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Another strange PbP issue

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USC returned the blocked FG to the SC 49, but the next play is run from the USC 12. [quote]Auburn ball, Q1, 2-3-SC6 (01:55) 7-3 Offense: Medium Pass, Set: Quads, Play: Q-WR3-ins Defense: Stop Pass, Set: Goal Line, Play: GL-run-SZ-R QB J. Allen throws an incomplete pass to WR B. Ward (OLB E. Wells). Auburn ball, Q1, 3-3-SC6 (01:37) 7-3 Offense: Outside Run, Set: SingleBack, Play: SB-HB-power-RE Defense: Stop Run, Set: Goal Line, Play: GL-run-BlitzAll RB R. Hill runs right tackle for -1 yards (ILB J. Marsh). Auburn ball, Q1, 4-4-SC7 (01:11) 7-3 Eugene Howard has his 25 yard field goal blocked by Walter Cook! The ball is recovered by Mike Thomas (SC) at the SC 12. He returns it to South Carolina 49 for 37 yards. South Carolina ball, Q1, 1-10-SC12 (00:51) 3-7 Offense: Inside Run, Set: I Form Big, Play: IB-HB-power-RT Defense: Normal, Set: 3-4, Play: 34-norm-Man-B6 RB R. Schroeder runs right guard for 1 yard (ILB A. Ford).[/quote]
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