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SWF The path to the challenge

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There's no back story, This is simply a diary to help me enjoy the game, I find it very difficult to stay interested in games and I thought why not give a diary a try and so far I've finished writing the frist show (almost) and can't wait to write the next, so its working. I'll put quick picks up for anyone who wants to predict. Basically my goal is to go from the start date to the supreme challenge XXX and get across my story.


Tuesday week one 2010


Welcome to swf.com I'm Peter Michaels here to run you through our new look two hour card for this Tuesday's edition of Supreme TV. Marat Khoklov will be in action, The man whos been leaving a trail of destruction over recent weeks, can anyone stop the Russian Giant? Also we'll see a number one contenders match-up for the World tag team titles currently held by the team of Jack Giedroyc and Valiant, to take place at when hell freezes over, Between the Biggz boys and the pain alliance. Remo takes on wild man Jungle Lord in what promises to be a hard hitting match-up. Steve Frehley looks to keep up his momentum going into his match at when hell freezes over against Vengeance but will find it hard being matched up with the can't miss prospect Marc DuBois. In enother mouth watering encounter we'll see Rich Money who is surly in line for a world title shot soon, Take on a former two time champion Runaway Train, can the lone wolf prove his championship credentials against the grizzled veteran monster Train? Finally our main event of the evening in what looks on paper to be an early match of the year candidate, former two time North American champion angry Gilmour goes head to head with former four time World heavyweight champion Christian Faith, what implications will the result of this one have on the world title scene? and not to forget Emma Chase will be hosting a very special edition of Emma's office as she talks to her client Brandon James's opponent for when hell freezes over Joe Sexy all that and more in what will defiantly be an action packed two hours, see you there on C.A.N.N. 20:00 eastern


Quick Picks


Marat Khoklov vs ???


The Pain Alliance vs The Biggz Boyz


Remo vs Jungle Lord


Marc DuBois vs Steve Frehley


Runaway Train vs Rich Money


Christian Faith vs Angry Gilmour

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Supreme TV

New England, Mayor Street Arena




The show starts with the commentary team briefly welcoming the audience to the show and hyping up the main event of Gilmore and Faith.


Segment Rating C


Then we hear the eerie sound of a loud drum beat and Eastern European chanting, meaning only one thing, Marat Khoklov is on his way out, the camera pans to the ring where there is a tiny man dressed in a full one piece cheetah suit and matching bleached hair. As Khoklov steps over the top rope a graphic comes up telling us his opponents name is cheetah boy, the announce team state the fact it’s his debut and play on the massive size difference. The match starts with cheetah boy looking up at Khoklov and showing no fear he starts striking him in the midsection, which does not even cause Khoklov to flinch, he then changes strategy by running off the ropes to hit an array of dropkicks to the left leg of the giant but to no affect, reverting to his earlier tactic of standing in front of the big man and throwing punches would be cheetah boys undoing, as Marat grabbed the top of cheetah’s head with one hand and hoists him up into the air until his arm is fully extended towards the heavens, all cheetah boy can do is kick and punch air as in one movement Khoklov lets go of his head, cocks his arm back and delivers a devastating Moscow lariat that spins cheetah inside out. Then lifting up the lifeless body of cheetah boy by the back of his suit with one hand, the Russian walks around the ring shouting something in Russian , he then walks up to a cameraman on the apron. Still holding his opponent in his massive right hand and screams a sentence into the camera, the only coherent words CRISTIAN FAITH, followed by his free left hand smashing the camera onto the floor outside the ring . When the camera switches Marat has cheetah boy high up in the air and then smashes him to the middle of the ring with a vicious Russian legend bomb . Still not content Khoklov troughs cheetah up into the air and catches him in a Russian giant bear hug , which without hesitation the referee has seen enough and calls for the bell.


Your winner in 4:33 Marat Khoklov via Submission


Match rating D+


Khoklov releases the hold after a few seconds and reluctantly leaves the ring, which is the que for the paramedics and officials to climb into the ring and check on cheetah’s condition. Eric Eisen music hits, he doesn’t appear through the curtain until about a minute after the Russian giant has passed through it, and then he still takes a few moments to check over his shoulder. He walks around the ring and grabs a mic off the announce desk , he then walks up the steps into the ring, with a smug look on his face he proceeds to speak.


EE “can you get that road kill out of the champions ring”


Referring to the paramedics removing cheetah boy on a stretcher.


EE “come on, come on, get it out of here. Show the supremacist some respect you morons, don’t you know what a real champion looks like?”


Talking to the crowd this time who are booing and jeering him.


EE “ok a lot of people have been talking about my first title defence, who’s it gonna be? Jack Bruce? Rich Money? Well let me tell you right now and put an end to the rumours…….



The crowd really start getting restless, you can barely hear a thing through the boos.


EE “They have to earn a shot at the greatest SWF world heavyweight champion of all time, so at when hell freezes over it will be Jack Bruce vs. Rich Money for a chance to be the number one contender for my world heavyweight championship”


The 15,000 fans inside the mayor street arena go crazy at the announcement.


EE “but I still need to make my first title defence and as I’m a fighting champion I will hand pick my opponent for when hell freezes over.

It will need to be someone character, sprit and guts.

Let me see.


Let me think about this.


Ok, ok, I’ve got it.

How about?

How about that cheetah guy?

He’s a character, a cartoon character. He showed some great spirit , I would never ever hit that massive Russian monster, so well done for trying, and he showed guts, when he got splattered all over the ring, in fact I think I’ve got some on the bottom of my $500 shoes right now, errrr that’s nasty.

Yeah that’s it at when hell freezes over it will be the world heavyweight champion, the supremacist, double E, Eric Eisen against cheetah guy.”


He troughs the mic to the floor and leaves the ring to a chorus of boos and an even smugger look on his face.


Segment Rating B+


Next up is a match between two outstanding athletes Remo and Jungle Lord, the match stated unexpectedly as the two men locked up in a collar and elbow tie up, they exchanged wrist locks and hammerlocks for the early part of the match with neither man really gain an advantage, until the wild man Jungle Lord used a head butt to escape a hammerlock, driving the back of his skull into the bridge of Remo nose, which caused the match to turn into a brawl. The match spilled to the outside towards the end, shortly after both men had climbed back into the ring Remo was able to hit the destroyer and get the three count


Your winner in 10:44 Remo via pin fall


Match rating C+


As we return from commercials we join Emma Chase in the ring which has a desk and some chairs and a few filing cabinets in it, she introduces her guest Joe Sexy. Joe’s music bellows out through the sound system and he walks down to the ring not taking his eyes of the beautiful Emma Chase. He enters the ring grabs a mic of the desk and proceeds to speak.


JS “hello Miss Chase, or can I call you Emma?”


EC “Miss Chase will do fine, now I wanna talk about….”


Joe cuts her off


JS “you can call me Joe or Mr Sexy if you like?”


Joe raises his eye brows while staring straight into the eyes of Emma, who quickly looks away with a look of disgust on her face.


EC “I wanna talk about your match with my client Big Money Brandon James at when hell freezes over in a weeks time”


JS “what’s there to talk about? Once the smoke clears and the dust settles, Joe Sexy will be walking away with the North American Title around my waist and the lovely Miss Chase on my arm.”


EC “ I don’t think so Joe, in fact I even doubt by the time when hell freezes over comes around you’ll be walking at all.”


As Emma Chase finishes her sentence, Brandon James hops the guard rail after coming through the crowd and slides in the ring behind the oblivious Joe, and levels him across the back with a desk chair that’s in the ring. Brandon continues the attack with a series of kicks to the head of the downed Joe, then drops a filing cabinet on him. James then taunts the crowd as Emma prepares to speak.


EC “ silly, silly, boy, did you think I would be interested in a loser like you? The only thing I’m interested in is money, and the North American Champion big money Brandon James, the future of this company gets me all the money I need”


Chase and James leave the ring together looking very pleased with themselves, while Joe rolls around in pain in the centre of the ring.


Segment rating B+

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Next up two of the brightest young stars in the SWF Marc DuBois and Steve Frehley take on one another. Both men are looking to get themselves a win here to through them in to the title picture, Marc stating that he wants to go after some singles gold and win a shot at the NA title, after dropping the tag belts last mouth, and Frehley still hungry to regain the world heavyweight he lost to Runaway Train back in 2006. The match starts a cagey one with both men getting in an even amount of offence, this is mainly because every time Frehley builds any kind of momentum DuBois heads to the outside to recover. Once the match does find some rhythm the dark destroyer starts to dominate. Out of no wear Marc pulls of a dubious DuBois pin, a backslide out of the corner so he can use the turnbuckles to place his feet on for leverage, but Steve rolls through and hit’s a dark destroyer spear, that folds DuBois up in the corner, as he stumbles out to the centre of the ring Steve hits Frehley’s comet to pick up the win.


Your winner in 13:33 Steve Frehley via pin fall


Match rating C+


Peter Michaels leaves the announce desk and catches Frehley as he’s leaving the ring and asks him for a moment of his time.


PM “excuse me Steve can I have a second”


Frehley nods as he wipes the sweat out of his eyes.


PM “another fantastic win here tonight Steve but the big question everyone wants to know the answer to is, are you prepared mentally and physically for your match against Vengeance at when hell freezes over?”


SF “you know Peter, it’s hard to prepare for a guy like Vengeance, he don’t seem to feel pain, so its kinda tough to come up with a game plan for someone like that. I’m in maybe the best shape I’ve been in since returning from my injury a few years back, so I’m just looking to approach the match like any other, at the end of the day the guys still human and if I can hit the Frehley’s comet, well you’ve seen what it can do”


Pointing at DuBois who is being help to the back by two officials


PM “thanks for your time Steve, best of luck for when hell freezes over”


SF “no problem, Thanks”


Segment rating B


Next up is a tag team contest to determine the number one contenders for when hell freezes over, between the Biggz boyz and the pain alliance, the match in most was dominated by the alliance who did a great job of cutting the ring off and keeping Bart grounded, Jessie got the crowed to get behind her boyz but they seemed more intent on giving big smack Scott a hard time booing him every time he got in the ring. The end came when Brett finally got the tag and cleaned house, then hitting Biggz up on Scott, he went for the cover but the ref didn’t start the count , when Brett got up to confront the referee, he was told Scott was not the legal man, he then turn around straight into a switchblade power slam by Laramee who was legal and picked up the win.


Your winners in 8:11 via pin fall The Pain Alliance


Match rating D+


Which brings us to our semi main event of the evening between two time NA champion Money and Two time World champion Train. This being the last match Money would have wanted a week and a half away from when hell freezes over, and the monster train did not disappoint hitting a mass of high impact moves early on, an avalanche in the corner followed by a sidewalk slam being the most painful looking sequence. Money started to gain some momentum but when Train reversed his pile driver attempt into an Alabama slam, Rich looked in big trouble, Train signalled for the train wreck a gorilla press into a death valley driver but Rich was able to slip out behind the big man and hit bank roll a German suplex into a roll through pinning combination, but train was able to kick out, as a dazed train got to his feet he swung a lazy right hand at Money, which he was able to duck underneath and hit dollars from heaven to pick up the three count.


Your winner in 14:55 Rich Money via pin fall


Match rating B-


And finally our main event of the evening a match between two of the best ring generals in the company Angry Gilmore and Christian Faith, both men received hot receptions from the crowd, Gilmore booed and when Faith appeared at the top of the ramp the roof nearly came off the mayor street arena. The match started at a very slow pace, with Gilmore having a very slight advantage over the veteran and four time World heavyweight champion Faith, the slow pace suiting the technician Gilmore more who had spent time working in Japan perfecting his craft. As the match went on faith tried to turn the match into more of a brawl but Gilmore stuck to his game plan and worked over the left arm of Faith after he missed with a charge in the corner and went shoulder first into the steel ring post. After countless submission attempts and near pin falls Gilmore starts to get desperate and frustrated and goes to the top rope, a missed high cross body is just what Faith needs to get his momentum going and starts to have the better of his adversary, he hit’s a DDT that gets a near fall and then a brain buster but again Gilmore is able to kick out , then Gilmore is able to slide out of a power slam an hit a brutal release German suplex that folds up Faith in the centre of the ring, Gilmore then heads to the top rope, once at the top he signals for the sky high elbow , maybe taking too long or maybe the unbelievable amount of hang time Gilmore was able to get , Faith manages to roll out the way , the crowd erupt as Faith signals for the leap of faith, but maybe the unrest in the crowd isn’t for Faith. Marat Khoklov has started to make his way to the ring, Faith hit’s the leap of faith a vicious diving head butt off the top turnbuckle , but by the time he is able to compose himself enough to make the cover Marat is stepping over the top rope and breaks the count at two by stamping on Faiths head. The referee calls for the bell. what a terrible way to end such an exciting match


Your winner in 28:03 Christian Faith via disqualification


Match rating B+


Marat picks up the lifeless Faith after putting his all into a near thirty minute match he has nothing left, Khoklov troughs Faith to the rope and hit the Moscow lariat, Gilmore quickly slides out of the ring holding his head after taking the leap of faith earlier on and heads to the back. Meanwhile in the ring Khoklov hit’s the Russian legend power bomb , Faith looks dead as he does not move in the middle of the ring , then Marat puts him in the Russian giant bear hug, and swings the still torso of faith around like a rag doll, he holds on to the hold for a good couple of minutes as officials and paramedics surround the ring but hesitate to get in and try and stop the monster. The show closes after Maret tosses Faith aside and screams into the camera.


Segment rating B+


Overall show rating B-

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Tuesday week two 2010


Hello there Peter Michaels here to quickly run you through the card for this weeks edition of Supreme TV. The show is set to kick off with our World and North American champions both in action in a tag team match against Gregory Black and Joe Sexy, will Joe be able to get some revenge on Big Money Brandon James after the vicious attack last week on Emma’s office, and double E, Eric Eisen will not want to suffer any setbacks before his world title defence against cheetah boy on Thursday night. Also Remo will be in action against American Machine, Can Remo make it two wins in successive weeks? Angry Gilmore will take on Robbie Retro and look to put last weeks defeat behind him all be it by disqualification. Steve Frehley meets Frederique Antonio Garcia in what should be a very exciting singles match. The world tag team champions will be in non title action against the Samoan wildboyz as they get ready for there title defence against the pain alliance at when hell freezes over. Then to our huge double main event, Lobster Warrior the hero of the deep takes on Vengeance, the eradicator of sin looks to keep his momentum going into what looks like being a match for the ages against the dark destroyer Steve Frehley at when hell freezes over, and our main event two of Eric Eisen close allies enforcer Roberts and squeaky McClean take on his bitter enemies Jack Bruce and Rich Money, will these two be on the same page knowing they will face each other in two nights , for a chance to face Eisen for the World heavyweight title. Also we’ll hear from Christian Faith via satellite, as he tells us about the injury he suffered last week at the hands of the Russian giant Marat Khoklov. All that and more live Tuesday night from 20:00 eastern only on C.A.N.N. see you there.


Quick picks


Joe Sexy & Gregory Black vs. Eric Eisen & Brandon James


Remo vs. American Machine


Angry Gilmore vs. Robbie Retro


Frederique Antonio Garcia vs. Steve Frehley


The Samoan Wildboyz vs. Jack Giedroyc & Valiant


Vengence vs. Lobster Warrior


Jack Bruce & Rich Money vs. Squeaky McClean & Enforcer Roberts

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i was going 0/6 i failed :(


Joe Sexy & Gregory Black vs. Eric Eisen & Brandon James


Remo vs. American Machine


Angry Gilmore vs. Robbie Retro

Frederique Antonio Garcia vs. Steve Frehley


The Samoan Wildboyz vs. Jack Giedroyc & Valiant


Vengence vs. Lobster Warrior


Jack Bruce & Rich Money vs. Squeaky McClean & Enforcer Roberts

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