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UFC (April 2014)

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Long time, no post. Been playing this a lot as of late and have one going with UFC in the year 2014 using MW 9.1. Here is the current landscape of my game:




Flyweight: Jussier da Silva (#1 Fly, #11 P4P)



John Dodson

Joseph Benavidez for the title

John Lineker


-In a very young division, there has already been a few title holders. However, after da Silva came in and took the explosive John Dodson the distance, then took out the unbeatable Benavidez, it seems as if da Silva is hitting his stride. He is slated to meet Dodson again in a rematch at UFC 170: da Silva vs. Dodson II.


Bantamweight: Urijah Faber (#1 BW, #4 P4P)



Brian Bowles

Dominick Cruz for the title (rubber match)

Brian Bowles

Jeff Curran


-It's no surprise as to what the California Kid can do. After losing to his rival, Faber has sense bounced back in a big way. The one issue that the UFC brass faces is who will take on Faber next? The 2nd ranked BW is...Dominick Cruz. However, Scott Jorgenson is in the picture, and the surprise Yves Jabouin could find himself in the mix with a win over top prospect Michael McDonald.


Featherweight: Hatsu Hioki (#1 FW, #7 P4P)



George Roop

Bart Palaszewski

Jose Aldo for the title

Charles Oliveira


-Not many people gave Hioki a chance when he stepped into the cage to face Aldo. However, he shocked the MMA world with a KO victory over the Brazilian to claim gold. A year later he defended his belt against a surging Oliveira, only to make him an example as well. Dennis Siver is the likely #1 contender, with Aldo, Poirier, Nunes and Mendes are all in hot pursuit.


Lightweight: Frankie Edgar [2x] (#1 LW, #1 P4P)



Sean Sherk

Ben Henderson for the title (rematch)

Gray Maynard (4th & final time)

Evan Dunham


-What is there to say about The Answer? After a controversial loss in Japan, Edgar got back on the war path. After tossing aside Sean Sherk, Dana gave him another shot at Benson. The fight resulted in what would become Submission of The Year, as Frankied reclaimed gold with a RNC. As if his career didn't seem like a Hollywood film already, Edgar found himself fighting Gray Maynard...again. Similar to their 2nd & 3rd fights, Edgar was down early but rallied late and won via armbar. Evan Dunham was next to fall to the champ. The next man in line is the unassuming, yet super-red hot, Jacob Volkmann who has not lost in 4 years, and recently took out Donald Cerrone in a title eliminator.


Welterweight: Paulo Thiago (#1 WW, #6 P4P)



Mike Pyle

Dan Hardy

Jake Shields for the title


-It's a crazy world to live if you weight 170 lbs. GSP dropped the belt to Condit, who dropped it to Koscheck, who dropped it to Shields, who dropped it to Thiago. The explosive Brazilian has his sights set on Rick Story next, hoping to snap the trend of 1-and-dones.


Middlweight: Anderson Silva (#1 MW, #3 P4P)



Chael Sonnen (rematch)

Rousimar Palhares

Mark Munoz


-Are you surprised? At 38 years old, Silva has seen it all, and done it all. The next logical opponenet is the prospect-turned-contender, Chris Weidman.


Light Heavyweight: Jon Jones [x2] (#1 LHW, #5 P4P)



Rashad Evans


Thiago Silva

Lyoto Machida for the title


-He tossed around Evans with ease, then got submitted by Hendo. However, Jones returned by dominating Thiago Silva. Eventually, Jones went on to strip Machida of his belt, scoring his second victory over The Dragon, and will now face Phil Davis at UFC 168.


Heavyweight: Cain Velasquez [x2] (#1 HW, #2 P4P)



Antonio Silva

Stefan Struve

Fabricio Werdum for the title

Travis Browne


-Similar to the WW's, the Heavyweight division has seen it's fair share of title holders as of late. However, given his second chance, it looks as if Cain Velasquez has long term plans for that strap of gold. Next on deck for Cain is a UFC 169 showdown with the surging Shane Carwin.

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Upcoming UFC events:


UFC 168: Jones vs. Davis


Main Event: Light Heavyweight Title Fight

Jon Jones (18-2) © vs. Phil Davis (11-1)


Co-Main Event:

Paul Sass (14-0) vs. Gray Maynard (12-2-1-1)


Ben Askren (10-0) vs. Diego Sanchez (23-5)

Ben Rothwell (31-8) vs. Ednaldo Oliveira (12-2-1-1)



Brad Tavares (8-2) vs. Clifford Starks (8-1)

Sergio Pettis (4-1) vs. Matt Murphy (5-0)

Jimmy Lesnar (0-0) vs. Consta Philippou (9-4-1)

Bryan Stevenson (0-0) vs. Danny Castillo (13-6)


UFC 169: Velasquez vs. Carwin


Main Event: Heavyweight Title Fight

Cain Velasquez (13-1) © vs. Shane Carwin (14-2)


Co-Main Event:

Jose Aldo (22-2) vs. Dennis Siver (21-8)


Brandon Hasley (4-0) vs. Rampage Jackson (33-10)

CB Dollaway (12-4) vs. Chris Leben (26-9)



Jimmy Hettes (10-0) vs. Cub Swanson (16-5)

Michael McDonald (15-2) vs. Yves Jabouin (19-7)

Jose Martinez (6-0) vs. Aaron Riley (33-13-1)


UFC 170: da Silva vs. Dodson II


Main Event: Flyweight Title Fight

Jussier da Silva (16-1) © vs. John Dodson (14-6)


Co-Main Event:

Demian Maia (18-4) vs. Rousimar Palhares (17-4)


Chad Griggs (11-2) vs. Brendan Schaub (9-3)

Ronny Markes (14-2) vs. Tim Boetsch (17-5)



Glover Teixeira (16-3) vs. Ricardo Abreu (2-1)

Duan Ludwig (21-12) vs. Claude Patrick (14-2)

Ryan Martinez (8-2) vs. Daniel Puder (12-1)


UFC on FX: Carmont vs. Sonnen


Main Event:

Francis Carmont (18-7) vs. Chael Sonnen (27-13-1)


Co-Main Event:

Matt Hughes (45-10) vs. Eugene Fadiora (11-1)


Joe Ellenberger (16-1) vs. Efrain Escudaro (19-4)

Bobby Brents (16-3) vs. Dave Herman (23-4)

Dan Lauzon (18-5) vs. TJ Grant (17-5)

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<img src=http://mmavalor.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/JacobVolkmann.jpg>

With Edgar bout looming in the shadows, Volkmann ready for the limelight.


Don't look now, but remember when the Lightweight division was a log jam? Names like Pettis, Diaz and Cerrone all assumed to be next in line? Well, those days are gone. Dana White has already gone public saying that the next in line for Frankie and his gold is Jacob Volkmann, who has yet to lose in the past 4 years.


"Nothing has changed," Volkmann told us. "He's someone that I get to fight, he just has a really expensive belt around his waist. I want that."


<img src=http://www.fighters.com/wp-content/uploads/ThiagoAlves_u1MoT.jpg>

Alves to MacDonald: I don't buy the hype.


In a move that no one saw coming, Welterweight Thiago Alves sounded off on a fellow fighter. "Rory MacDonald is a good guy," Alves claimed. "Is he a good fighter? Well, I'm not ready to dial into ESPN and demand they show Rory MacDonald highlights. I'm sorry, I don't buy the hype."

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<img src=http://www.thetop10blog.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/ufc07.jpg>

UFC 168: Jones vs. Davis!




Bryan Stevenson def. Danny Castillo via Rear Naked Choke

Jimmy Lesnar def. Consta Philoppou via. Rear Naked Choke

Sergio Pettis def. Matt Murphy via. Guillotine

Brad Tavares def. Clifford Starks via. TKO



Ben Rothwell vs. Ednaldo Oliveira


Round 1: The highlights were Big Ben getting a Thai clinch. After unloading a huge knee, it looked as if he had Ednaldo on the ropes however all he could do is manage a takedown and the round ended with Ben in half guard.


Round 2: Right away, Rothwell looked gassed. He stood in the pocket with Ednaldo, which worked against him as Oliviera scored a TKO victory.


Ednaldo Oliveira def. Ben Rothwell via. TKO


Ben Askren vs. Diego Sanchez


Round 1: What a fight! The two top-notch wrestlers both shot for takedowns, which were met with stuffs. Askren was able to pin Sanchez up against the cage and score a takedown. From the corner we hear Greg Jackson yell, "Triangle, Diego, triangle!" Sanchez locks it in tight, but Askren picks him and powerbombs him right to the mat! Joe Rogan is freaking out and all we can make out are the words "Rampage....slam!" However, always being the stubborn one, Diego refuses to let go and forces Askren to tap.


Diego Sanchez def. Ben Askren via. Triangle


Co-Main Event:

Paul Sass vs. Gray Maynard


Round 1: A really dull round.


Round 2: Maynard used his dominant wrestling to control Sass. He had him pinned against the cage, but in typical wrestler form, left his kneck out there. Sass saw this, and slapped on a brutal standing guillotine for the win.


Paul Sass def. Gray Maynard via. Guillotine


After the fight, Sass told Rogan he feels that he is next in line for the belt. His 14-0 record proves that he is battle tested and wants Frankie Edgar!!


Main Event: Light Heavyweight Title Fight

Jon Jones © vs. Phil Davis


Round 1: This round produces nothing special, however Davis makes a big statement by scoring two takedowns on the dominant champ.


Round 2: Again, boring round, but Davis took Jones down again.


Round 3: 3rd rd of nothing except the 4th takedown for Davis.


Round 4: Both men seem out on their feet, and despiration is setting in for the champ.


Round 5: Unreal. Davis had the champ on the ropes, mainly after he landed some big right hands. After a few failed takedowns from both, Davis went to secure his belt. He shot, got stuffed and forced to turtle up. His corner told him to ride it out, as there were just seconds left. Out of no where, Jon Jones slapped on a D'arce choke for the win with 4:59 left!!!! WOW!


Jon Jones def. Phil Davis via. D'arce choke to retain his title


Afterwards, Jon Jones praises the talent level of Davis, and says that he can't wait to run into him again and give the fans another show.

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Ha, needless to say I was surprised to see Diego throw up a triangle and Jones bust out a D'arce. BJJ RULES!


Side note: I train in BJJ, and my buddy has a wrestling background (needless to say there is some fun arguing their,) so I just find it funny that two good wrestlers finished their fights with their BJJ.

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<img src=http://toothpastehangover.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/20091206112028_IMG_1097.jpeg>


UFC 171: Edgar vs. Volkmann announced!


Main Event: Lightweight Title Fight


Frankie Edgar (18-2-1) © vs. Jacob Volkmann (16-2)


Co-Main Event: Heavyweight Title Eliminator


Bigfoot Silva (18-4) vs. Junior Dos Santos (16-2)


Lorenz Larkin (16-1-1) vs. Ryan Jimmo (18-2)

Chang Sung Jung (12-5) vs. Joe Lauzon (22-9)



Joseph Benavidez (16-3) vs. Phil Harris (22-9)

Amir Sadollah (6-4) vs. Ivica Truscek (17-11)

Dustin Pague (12-5) vs. Damacio Page (15-6)

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<img src=http://www.cdn.sherdog.com/_images/pictures/20120208101118_IMG_2459.JPG>


Top 205 prospect looking for signature win against Rampage


After an All-American Wrestling career in college, Brandon Hasley stepped into the MMA world. After a very brief stint on the indy scene, Dana White saw something in the young man. Since stepping into the UFC, Hasley has gone 3-0, all wins coming by way of TKO. His most recent victory was against Forrest Griffin, who was looking to rebound after a title loss.


Not soon after that win, Hasley signed on to fight Rampage Jackson. A win over the MMA icon would do wonders for his standing in the Light Heavyweight division.

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<img src=http://mmadiehards.com/live/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/009-Copy.jpg>


With title shot in line, Weidman vows to end 'Silva-era'


The ripple effect is being felt. Cote, Leites, Maia, Griffin, Sonnen, Okami, Palhares and Munoz...all after thoughts. All victims. The reign of Anderson Silva is that of mythical lure, and many quake in the mere presence of just his name being mentioned. However, don't expect that same fear from the New York native, Chris Weidman.


Once on the warpath for gold, Weidman suffered a set back with a 2012 loss to Mark Munoz. Sense that loss, Chris got back on track with statement victories over Riki Fukuda and Yushin Okami. If you ask the UFC brass who is next for a crack at Silva, the prominant answer is Chris Weidman.


"He's great, he really is," Weidman said. "But if you're a fan of his...I'm sorry. It's over, he had his run and is recognized as arguable the greatest to ever live but we need a new reign. I'm coming for that belt."

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<img src=http://www.thetop10blog.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/ufc07.jpg>


UFC 169: Velasquez vs. Carwin!




Jose Martinez def. Aaron Riley via TKO

Michael McDonald def. Yves Jabouin via UD

Cub Swanson def. Jimmy Hettes via UD


Main Card:


CB Dollaway vs. Chris Leben


Round 1: Leben needed this one big time. He came out swinging for the fences trying to KO Dollaway, but it wasn't in the cards. CB got a takedown, back mount, and TKO'd him towards the end of round 1.


CB Dollaway def. Chris Leben via. TKO


Brandon Halsey vs. Rampage Jackson


Round 1: An interesting round. Halsey seemed fine standing in the pocket with Rampage, which is a ballsy move. However, Jackson flipped the script and took the decorated wrestler down. Not much happened, but Halsey was able to finish in dominant position.


Round 2: Again, another interesting round. It was a cat-and-mouse game, till Rampage connected, dropping Halsey to the mat. He was quick to regain his wits, and even was able to use his skills to turtle Rampage up, and eventually ended the round in side control.


Round 3: Halsey scored an early takedown and mounted the former champ. He did some damage, but not enough to end the fight. The fight ended with Halsey in back mount landing some punches. This should be an interesting decision.


Rampage Jackson def. Brandon Halsey via UD


Co-Main Event:

Jose Aldo vs. Dennis Siver


Round 1: Two deadly kickers danced around getting a feel. Aldo rocked Siver with a right, but couldn't finish the bout. He did, however, manage to obtain the Thai clinch and BOOM! The knee heard 'round the world! DOWN GOES SIVER!


Jose Aldo def. Dennis Siver via KO (Knee)


Afterwards, Dana announces that Aldo will face Hatsu Hioki in a rematch.


Main Event: Heavyweight Title Fight

Cain Velasquez © vs. Shane Carwin


As Carwin comes out, Joe tells us how this could be his last true shot at the gold.


Round 1: To great surprise, Carwin dictated the first round. He stuffed a takedown, pinned Cain and landed a stiff right. Then, he scored a takedown and get Cain on the mat for the round.


Round 2: In round 2, Cain had belly-to-back position while pushing Shane on the cage. While standing, Cain tried climbing onto Carwin, which took the life out of the challenger. Eventually, Cain scored a takedown, got back mount, sunk in the hooks and applied the rear naked choke.


Cain Velasquez def. Shane Carwin via. Rear Naked Choke to Retain his title


After the fight, Cain said that Shane was tough. He promised to be in better shape in his next fight, and felt that his performance was subpar at best.

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<img src=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjwBCZQY3J0&list=UUGqvg0qq2IxdZV6FiFsqM-w&feature=plcp>


UFC 170: da Silva vs. Dodson II!




Daniel Puder def. Ryan Martinez via Armbar

Claude Patrick def. Duance Ludwig via Guillotine

Glover Texeira def Ricardo Abreu via UD


Main Card


Ronny Markes vs. Tim Boetsch


Round 1: Nothing to rave about here.


Round 2: The highlight here was Markes slamming Boetsch, getting a rise out of the crowd.


Round 3: Dull fest.


Ronny Markes def Tim Boetsch via UD


Chad Griggs vs. Brendan Schaub


Round 1: WOAH! Griggs throws out a sloppy jab, allowing The Hybrid to a land a laser fast 3-strike combo. After a head kick, Griggs is rocked then dropped. Schaub proceeds to stand over Griggs, getting the huge TKO victory.


Brendan Schaub def Chad Griggs via TKO


Co-Main Event:

Damian Maia vs. Rousimar Palhares


Round 1: Lots and lots of BJJ here.


Round 2: See above.


Round 3: Same thing.


Damian Maia def Rousimar Palhares via SD


Main Event: Flyweight Title Fight

Jussier da Silva © vs. John Dodson


Round 1: da Silva was able to get back mount and attempted multiple submissions, however Dodson showed good submission defense, able to survive the round.


Round 2: Fun round! Dodson came out and rocked da Silva and dropped him. He came close to ending the fight before da Silva pulled him into half guard. Eventually da Silva ended up in dominant position, but didn't do enough to take the round.


Round 3: Not much here, but da Silva scored a takedown, enough to take the round.


Round 4: Dodson scored a huge takedown. However, he foolishly laid in da Silva's guard, who was able to apply an armbar for the win in what was a very fun fight.


Jussier da Silva def John Dodson via armbar to retain the title

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<img src=http://www.thetop10blog.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/ufc07.jpg>


UFC on FX: Carmont vs. Sonnen!


Dan Lauzon vs. TJ Grant


Round 1: Yikes! Not keen on being a stepping stone in the rebuilding process of Little Lauzon's UFC career, Grent obtained the Thai clinch and pun Dan to sleep with a pretty knee.


TJ Grant def. Dan Lauzon via KO (Knee)


Bobby Brents vs. Dave Herman


Round 1: In a battle of Heavyweight gate keepers, one wanted to take it to the next level. Right away, Dave Herman dictated the pace and took the fight via an impressive TKO victory.


Dave Herman def. Bobby Brents via TKO


Joe Ellenberger vs. Efrain Escudaro


Round 1: Efrain controled this one, going for two submissions but being able to finish the fight.


Round 2: Dull round.


Round 3: Nothing happened, but the highlight was Joe finishing the round in back mount.


Efrain Escudaro def. Joe Ellenberger via UD


Matt Hughes vs. Eugene Fadiora


As Matt Hughes enters the cage, the crowd goes INSANE knowing that this very well could be the last time that we see the legend in action.


Round 1: Eugene clearly didn't let the moment get to him. He came out calm and was able to use his boxing to keep Hughes at bay, even droppng him at one point.


Round 2: Same thing as round 1. Fadiora showed excellent hands, keeping Hughes on the ropes most of the round.


Round 3: Hughes looked vintange this round. He scored a takedown and dropped some brutal elbows. The crowd lost it when he got side control, and eventually back mount. From there, he locked in an armbar, but couldn't force the tap before the fight ended.


Eugene Fadiora def. Matt Hughes via UD


Main Event:

Francis Carmont vs Chael Sonnen


Round 1: This one turned into a wrestling match in rd 1, with Chael doing the most damage.


Round 2: Sonnnen dominated this round.


Round 3: Sonnen won this fight.


Chael Sonnen def Francis Carmont via. UD

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<img src=http://multimedia.heraldinteractive.com/images/20100825/f5e179_frankie_08262010.jpg>


Edgar not looking past Volkmann, open to various career moves.


At this point, if you still doubt Frankie Edgar, then shame on you! He has ran through the who's who of 155ers in the UFC, and looks to add onto that list with Jacob Volkmann. The only knocks on his records are a loss to Gray Maynard, a draw to Gray Maynard and a loss to Ben Henderson. He has avenged all three of those. In a way, you could say he has a perfect record. But what is to happen if he wins at UFC 171?


"I don't know," Edgar tells us. "But I would be foolish to look past Volkmann. The guy is tough and can fight, he's fighting for the title for a reason. He's good."

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<img src=http://cdn2.sbnation.com/fan_shot_images/212309/Anderson-Silva-080710_0.jpg>


UFC returns to Brazil with middleweight showdown!


UFC 172: Silva vs. Weidman!!!


Main Event: Middleweight Title Fight

Anderson Silva (34-4) © vs. Chris Weidman (10-1)


Co-Main Event: Welterweight Title Eliminator

Nick Diaz (27-8) vs. John Hathaway (17-1)


Caio Maglhares (9-0) vs. Lyoto Machida (20-4)

John Lineker (21-6) vs. Demetrious Johnson (10-3)



John Cholish (9-1) vs. Ben Henderson (18-3)

Michael McDonald (16-2) vs. Scott Jorgenson (14-5)

Rob Broughton (15-8-1) vs. Mitchell Hart (0-0)

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<img src=http://mmavalor.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/JacobVolkmann.jpg>


UFC 171: Edgar vs. Volkmann!!!



Damacio Page def Dustin Pague via TKO

Ivica Truscek def Amir Sadollah via Split

Phil Harris def Joseph Benavidez via North South Choke


Main Card:


Chang Sung Jung vs. Joe Lauzon


Round 1: A close round with little action.


Round 2: Slow fight.


Round 3: Close round, should be interesting.


Joe Lauzon def Chang Sung Jung via UD


Lorenz Larkin vs. Ryan Jimmo


Round 1: A fun round, with both men showing off their striking. This should be a fun fight.


Round 2: Again, a fast paced striking match.


Round 3: A very fun fight. Jimmo did a good job showing off his leg kicks in this one.


Ryan Jimmo def Lorenz Larkin via UD


Co-Main Event: Heavyweight Title Eliminator

Bigfoot Silva vs. Junior dos Santos


Round 1: It was clear that JDS wanted to end this one early, and it worked against him. Silva took this round.


Round 2: A late takedown from Cigano makes this a tough round to judge. Silva did the most damage on the feet, but the takedown was huge.


Round 3: A gassed Silva seemed out on his feet. However, he managed a Thai clinch and a KO via knee.


Antonio Silva def Junior dos Santos via KO (knee)


After the fight, Joe announces that Bigfoot will face off against Cain for the belt. Cain comes into the cage, the two shake hands, and then walk away peacefully.


Main Event: Lightweight Title Fight

Frankie Edgar © vs. Jacob Volkmann


There is a certain buzz in the building for this one. The home town crowd is going NUTS for the local hero, Frakie Edgar!


Round 1: Frankie came out the gate quickly. He tagged Volkmann with some shots, and got a takedown. He was able to get back mount, hooks, but didn't have enough time to finish the fight.


Round 2: With the Jersey crowd firmly behind him, Frankie wanted this to end. He bum rushed him, scored a big takedown, and got right into full mount. From there, Frankie reigned down hammer fists, scoring the TKO victory.


Frankie Edgar def Jacob Volkmann via TKO to retain his title


Afterwards, Frankie jumps into the crowd and finds his wife and kids. They celebrate together as the Jersey crowd is going insane.

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<img src=http://prommanow.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/nick-diaz1.jpg>


After lengthy layoff, Diaz returns with a big test awaiting.


You either love him, or you hate him. However, no matter your opinion, the elder Diaz brother can flat out fight. After his loss to Carlos Condit, Diaz faced off against Josh Neer, making quick work. When the fight ended, however, he told his coach, Caesar Gracie, that he wouldn't be in the gym the following week. Or the one after that, or the next. A few months ago, Gracie recieved a phone call, it was the lethal welterweight.


"He said he was ready to roll," Gracie recalls. "We got him in the gym and ran him through the hardest session I've ever thrown at him...I was pissed off. But he's back, he's better than he ever was. He wants gold."


But it's not going to be easy, as the man throwing Diaz his welcome back party if John Hathaway. The 27 year old Brit knows that this fight holds huge title implications, and doesn't plan on rolling over for the Stockton native. Expected fireworks when these two duke it out in Brazil at UFC 172!

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<img src=http://www.cdn.sherdog.com/thumbnail_crop/600/_images/pictures/20100219114908_danawhite.JPG>


UFC announces upcoming cards.


UFC on Fox: Story vs. Condit

Main Event:

Rick Story (15-5) vs. Carlos Condit (30-6)


Co-Main Event:

Travis Browne (14-1-1) vs. Frank Mir (17-7)


Nate Diaz (16-8) vs. Melvin Guillard (30-10-2-1)

Che Mills (16-4-1) vs. Dan Hardy (25-11)

Anthony Pettis (16-3) vs. Gray Maynard (12-3-1-1)


UFC 173: Jones vs. Jackson II


Main Event: Light Heavyweight Title Fight

Jon Jones (19-2) © vs. Rampage Jackson (34-10)


Co-Main Event:

Alistair Overeem (38-12) vs. Brendan Schaub (10-3)


Lukasz Sajewski (13-0) vs. Jon Fitch (23-5-1-1)

Alexander Gustafsson (15-2) vs. Roy Boughton (12-2)



Justin Edwards (8-3) vs. Erik Silva (13-2-1)

Shawn Jordan (13-3) vs. Oli Thompson (10-2)

Issei Tamura (8-2) vs. Chad Mendes (10-2)


UFC 174: Hioki vs. Aldo II


Main Event: Featherweight Title Fight

Hatsu Hioki (28-4-2) © vs. Jose Aldo (23-2)


Co-Main Event:

Rory MacDonald (12-2) vs. Thiago Alves (19-8)


Michael Bisping (23-5) vs. Chris Camozzi (17-5)

Rashad Evans (17-3-1) vs. Rich Hale (20-5-1)



Dustin Poirier (12-1) vs. Erik Koch (13-2)

Yushin Okami (27-8) vs. Nick Ring (13-2)

Pat Audinwood (12-3-1) vs. Paul Taylor (12-7-1-1)

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<img src=http://cdn.bleacherreport.net/images_root/images/photos/001/017/116/Frankie-Edgar-003_crop_340x234.jpg?1283108452>


Edgar to wait for Sass, drop to 145 not out of the picture.


It's perfect timing for Frankie Edgar to venture to 145 and take on the Aldo's and Hioki's of the world. But why isn't he? Well, Frankie tells us there is one more point to prove at 155. "Paul Sass," Frankie said firmly. "He's on a hot streak, I think he's 15-0? That's really impressive. I feel like he's a perfect challenge for me to cement my name in the lightweight ranks."


White confirmed that the Jersey native and the Brit will meet. "Of course," White shot out. "Have you freakin' seen these two dudes fight? They're bad mother f******!" When asked about a possible move to featherweight, Frankie was quite but Dana seemed reseptive to the idea saying that if Frankie beats Sass, it's "the only logical thing."

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<img src=http://cdn2.sbnation.com/entry_photo_images/3076603/ba813ccea29b022d9bf5e00cb3b5ada2_XL_large.jpg>


Markes to Wandy: "With all due respect...you lost."


Over a year ago, up-coming prospect Ronny Markes met with his role model, Wanderlei Silva. However, the meeting took place in a cage, in front of thousands, and on live TV. The fight was fun and fast pace. Markes scored the takedowns, landed more shots, and did more damage. The smile on his face as the two awaited Bruce to call their name was undeniable.


Then Big John raised Silva's hand. The crowd disagreed, and Markes was shattered. To this day, that's Ronny's only loss on his record and has sense bounced back with a win over Tim Boetsch. Silva took a leave of absence and has sense returned, and Markes has taken notice. Markes, in an interview last week, told us that he had all the respect in the world but he "lost." Markes is hoping for a re-match sometime within the near future to try and avenge his only 'loss.'

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<img src=http://a.espncdn.com/photo/2011/0304/mma_g_weidman1_sy_576.jpg>


UFC 172: Silva vs. Weidman!!!



Mitchell Hart def Rob Broughton via Kneebar

Michael MacDonald def Scott Jorgenson via UD

Ben Henderson def John Cholish via Rear Naked Choke


Main Card:


John Lineker vs. Demetrious Johnson


Round 1: A solid round. Lineker did a good job of stuffing the takedown, but Mighty Mouse was able to score one late.


Round 2: Mighty Mouse put Lineker on his back again and went for multiple submissions, however, was not able to finish it.


Round 3: Same thing as round 2.


Demetrious Johnson def John Lineker via UD


Caio Magalhaes vs Lyoto Machida


Round 1: Machida danced around, as always, but Caio did a good job of staying composed and not letting Lyoto get to him.


Round 2: Caio is doing a great job holding his own. He is making Machida miss, and is counter striking for days.


Round 3: WOW! The two come out throwing. Machida clipped Caio and dropped him. Hesitant of up-kicks, Lyoto timed it out perfectly, leaped and BOOM! Lyoto connects with a BRUTAL right hand, KO'ing Caio.


Lyoto Machida def Caio Magalhaes via KO


Co-Main Event:

Nick Diaz vs. John Hathaway


Round 1: Nothing major in this round. The highlight was Diaz scoring a takedown, probably giving him the round.


Round 2: Diaz starts his trash talking. Hathaway did a lot of wall & stalling, trying to drain Diaz, all the while Nick was jawing away. Diaz scored a takedown, but stood right back up saying "Fight like a man, b*tch!" Hathaway pinned Diaz to the cage, but left his kneck out and got submitted via standing guillotine.


Nick Diaz def John Hathaway via guillotine


After the fight Diaz looks in the camera yelling "I'm a bad f****** man!"


Main Event: Middleweight Title Fight

Anderson Silva © vs. Chris Weidman


Round 1: A slow round. Chris tagged the champ with some pretty combos, and scored a big takedown.


Round 2: Again, a very slow round. Weidman got another huge takedown, but the closed guard of Silva stifled any attack.


Round 3: Yet again, a slow round. The highlight being Weidman scooping up Silva, and slamming him hard on the mat. Chris is running away with this.


Round 4: Another takedown from Weidman, another dull round. Silva needs a KO or a submission for his reign to continue.


Round 5: This round stayed on the feet, with the highlight being a brutal right that dropped Silva. We have ourselves a new champion!


Chris Weidman def Anderson Silva via UD to WIN the title


After the fight, Matt Serra parades the new champ around the cage, as a tired Weidman raises his arms in victory.

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<img src=http://mmadiehards.com/live/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/Jussier-da-Silva-sherdog.jpg>


UFC returns to Fuel TV with Flyweight title fight!


Main Event: Flyweight Title Fight

Jussier da Silva (17-1) © vs. Phil Harris (23-9)


Co-Main Event:

Efrain Escudaro (20-4) vs. Donald Cerrone (19-5)


Jonathan Brookins (14-4) vs. Cub Swanson (17-5)

Dennis Bermudez (9-3) vs. Yuri Alcantara (27-3)

Diego Brando (16-7) vs. Dennis Siver (21-9)

Steve Cantwell (9-6) vs. Sean Loeffler (25-6)

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