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Two comments on injuries

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First, great game and it is a blast. Two things I have noticed about injuries, which is th eleast fun part of the game. First, there should be a little more feedback when guys are 100% healthy and also when they are reinjuried or more severly injured. Whena RB is probable with a contussion for 0-2 weeks and plays gets hurt and is now listed as 6-8 weeks witha fracture and doubtful that is good but it is buried on the player card. The email of injuries is alittle vague as far as explanation of injuries ie john smith is hampered by an contussion and we should let him sit one more week and then next week john smith is not 100% and couldn't play at 100%. Those two descriptions are not very clear IMHO. It woulb be great to have the injury rating doubtful probaly etc and length 2-3 weeks or whatever on a seperate email,reprot or screen. I have found with the level of injuries this is really needed. I like how it is handled in TPB 2005 frankly. And the second thing might be a bug or not I don't know but after talking people over at FOFC and seeing a lot of people saw this as well I thought I would mention it. the AI putting players who were yellow (often) or RED(once or twice) in the game late when it was a blowout. I had the CPU set to put in subs but geez not my star SLB who wa sout for a few weeks. H e got hurt was Red I took him off the depth chart and when I played out the game I see a message he was reinjuried. i ddin't know he was in the game. I guess the AI decide sine the score was 27-6 that it was ablowout and subbed him in. So, he was injuried for the rest of the season 7 games including the bowl game which we lost. This was an issue about 6-7 other people mentioned over at FOFC. Thanks for your great support.
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