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Tachi Palace Fights

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im useing the JT Money 5.0 real world mod



Tachi palace fights has started a new era with new CEO Scott Avatar. " I'm looking to take Tachi to new heights. we will hope fully be holding fights twice a month to keep fighters active. while we still will be grooming fighters for the big times the the UFC Strikeforce and Belitor, i still think there is room for another company maybe not as big as the UFC but hopefully. so for events we will be having around nine fights one for each weight class and a random fight that we think will be exciting for fans our first event is Saturday week 2 of November the fight card will be


TPF 11: McCall vs da Silva

Main Card

Ian McCall vs. Jussier da Silva for the flyweight title

James Irvin vs Hector Ramirez

Garald Harris vs Jamie Yager

andre Galvao vs Kenny Ento


Danny Martinez vs Ulysses Gomez

Manny Tapia vs Jeff Bedard

Cprey Hill vs Efrian Escudero

Alexander Crispim vs Joe Soto

Georgi Karakhanyan vs Russ Miura

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So i have called this press conference to announce a few signing first i would like to introduce John Dodson #18 bantamweight in the world right not, next former UFC fighter and Internet brawler Kimbo Slice, T.J. dillashaw and he has announced his intentions to fight in the flyweight division. we also signed former WWE tough enough winner Daniel Puder, and finally the biggest of our signing Mr. Dave Bautista. we have also come to terms with a pay per view contract with North American ppv 1. now i will announce our next card


TPF 12: Arciniega vs Olson

main card

Art Arciniega vs Casey Olson

Doug Marshall vs Tim McKenzie

Jorge Oliverira vs Rafael del Real

Darrell Montague vs Mamoru Yamaguchi


anthony figueroa vs Farkhad Sharipov

Thomas Denny vs Fabricio Camoes

Doug Hunt vs Chidi Njokuani

Steve Lopez vs Tony Llamas

Jesse Bowen vs Diego Saraiva

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TPF 11 Weigh ins

Ian McCall (125) vs. Jussier da Silva (125) for the flywight title

James Irvin (205) vs Hector Ramirez (205)

Garald Harris (185)vs Jamie Yager (185)

andre Galvao (170) vs Kenny Ento (170)


Danny Martinez (125) vs Ulysses Gomez (125)

Manny Tapia (135) vs Jeff Bedard (135)

Cprey Hill (155) vs Efrian Escudero (155)

Alexander Crispim (145) vs Joe Soto (145)

Georgi Karakhanyan (145) vs Russ Miura (145)


Blurcats interview with Chas Skelly


listen rightnow im 7-0 i didnt get there by being a a slouch and right now im a whole nother level than Marcus Brimage im putting together the perfect gameplan for marcus just watch.

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TPF 11 Results


Karakhanyan vs Miura

miura seemed eager to stand and traid with Karakhanyan and used his footwork to stay out of range but once he closed the distance Karakhanyan got Miura in the thai clinch and droped him with a huge knee

Karakhanyan wins KO 2:15 round 1 great


Crispim vs Soto

round 1 soto Crispim comes out with a big overhand right and rocks soto and takes im down soto is able to get back to his feet and takes Crispim down.

round 2

soto takes crispim down with a single leg right away and quickly moves to mount the ref haves to pull soto off as he droping bombs now

soto wins TKO round 2 3:10 round 2 Great


Hill vs Escudero

round 1

for 4 minutes for the round Efrain chased hill down and could not get the takedown untill he pushed hill aganst the fence from the we could see Escudero was the better fighter getting the armbar in 45 sec

Escudero Armbar 4:47 1st average


Tapia vs Bedard

1st round

bedard pushes tapia agenst the cage and holds him there crowed boos wants more action

round 2

this round bedard must have heard the boos he opened his strikeing game as both fighters stood in the pocket with neather landing anything significant

round 3

tapia floors bedard and they meet in th center of the cage tapia follows him to the mat and sucurs the RNC

winner manny tapia RNC 1:18 round 3 decent


martinez vs Gomez

round 1

martinez quickly shoots in for the single but is shruged off my gomes. the rest of the round gomez uses this footwork to stay outside and pickoff Martinez

round 2

this time its Gomez that goes for the takedown after a wild overhand but after being unsecsefull he goes back to useing his footwork to se up his strikes

round 3

martinez shows his head movment but no shots land

winner ud ulysses gomez poor


Galvao vs Ento

round 1

endo uses his footwook and alot of and jabs to kep the distance nothing signifivant landing endo stuffs galvaos only shot

round 2

galvao pushes forwrd and eats a big right hand but is able to get a single leg. he rest in endos guard as he shakes the cobwebs. galvao moves to pass gurad but locks in a kneebar while passing

Andre galvao winner round 2 kneebar 3:26 very poor


Harris vs Yager

round on fighters meet in the center of the cage and feel eachother out and find there range yager throws a wild left hook and harris ducks under and hits a big slam. quickly moveing to mount the ref has to pull harris of as hes droping bombs and yager is covering up

Gerald Harris winner TKO 1st round 2:10 great


Ramirez vs Irvin

round one fighters feeling eachother out you can tell irvin has the speed advantage. Ramirez throws a big looping overhand right that floors irvin ramirez is standing over him unloading the ref as to jump in

Ramirez winner TKO 1sr round 1:17 good


Jussier da Silva vs Ian McCall

round one McCall holds da silva agenst the cage for the first 4 minutes be for scoring the takedown

round 2 MaCall socred the quick dubble lage befor a battle between McCall gaining side controle and da silva regaining guard

round 3

same as the first with McCall holding da silva agenst befor scoring a late take down

round 4

McCall looks tired as his hands are droped da silva is useing his footwork to stay away most of the round mcCall shoots but its sloppy and da Silva sucures a guillotine and mcCall taps

winner and new fly weight champ Jussier da Silva guillotine 4th round 4:27


fight of the night joe soto ve alexander cripim

Ko of the night Georgi Karakhanyan

sub of the night Jussier da Silva

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post fight press conference


first off i want to congratulate Jussier on his capturing of the flyweight title. next some bad news James you failed your drug test I'm going to have to terminate your contract and ask you to leave. there is not room for cheating in this sport and this promotion has a zero tolerance policy hector I'm giving you a bonus for beating James and showing cheaters never prosper and I'm going to be giving you a shot at the vacant light heavyweight belt.Cory has let me know hes thinking about hanging it up. now on to our next card


TPF 14: Bautista vs Slice

main card

Dave Bautista vs Kimbo Slice

Jason David Frank vs Marc Goddarrd

Ralek Gracie vs Joe Henle

Brandon Merkt vs Will Campuzano


Bubba Jenkins vs Savant Young

Brian Grandos vs Josh Ferguson

Brain abram vs Per Eklund

Poppies Martinez vs Waachiim Spiritwolf

Bret Kohan vs Scott Junk

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Press Conference


First off i would like to give you the numbers for TPF 11 our attendance was 983 people for a live gate of $29,490. And our PPV buys were 69,600. but the main reason we are here is because i wanted to get the main eventers for TPF 14 so let hand the mic to Mr Slice. " Man Bautista has never taken a punch that WWE crap is fake Ive been knocking fools out with these things for a while and its going to continue with Bautista and then the winner of Whitehead and Puder I'm going to get that belt" Bautista steps to the mic " Yea you have got me there Ive never taken a punch in the WWE but i am training at the Cesar Gracie school. but now on to you who beat up bums on you tube and when you got to the UFC you got completely outclassed now i cant wait to get you into that cage."

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I got ahead of myself and released TPF 14 be for 13 i was so excited about 14


TPF 13: Puder vs Whitehead


Main card

Daniel Puder vs Mike Whitehead for the vacent TPF Heavywight title

Luis Gonzalez vs T.J. Dillashaw

Shawn Klarcyk vs Isaac DeJesus

Anthony Ruiz vs Jay Silva



Robert Drysdale vs Nate Carey

Bobby Peavler vs Chad Corvin

Darren Crisp Jr vs Phil Collins

Wes Shivers vs Jimmy Ambriz

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TPF 15: Alessio vs Jury


Main Card

John Alessio vs Myles Jury for the welterweight title

Sergio Pettis vs Roland Delorme

Analu Brash vs Justin Wren

Dileno Lopes vs Kevin Dunsmoor



Chas Skelly vs Marcus Brimage

Edgar Garcia vs Mike Moreno

Joe Ellenberger vs Dominique Robinson

Marko Igrc vs Bobby Rehman

Bill Boland vs Chad George

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TPF 12: Arciniega vs Olson Weigh In Results


Art Arciniega (145) vs Casey Olson (145)

Doug Marshall (185) vs Tim McKenzie (185)

Jorge Oliveira (205) vs Rafael del Real (205)

Darrell Montague (125) vs Mamoru Yamaguchi (125)

Anthony Figueroa (135) vs Farkhad Sharipov (135)

Thomas Denny (155) vs Fabricio Camoes (155)

Doug Hunt (170) vs Chidi Njokuani (170)

Steve Lopez (155) vs Tony Llamas (155)

Jesse Bowen (145) vs Diego Saraiva (145)

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Bowen vs Saraiva

round 1

first round saraiva got the better of the standup and would not let bowen push im onto the cage

round 2

a very boring fight in with neather fighter seemed like be wanted to be there each fighter tryed a pair of takdown with saraiva hitting a trip with 18 seconds left in the round

round 3

saraiva hits a takedown after a minute for tradeing jabs. Bowen pushed saraiva off with his feet and created a scramble and was able to get to side control himseld but stood up saraiva hit another takedown with little time to work

Winner Diego Saraiva UD Poor


Lopez vs Llamas

round 1

Lopez and Llamas meet in the center of the cage and touch gloves right off the bat lopez hits a solid jab that snaps Llamas head back. Llamas need to get his hands up lopez unloads a big one two combination that drops Llamas lopez is destroying Llamas and the ref has to jump in

winner Steve Lopez TKO 1st round 1:39


Hunt vs Njokuani

round 1

after a few minutes of feeling out Njokuani slips a lazy jab and drops Hunt with a few well placed right hands. the only was hunt save his self is by pulling Njokuani into side control. Hunt is abel to ceate a a scrable and get to his feet and lands a few shots as he gets up. little action to end the round

round 2

Round 2 was a slugfest with no fighter giving ground but then again no fihter landing anything significant. hunt gets the better of the standup in that round as the buzzer sounds the crowed goes nuts they want more like that.

round 3

hunt faints a jab and shoots in for a takedown and lands it. Njokuani is able to wall walk and get back to his feet he is able to stuff the next take down hunt trys. after 2 more takedown attempts hunt finaly lands one. an arm bar is tryed by hunt with seconds left only to be stuffed.

winner Doug Hunt UD Decent


Denny vs Camoes

round 1

both fighters meet in the center and trade punched no one landing so Camoes pushes Denny against the cage. both fighters flip flop positions denny stuffing a few takedowns

round 2

both fighters trade shots no one landing denny is useing the better movment but Camoes is the fighter throwing more of the punches

round 3

more of the same as both fighters are tradeing shots again comoes mouth is wide open neather fighter is landing any damageing blows each fighter stuffs a takedown

Winner Fabricio Camoes UD Very Poor


Figueroa vs Sharipov

round 1

figueroa hits a stiff jab and stuff the takedown attempt by sharipov. Figueroa gets pushed back against the cage, the ref seperats the fighters after nothing is done.

round 2

a few jabs a thrown by figueroa but Sharipov hits a single leg takedown. Sharipov tryed a americana but Figueroa defends well now a kimora that is defended

round 3

figueroa is pressing forward but nothing is landing Sharipovs head movment and footwork are to good. figueroa stuffs a takedown and another.

Winner Farkhad Sharipov UD Poor


Montague vs Yamaguchi

round 1

right off the bat yamaguchi stuffs a takedown but is pushed against the cage. Montague hits a trip takedown and lands in yamaguchis guard. yamaguchi is abel to wall walk and stands back up but is still pressed against the cage. another single leg for montague, yamaguchi gives up his back.

round 2

this round is nothing more than a slopy display of strikeing with yamaguchi stuffing 1 takedown

round 3

mid way into the round after more of the second yamaguchi stuffs a takedown but is pushed against the cage. yamaguchi is able to break off the cage but no action as the round ends.

winner Mamoru Yamaguchi UD Great


Oliveirs vs del Real

round 1

oliveira gets the takedown after a few jabs oliverira has side control after a scrable Oliveira sucres a srm triangle del Real is forced to tap

winner Jorge Oliveira Arm Triangle 3:32 1st round great


Marshall vs McKenzie

round 1

marshall land a bunch of huge right hands that drop McKenzie. Marshall get McKenzie to tap by armbar.

winner Doug Marshall armbar :46 1st round Good


Arciniega vs Olson

round 1

olson stuffs a takedown but is pushed up against the cage. olson stops another takedown and gets off the cage. now olson is tenitive and wont throw but stuf another dubble leg takedown. now olsen pushes Arciniega against the cage

round 2

again olson pushes arciniega against the cage again. olson gets reversed and the ref seperates the fighters. arciniega is pushed to the cage fo the second time this round. olson gets reversed again

round 3

olson stuffs another takedown and again stuffs a single leg. arciniega is compleatly gassed he must have had a bad weight cut. after olson stuff another takedown he also looks gassed it looks like to zombies out there. olson gets arciniega push against the cage again.

winner Casey Olson UD Poor


fight of the night Mamoru vs Yamaguchi vs Darrell Montague

KO of the night Steve Lopez

Sub of the night Doug Marshall

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