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Just finished a season... and wanted to comment on the awards 1st point- The National Defensive player of the year was a saftey rated 3.5/3.5... which I think is awesome... that someone, despite their scout rating can have a great season 2nd point and problem- this kid was named national defensive player of the year (and he had the stat line to justify it 90 tak, 2 sacks, 11pd, 10 int, and 2 FC) BUT he was put on the second team all nation. ???? I'm not saying anything should be fixed, its quite a note for the announcers to talk about in the history of my leauge, but not sure this should happen. He was also a return man with 376 return yards but that shouldn't play into the DPOY award. My guess is the National DPOY should be first team all Nation every time.
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