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Recruit Interest Issue

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After finishing a season my starting RB and 3rd string both graduated, leaving me with 2 RB's- a (FR) who will be the starter and my backup from last season a true SO (not all that good). Let me say, I love the idea that recruits seeing 2 young rb's in the depth chart aren't all that interested in my school, but i think it goes too far. There were no RB recruits who had me rated above a 3-interest and no matter the quality of player I recruited, I couldn't get anyone to show any better interest. At the end of the day I was unable to get a RB commit on my own, but received an 'assigned' scholarship player and a walk-on after recruiting. I am coaching Virginia and have above-average prestige. I expect and like that quality backs don't want to come to my school and backs that place emphasis on playing time won't take my call either. I would hope that something could be done such that in-state players who value location or head coach and wouldn't receive attention from an above-average prestige type school would still have interest in my program despite the depth chart issues. On a similar note, arlie or others can you tell me if 1 of the 2 RBs on my roster had declared for the draft would the recruits have realized it and re-evaluated their interest in my school.
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