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WWCF Announces Conference Changes and New Look

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The WWCF will be making a few conference changes starting in 2005! Along with the conference changes also comes a new logo and website to complete the facelift.


The ultimate goal was to get a conference championship game for all BCS conferences and most mid-majors. The first change is eliminating the Independents. Notre Dame will join the Big Ten and take it to twelve teams allowing for a championship. Army and Navy will join Conference USA to fill the spots left by Marshall and East Carolina who are joining the Big East. This move will allow C-USA to retain its championship game. Previously independent Temple will move to the Sun Belt filling the spot vacated by North Texas who moved to the Mountian West. Boise State will also make the move to the Mountain West putting the MWC, WAC, and Sun Belt at 8 teams and the only conferences without a championship game. Along with Marshall and ECU, the Big East adds Texas Christian and Troy to bring it to 12 teams and create a conference championship game. The PAC-10 will become the PAC-12 by adding Utah and BYU also creating a championship game. The ACC, Big 12, MAC, and SEC all remain unchanged and retain their conference championship games. A complete layout of the new conference structure can be found here: http://wwcf.us/newconf.html


While some of these moves may be similar or like real life, these changes were all made for the with the WWCF in mind. We did not intend to follow real life as we would like to make our own history, and these changes are where the first 5 years have taken us.


The forums are very active and we are always looking for new coaches. Check out the coaches page for openings here: http://wwcf.us/coaches.php And you can join here: http://wwcf.us/join.php



- Mike


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Thanks Jay!


As an update...Recruiting just wrapped up. Week 1 of the regular season kicks off on Thursday Sept. 1st. Now is a great time to jump in. We've got over 60 human coached teams. The links in the top post will get you there.

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