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Has anyone ever made a list? (stats, etc)

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Not sure if this is what you mean, but I put this together one night after a good bit of in-game testing:


Virtual Unknown: 0% - 17%

Independent Name: 18% - 35%

Independent Star: 36% - 53%

National Worker: 54% - 71%

National Star: 72% - 89%

International Superstar: 90% - 100%


I came up with this for a worker based in the US, (if region changes anything here), with the basic CornellVerse World Settings in place, FTR.


A worker can also qualify as an International Star if he ranks as a National Worker in two or three different countries.


As a general rule, I find National Workers tend to make good main eventers in high level cult promotions. Might be Independent Star for not-so-high Cult promotions.


Hope this helps some.



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There's also an International Worker rating it seems I forgot to mention. Not sure on specifics there, but I think to be an International Star, you need to be a National Star in two or three countries, and to be an International Worker you need to be a National Worker in two or three countries.


I might have gotten a little ahead of myself at that part.



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