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Offer to host mods

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I have an offer that I would like to put out there for all of the mods that are being made for BB. I co-own and run PCFootball.net and we have a large assortmant of files over there for several games. Mostly in the Madden series but we also have files for the old FBPro series as well and as soon as Maximum Football comes out we would like to host their files as well. We still have a lot of room over there for files and I would like to offer to host any mods for Bowl Bound that anyone would care to send us. You will have your own space for files over there and I will try to make finding them as easy as possible. If you choose to send us some files so that we can be a resource for players of Bowl Bound, I just ask for a few favors: - that all files you send be compressed with either WinZip or WinRAR. - that some kind of "readme" file accompanies your mod so that I can put a description of your file on the site. - that we know your name so that I may give proper credit where credit is due and that we know how to contact you in case there are any questions. I would hope this would make things easier for players and fans of Bowl Bound to be able to have all of the mods gathered into one area. I would ask the mods and admins of this site to please understand that I am not trying to take aweay posters from your site. Rather this is a good faith offer to simplify and consolodate the search for files for the game into one easy to search area. If you would like to send us some of your mods then send them to [email]jgand@pcfootball.net[/email] and I will get them up at PCF asap. In the meantime, have a safe, happy joyous and Merry Christmas. Or if you prefer... Have a safe, joyous, merry and Happy ChristmaHanuKwanzukka.
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