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TEW Mod/Pic Pack Torrent HYPE

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So, the idea was tossed around a little, so, here's my "hype" thread.


The idea;


Collect all (or a good number) of the existing mods for TEW, slap them together in a torrent, and have them available for download that way. As opposed to finding out that a mediafire link has expired, or, a page is over limit.


So, as of now, I have the OK from Genadi to add his mods to the batch. I'd like this thread to include two things;


1. Ideas of which mods, what all everyone wants in the torrent(s)


2. Permission to add mods (if you mod makers see this before I contact you)


How I'm going to try it, as of now, is to have a mod, and whatever files correspond to it in one folder, amongst the others in the torrent. This way, you can download it all, or, just that one mod, and in that mod's folder will be the pics, banners, logos, whatever the maker had uploaded for it.


I will start it off, in a few, with a torrent of my cuts. I'm not sure how often I'll make an updated one for it (should I include all of the ones already uploaded, or, just the newer ones since the last torrent in that?)




Here is a link to my torrent for my enormous pic packs. Enjoy!

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