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The Battle Returns: Wrestling Revolution Again

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Everyone knew wrestling was not what it once was with the two sides of the coin in the USA territory. On one hand, you had the thriving powerhouse WWE, Inc. who was backing away from the term 'wrestling' and was pushing for entertainment as a broad spectrum, yet still implementing wrestling. To the next big company, TNA was pushing towards the opposite to go towards the wrestling term. They went as far as trying to change their name to Impact Wrestling.


While WWE, Inc. continued in their direction, TNA seemed to be at a civil war. Dixie Carter was known to hate to release talent and to help build a family atmosphere. Then came Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan to helped TNA spend more money, yet gain not much in return. Panda Energy, whom owned TNA and funded it, was growing tired and weary of no profit yet spending costs growing.


Late January 2011, Ted Turner called to have a meeting with Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan, Dixie Carter, and Panda Energy CEO (which is Dixie's parents). The meeting was not known at the time and was very secretive. As weeks went by, and rumors were flying around, it was becoming more clear.


Ted Turner was ready to return to the wrestling industry and wanted to challenge the empire of WWE, Inc. once again. He gave the offer to Eric, Hulk, Dixie, and Panda for them to discuss and think.


Disagreement continued behind the scenes but on April 14, 2011, a deal had been reached by all parties. Ted Turner and Panda Energy would both be financial investments for the company, and it will remain as "TNA". Impact Wrestling will continue as is until all paperwork is done and they would be ready to launch. They also had reached a TV deal with Spike TV, and of course TBS and TNT. Those involved with the current product were to continue as if nothing was going on.


On May 16, 2011, all employees of TNA were called to a meeting at the Impact Zone. While nobody knew what was going on, Ted Turner walked out along Dixie, Eric, and Hulk. Dixie was the one to make the announcement to everyone that a deal had been reached to take TNA further and to battle the WWE. All talent will be watched closely and new deals will be signed soon. But everyone should keep this a secret or if it becomes leaked, there would be consequences.


TNA was planning to use both the Dudleys Wrestling School and Storm Academy (Lance Storm's school). As well as start a development organization and main training facility, similar to WCW's Power Plant.


Once they had talent signed, facilities set, and the structure in place... they were ready to make the big announcement that would change the wrestling world forever... again.



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The deal was made that Eric Bischoff would once again be in total control of a wrestling company, but this time it being TNA. However, he must co-exist with Dixie Carter as she has just as much say so as he does, but she agreed to let him handle most of the business.


Hulk Hogan had less of a role than Dixie Carter, however, was not being thrown under the bus. He agreed to help promote TNA and to be a part wherever he needed to be.




Before word got out this was going on, several WWE superstars were not very happy with their position. Like Kaval whom asked for his release and was granted, others followed his likeness.


And as usual, it was near the time WWE would be cutting talent. Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan knew this. So they waited to see who would be available for their big debut and announcement.


Like the past, Eric used Hogan and Flair to entice some talent to come their way too and see if they could get out of their WWE contract to jump on board with them.


William Regal asked the WWE if he could be released due to struggling with pain pills, and in respect at the time, was granted. Others that were released because of house cleaning or because they asked were: Ted Dibiase, Zack Ryder, Chavo Guerrero, Gail Kim, DH Smith, Rosa Mendes, and CM Punk.


Punk was not happy about the way he was being used and was letting his contract expire. Luckily, Eric contacted him and got him to agree to a deal with TNA. Of course, nobody knew this quite yet. Eric told Dixie that he had other people in line ready to jump when the time came but could not say their names.


Eric also was looking to hire familiar faces from WCW days to either work backstage or as a talent. To help promote TNA through WWE, Eric was hiring faces that may be scene on some type of WWE product but would be under a TNA contract. One example would be the hiring of Bill DeMott, who would be a trainer at their development plant. Just coming off a fresh season of Tough Enough, Eric hoped it would lead people to search where Bill is and find TNA.




TNA is hoping to rebuild a strong women's division, strong x-division, strong tag team wrestling, and good stories.


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