.


JR: A surprise for next week it appears! I wonder who the Game is talking about?

King: Nobody, he must be full of it to try to rattle the Undertaker. Triple H doesn't have any friends! He's upset a lot of people over these past few years!

JR: He's may have made a lot of people angry for his past actions, but who hasn't had a bitter past in the WWF?






We cut to Vince's office where Vince is talking with Mike Awesome mid-conversation.


Vince McMahon: ...well thanks for coming by, Mike. Welcome back to Monday nights, huh?


Knock, knock, knock. Uh oh. Vince looks ticked.


Vince McMahon: Excuse me.


Vince walks over and pulls the door open.




Lance Storm and Justin Credible scurry in, Storm practically cuddling the title belt like a baby. They immediately see Awesome in the office and begin to panic.


Lance Storm: Hey, hey, we come in peace!

Justin Credible: We want no trouble! Just want to talk with the V-Man, that's it!


Awesome throws his arms in the air and backs away.


Vince McMahon: Hey get that belt out of my office!

Lance Storm: It's the only safe zone here, we need to talk to you!

Vince McMahon: Close and lock the door then, dammit!!




We see Bill DeMott making a mad dash to the door with a referee as Credible quickly slams it shut and locks it. Who we assume is DeMott begins pounding on the door. McMahon rushes to it.


Vince McMahon: Cut that out! Another knock and you're fired! You and that referee both!


The pounding stops and McMahon's face is beat red. He turns over to Storm & Credible.


Vince McMahon: What are you doing here in my office?! What do you want?!

Lance Storm: See, see, this is exactly what we're talking about!

Justin Credible: Exactly, it's a warzone, Vince!

Lance Storm: I haven't gotten a wink of sleep since I won this thing! I see referees and people tugging on them from every corner, I haven't been left alone since I got here.

Justin Credible: I've had to follow him around just to fend them off, it's ridiculous.

Vince McMahon: Why the hell did you go for the title if you didn't want this? You knew this was going to hapen.

Lance Storm: Well my question is - why does it have to happen? I mean this title is becoming a joke, Vince.

Justin Credible: Yeah, a prostitute won this belt once you know!

Lance Storm: I want to restore some tradition into this belt and make it respected. But I just need you to consider removing the 24/7 rule.

Vince McMahon: You know what... I never really liked the 24/7 rule anyway so consider it done.


Storm and Credible both fist pump!


Lance Storm: Yes! Finally I can get some sleep.

Justin Credible: You're the man, V!


The pair begin to leave...


Vince McMahon: Uh, excuse me? Did I tell you two that you could leave? If you're going to barge in here and drop orders on me unprepared, I'll give you a title defense unprepared. Right now. Go to the ring.

Lance Storm: Against who?


McMahon puts his hand on his chin and looks around. He turns to Mike Awesome and smiles.


Vince McMahon: Mike Awesome! Now get out.


Neither Storm or Credible are pleased with this at all, but they leave. Mike Awesome walks back on camera with a smirk and follows them.







Storm didn't even have time to get his wrestling gear as he made his first "official" hardcore title defense against the recently returned Mike Awesome.Though Storm tried to avoid weapons, Awesome brought plenty of toys into the ring and Storm had to defend himself somehow! Credible attempted to run in for his buddy a few times, but got laid out each and everytime. Storm attempted to stay there, but an Awesome Bomb on a trash can sealed his fate.


Winner and NEW Hardcore Champion: Mike Awesome @ 4:51


JR: I would say Mike Awesome had a, er, "awesome" return to Monday Nights with a big Hardcore Title win!

King: ZzzZzzz... Oh, sorry. Is the Crapcore match over?

JR: Oh behave, would you?






We cut to the back with D'Lo Brown and Torrie Wilson, who appears to be flirting with each other. D'Lo has a can of soda in his hand.


D'Lo Brown: But, no, seriously... I have to ask... have you ever been down with the brown? Ya'knowwhaimsayin?


The duo begin to chuckle a bit before squeaking noises are heard and a body collides with D'Lo. D'Lo stumbles forward and some of the soda spills on Torrie. Torrie shrieks and turns her back off camera so she can clean off while D'Lo looks around to see what just happened. The camera pans over to reveal Stevie Richards.




D'Lo Brown: What's the matter with you, man?!

Stevie Richards: Wet floor, I slipped! Look at the sign.

D'Lo Brown: Why are you walking across then?!

Stevie Richards: Hey, hey! You gotta relax a little!

D'Lo Brown: Relax?! Hey man, I'm working on something here, don'tcha see? Got a little bit of a catch here, trying to reel it in, knowwhaimsayin?

Stevie Richards: Oh, yeah?

D'Lo Brown: Yeah, man. Watch and learn, it's been a awhile since I've seen you with someone, huh?


D'Lo walks back over to Torrie, who still has her back turned. D'Lo puts her hand on her shoulder.


D'Lo Brown: So, Torrie... where were we?




Goldust: Psssssssshhhhhhhhhhh

D'Lo Brown: What the hell?!

Stevie Richards: Oh yeah, nice catch D'Lo!


Stevie starts laughing hysterically and walks off.


D'Lo Brown: What'd you do with Torrie, you freak?!

Goldust: Please don't mind the intrusion, D'Lo. But I have a proposition for you.

D'Lo Brown: No.


D'Lo tries to walk off, but Goldust puts his arm out.


Goludst: D'Lo, I've been thinking about this all night and I made the effort to approach you so I think it's only fair you listen to me!

D'Lo Brown: Fine. What do you want?

Goldust: Well... considering what happened with Stevie Richards, I think we should try to find somewhere a little more private.. how about a...... wwfffffffffffffffffff... nice dark corner....

D'Lo Brown: Man, forget it! Just forget it!.... Yo, Torrie!


D'Lo shoves Goldust out of the way and starts shouting for Torrie to come back as he jogs off screen. Goldust simply looks on with a slight look of disappointment.


JR: I tell you, King, that Goldust is crazier than a pet coon! What could he possibly want from D'Lo Brown?

King: I.. I don't think I want to know, JR! Oh man...






Molly and Trish make their entrances for the next match, but before the bell can ring, Molly takes it upon herself to grab a mic.


Molly Holly: Before I get into this little match and inevitably become the next #1 Contender, I just want to say a few things. First, I want to say that I promise to be the classiest Women's Champion of all time once I'm able to pin Jazz at Backlash. Next, I want to say... I'm proud that I earned my spot in this company. I worked my way up for being a hard worker, not because I wore... skimpy outfits or made the crowd like me for walking around like a tramp. And I certainly didn't have to sleep around like someone else in this ring!


Before Molly can continue, Trish has heard enough and floors her upcoming opponent to the mat!




#1 Contendership for the WWF Women's Championship



Trish obviously took control by blindsiding Molly, but after the initial scuffle, this one got back into order pretty quickly. It was a battle between two of the very best in the Women's Division, but alas, didn't last very long as Molly found herself going for the kill too early. Just 4 minutes into the match, Molly ascended up to the top rope for a Molly-G-Round, but Trish was able to duck it and pull Molly into a roll-up for the quick pin!


Winner: Trish Stratus @ 4:03






Molly argued with the referee a little bit after the match came to it's conclusion, but the bell has already run and it was not about to ring again for her sake. While she was throwing a tantrum, Trish took the time to celebrate with her fans in the ring.


JR: And it looks like Trish is finally going to get a chance to regain that Women's Championship!

King: I'm so happy we still have Trish here on RAW, JR! I don't know how I can get through RAW without my weekly puppy break! And I--oh, wait---uh oh!

JR: Oh, now wait a minute!




The announcer's reactions are indeed indicating a norm for Trish's title hunt - Jazz is in the ring and ready to blindside Trish yet again. But as she approaches, Trish turns around and hits a Trish Kick - almost like she had spider senses! Jazz stumbles back and falls face first into the mat as Trish signals the belt going around her waist.






We cut backstage to Hogan & Kane in the parking lot. It appears they're heading towards their ride out while Hogan is chattering to Kane on the way there.


Hulk Hogan: I want you to know, brother, everything Vince is saying about me is false. I mean I've been part of some nasty stuff throughout my career. And there were some dark periods I've gone through. But I am what I am. And I want you to know that there's a reason why I took you under my wing. I don't want Hulk Hogan to be the face of WWF. I want you, Kane, to be the face of the WWF. You're going to be the man and I'm going to do everything I can to get you there.


Kane simply nods in agreement as Hogan reaches up and pats his bag. The two get over to Hogan's truck and as Hogan goes to prop it open, running footsteps are heard approaching.




The Dudley Boyz are back with a couple of pipes! Bubba hits Hogan right across his back, causing him to thrust forward into the truck and fall backwards. D-Von hits Kane a few times and while Kane is refusing to go down, he's obviously weakened. Bubba walks over to help his half-brother and they two chop Kane down to the ground like a giant tree. Bubba walks over to the headlights of Hogan's truck and laughs to himself. After glancing back at Hogan, he blasts his pipe through the headlight. The Dudleyz leave as the camera focuses on the wounded Hogan & Kane.


JR: What a vicious beatdown by the Dudley Boyz! And if I were a betting man, I'd say they're getting some bonuses for constantly ambush Hogan like this!

King: Bonuses? You think Vince McMahon would be behind this?!

JR: Oh, no, King. Not at all. Vince McMahon would never do this.






And our main event is underway! These two have had battles in the past and while they may not be directly involved in any "drama" to fuel their fire, they still pour out as much heart in this match as you would expect.


It remained relatively even for most of the start, but Angle began using his methodical submissions to try to wear The Game down. And not to be unexpected, Angle did have a few cheap tactics in mind when using ropes for leverage during many of these submissions while the referee's back was turned. Triple H hung in there nonetheless.


After a short series of suplexes, Triple H was able to counter one and swing the momentum his way. This lead to his own burst of offense and stayed up on top. But Angle slid out of the ring and baited Triple H to follow him, giving Angle the opening to take over. As they get back in the ring, Angle is able to get the Ankle Lock on, but Triple H does make it to the ropes. As Angle lets go, he attempts an Angle Slam to finally put Triple H out, but Triple H is able to slip out and hit the knee! Angle springs backwards and Triple H takes this opportunity to nail the Pedigree! That'll be all she wrote!


Winner: Triple H @ 15:33






The Game celebrates in the ring with Angle out cold in the center of the ring. The referee hands him over the WWF Undisputed Championship and Triple H proudly displays it to the adoring fans. But Lemmy's vocals are soon cut by the sounds of a motorcycle revving up on the stage.




The Undertaker rides down the ring as Triple H stops dead in his tracks. The Game throws the strap up over his shoulder and stares 'Taker does as he gets off his bike and slips into the ring. The Phenom stands tall and stares directly at his future opponent in just two weeks. A few budges and the two look like they're about to unleash on each other any minute. 'Taker clenches his fist and jerks his knees a bit. Triple H leans his body forward. And finally The Deadman strikes!


... on Kurt Angle?


'Taker violently picks Angle back up to his feet, gets him into position, and drives him down with the Last Ride!


JR: What in the world?

King: Oh no, poor Kurt!


Angle is even more stunned than he was before. To Triple H's confusion, the Undertaker waves his arms down to Angle's body as if to challenge him. Triple H simply shrugs and proceeds to also lift Angle up to his feet and nail a second Pedigree! The Undertaker nods as he glances back over to Triple H before raising his arm up. Triple H takes a look at his belt and looks back at 'Taker as well before The Pheonom exits the ring. Triple H stares him down every step of the way.


JR: An interesting show of respect between two of the biggest icons in the WWF today.

King: Respect?! That was uncalled for, JR! Kurt is lucky to have his head still on his shoulders after that!

JR: Respect doesn't always include ballet, King. In any case, it's going to be a hell of a battle in just two weeks time. The Game vs. The Phenom with the Undisputed Championship on the line!




Quick Results:


The Perfect Team defeated Al Snow & Rikishi

Eddie Guerrero defeated Christian

The Undertaker defeated Matt Hardy

Mike Awesome defeated Lance Storm to win the Hardcore Championship

Trish Stratus defeated Molly Holly

Triple H defeated Kurt Angle





Jingo - 4/5

Beejus - 4/5

Rhudipoo - 4/5

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Justin Credible defeated Crash Holly. This was a dark match.


APA defeated Garrison Cade & Mike Sanders. They called out The Perfect Team afterwards who came out. Perfect cut a promo against the APA about how the Perfect Team has the Perfect Record. They tease going to the ring to brawl, but head to the back.


Mike Awesome defeated Derek Lux to retain the Hardcore Title. Pretty much a squash.


Al Snow & Rikishi defeated Raven & Stevie Richards. Prior to the match, Raven got into it with Awesome, who was heading to the back. Raven left midway through so this was virtually a handicap match.


William Regal defeated Goldust to retain the European Championship. Hard fought match and the end came clean.


Other angles featured on the show:


- Raven kicked the show off slouched in the corner and complaining about being trampled on since losing his Hardcore title. He adds in that he never got a chance to get it back and that he wants retribution for his losses. Stevie Richards comes out onto the stage and basically says he and Raven are teaming up tonight. Raven objects, but Richards reminds him that it's Stevie Night Heat. D'Lo and Coach are left wondering how much power Richards really thinks he has, if any.

- Regal had an interview about his title defense against Goldust. He was asked how he'd cope without his brass knux, which set him off.

- Prior to the main event, Goldust headed towards the commentary booth and attempted to talk to D'Lo. D'Lo argued with him, eventually throwing his headset down and walking off to leave Coach by himself.

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History is to be made as Team Blue comes live to Atlanta for Ric Flair's first official edition of SmackDown! To kick off the show, Ric has promised that he has a special surprise for the SmackDown crowd. What that surprise is? Well, you'll just have to tune in Thursday to find out!


In singles action, Hardcore Holly takes on Diamond Dallas Page. It's a battle between two ring veterans and quite possibly two people who may have to take a back seat if they're not careful. This could be their shot to show what they're made of in 2002!


The Cruiserweights will be in action as The Hurricane tags with Spike Dudley to take on the team of Chavo Guerrero and Tajiri. Hurricane and Tajiri had a physical altercation last week on SmackDown and it should come as no surprise that the masked superhero wants to use this match as an opportunity to prove that he should be the next #1 Contender. However, you can be sure that Chavo & Spike aren't just going to let their partner's steal the show.


Rob Van Dam will defend SmackDown's exclusive Intercontinental Championship against Booker T. This one won't only be about the gold, bragging rights are certainly at stake here as they both Top 10 picks attempt to solidify why they should be a priority for SmackDown.


In mixed tag team action, Edge will team up with Lita to take on the team of Test and WWF Women's Champion Jazz. Edge and Lita have a lot of history together and that history usually involved them being enemies. Meanwhile, Test and Jazz may be complete strangers to each other, but they're big, they're bad, and they look to make a statement on Flair's first night in charge.


In a match against two of SmackDown's finest, The Big Show will clobber with Chris Jericho. While there is certainly a noticeable size difference here, Jericho has himself convinced he is the very best the WWF has to offer and looks to prove why he deserves a rematch with Triple H. But no matter what he says, going through a seven foot, five hundred pound tower is no easy task.


It's only appropriate that SmackDown's main event will feature The Rock in action going against NWO member Scott Hall. The Rock looks to take the first exclusive main event in the house that he built while the NWO attempt to do everything they can to take over SmackDown. Defeating The Rock on his first night on the job would be one way to do it!


Quick picks:


Diamond Dallas Page vs. Hardcore Holly

The Hurricane & Spike Dudley vs. Chavo Guerrero & Tajiri


Edge & Lita vs. Test & Jazz

Big Show vs. Chris Jericho

The Rock vs. Scott Hall

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