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A question on creating a product

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After booking PSW up to February 2013, I think it's time to strike out on my own and put together a truly unique promotion in the USA. My thinking is to put together an MMA-wrestling hybrid (basically copying the TIER-1 promotion's product), but with the storylines being important. Am I better off raising the mainstream, traditional, comedy, something else, or a combination of some things?


What are your thoughts?

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Uh, what do you mean by storylines? If you mean storylines in the definition provided by TEW, you can have that under ANY product. But if you mean if you want to do Major Angles (though not Minor Angles), then any MMA product is out of the question. You really can't have Major Angles AND MMA product... you can, but it will be a very confused product.


In any case, here's an MMA product, close to MMA as it stands now.


Key Feature: Hyper-Realism

Heavy: Realism (Can be as High as Key Feature)

Medium: Pure (Can be as High as Key Feature)

Low: Traditional

Very Low: Mainstream, Modern


Angles: 90%

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