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Coaching Salaries

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I've started a test league and I've played 6 seasons. I've noticed that the head coach's salary really doesn't change regardless of the outcome. I started at Tulsa at 750K: Tulsa 2005 5-6 Didn't expect anything at this point. Tulsa 2006 12-2 Won the CUSA Championship Won the Bowl game Media #15 Coaches #12 Recruiting #20 Salary to 800k, no increase in budget. Surprising.... Got an offer to go to Minnesota, took the job, got there, looked at the budget, no raise! Tulsa hired a coach at 2,025,000 out of Miami! Minn 2007 11-1 2nd place in Conf Won the Bowl Game Media #10 /Coaches #9 Recruiting Rank #13 Raised to 850K no raise in budget! Minn 2008 9-4 6th in conf Won the Bowl Game No ratings in the Media/Coaches Got offered the Tenn or Texas HC job, took the Texas job. Looked at the budget, no raise for me, stayed at 850K even though the previous HC was making 1,250,000 and the OC makes 750K. The HC's salary should reflect the status/prestege of the team and the HC's record. Tulsa HC salary is ok at 750K, but coaching at Texas should be 1.5 MM to 2.0 MM at least. The team budget should be increased or decreased based on outcome of the season.
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