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DOTM, May 2012: Cornellverse

DOTM, May 2012: Cornellverse  

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  1. 1. DOTM, May 2012: Cornellverse

    • MPW: Built from scratch (0/0/0/0 C-Verse) by Charasmatic Enigma
    • SWF Supreme by James Casey
    • FCW Freedom to Crash by Zergon
    • TCW: A Quiet Retirement by Phantom Stranger
    • DAVE: Survive (CV2001) by smwilliams
    • New York City Wrestling: Old School Lives On by 1PWfan
    • HGC The Rise and Fall of Hollyweird (Cverse '97) by arwink
    • The Next Generation of Awesome: SAW! by Jingo
    • 21st Century Boys (English c-verse) by Boltinho

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