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BCS causes a riot

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Last night I had a situation where no teams finished undefeated. LSU finished 11-2 and ranked #1. Georgia was 12-1 and ranked #2. UCLA was 10-1 and ranked #3. Purdue was 11-1 and ranked #4. The weird part was that Georgia had beaten LSU twice during the season. Regular season and championship game. But LSU got a third chance in the national championship game. Even better, LSU was a [b]22 point favorite[/b] over a team they'd already lost to twice. Because I'm not really controlling a team in that dynasty (I delegated everything as Air Force and am just using this one to watch season to season) I resimmed until Georgia won because of my sense of morality. :D The first few sims were LSU blowouts. I figure LSU may have had some academic suspensions and injuries that were cleared up by the time of the bowl game. But still, I couldn't let that stand, man.
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