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WWI: World Wrestling Impact

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Guest Linkonpark100

Name: World Wrestling Impact

Founded: January 2010

Owner: Jack Avatar

Head Booker: Jack Avatar




Main Eventers


Billy Russell-Heel

Brady Prince-Heel

Brendan Idol-Face

Dermot O' Logical-Heel

Ekuma the Hawaiian Strong Man-Face

Extreme Deluxe-Heel


Hugh De Aske-Heel

Island Boy Apollo-Face

Jack Avatar-Face


Upper Midcarders


Angus McMiller-Heel


Asesino Del Hacha-Face

Blitz Simpson-Heel

Daredevil Aero-Face


El Jefe Militar-Heel

El Rey-Heel

Fearless Blue-Face

Jose Flamenco-Heel





Aleksander Knyazev-Heel

Arthur T. Turtle-Face

Asesino De La Espada-Heel

Bad News Bruno-Heel

Biff the Bruiser-Heel

Cristobal Pardo-Face

Doctor Insane-Heel

El Orgulloso-Face

Glen Ward-Heel

Herschell the Hammer-Heel

Hitomaro Suzuki-Heel

Jacques DuPont-Heel

Joe Zucco-Heel

Kalu Owusu-Face

Keith Adams-Face

La Bestia Purpura-Heel

Pierre DuPont-Heel



Lower Midcarders


Alan Parent-Heel

Cannonball Logan-Heel

Craig Phoenix-Heel

El Diamante Azul-Face

El Luchador Valiente-Face

Francis Burke-Face

Hirokumi Saito-Heel

Japanese Phoenix-Face





El Medico-Face

El Pavo Real-Heel

Extranjero Loco-Face

Guillermo Marcos-Face

Ian Vincible-Face



Enhancement Talents

Chris Everton-Heel

Diamond Furusawa-Heel

Kaii Hanari-Face



Women's Division


Amber Allen-Face

April Appleseed-Face

Ashley Grover-Face

Chiyeko Kita-Face

Eve Grunge-Face

Jaguar Endo-Heel





Bethany Hurst-Face

Blonde Bombshell-Face


Ceri Dordevich-Heel

Chloe Dean-Face

Delbert DeGeorge-Heel

Jaime G-Heel

Jemma Griffiths-Face

Kali Fornia-Heel

Lady Melissa-Face





Bill Oliver-Face

Davis Ditterich-Face

Des Greeves-Face

Lee Bambino-Face

Martin Theocott-Face

Seiho Kuroda-Face



Colour Commentators


Dan Reacher-Heel

Eric Tyler-Heel

Melanie Florence-Face





Akikazu Miyagi

Doppo Ibu

Eugene Williams

Jez McArthuer



Road Agents


Alfredo Menendez

Crippler Ray Kingman

Crusher Ichihara





Los Asesinos-Asesino Del Espada & Asesino Del Hacha

The Youth Bandits-Cannonball Logan & Ian Vincible

The Foreign Legion-Jacques DuPont & Pierre DuPont





WWI World Heavyweight Champion-Brady Prince


WWI Tag Team Champions-Los Asesinos (Asesino Del Hacha & Asesino De La Espada)


WWI Cruiserweight Champion-Fearless Blue


WWI Women's Champion-April Appleseed


WWI Intercontinental Champion-Cristobal Pardo


WWI Hardcore Champion-La Bestia Purpura


WWI Television Champion-Guillermo Marcos




World Wrestling Impact is the most famous wrestling promotion in the world. It was originally found in 2010 by the amazing Jack Avatar. After years of wrestling, Jack had decided to create a promotion where workers can show off their talents or hone them. He and a couple of unemployed workers decided to make a huge name for themselves when they went Global. They were successfully popular, only because of wrestlers like Ekuma the Hawaiian Strong Man, Billy Russell and Brady Prince.


In the middle of the year, the injury of Ekuma had the world in shock. The popularity had depleted greatly that day, but it had risen when a feud between Billy Russell and Island Boy Apollo began.

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