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I've read the Jump to Cult thread and there's some awesome advice there about what to do when you're at the high end of regional - but how about when you first get there?


(SPOILERS FOR DYNASTY BELOW, just in case anyone's reading it, by the way.)


Based in the Mid West, running 2 shows a month there has got me up to Regional. I'm running a fed in which popularity and performance are equally important, and ratings are bouncing around between the high 40's and mid 50's. My top few guys have got pop 40-50 in the Mid West with little or no pop elsewhere.


Should I just keep running 2 events in my home base for the next few years, or should I start thinking about touring? I was considering a third show every month in the Mid South, where we have a little bit of spillover popularity.


In the month when I hit regional I made $25,000 profit (sponsorship-friendly product.) My workers cost me about $16,000 a show if I use everyone, so from that point of view could fit another one in without losing money.


Any advice, anyone? I've got lots of experience running feds at local/small and a fair bit running them at high cult/national but not much in between. Would be great to get some opinions.

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I think a lot of people tend to say to try and world up to at least a B- in your home region before making your push to cult. Not only will this give you a boat load of money in advance of the extra costs but it will allow you to put on a lot more shows in other regions with the knowledge that you can always go back to your home region to get any money back you may have lost.


Once you have done that, I would push to your next spillover area as you will already have a base of popularity for not only your promotion but your workers too.


Apart from that I would just say try and keep your promotions momentum high and if you can, try and work to have at least 7m in the bank so you could work to getting some of your better workers on written deals when the pushro cult has been made.


I'm sure some of the more experienced board members could give you little more info but using the above method, I have always been rather successful when I made my cult jump.


Hope that helps mate.

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You just hit Regional?


Go nuts. Splash out. Bring in a couple of guys that you weren't sure you could afford before. The only way from here is up! Re-invest in your product and it will repay you with interest.


As for what to do now - well, that depends on what you fancy. Two shows a month is not a problem at all, it will happily keep growing your promotion and your talent at the same rate it's been doing so far. You can easily switch to running shorter weekly shows if you please, although you might want to run fewer, longer matches to nudge costs down a tiny bit. Don't worry about expanding to Cult - just keep working your home region until you get bored and fancy a challenge, then work on making the jump.


The difference between Small and Regional? Regional is Small with the brakes taken off, at least in my experience. You can afford stronger talent, can run longer shows using more people, and can generally make a solid increase in costs across the board without losing much in the way of money. It's awesome. Have fun with it!

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