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Real World Move Sets And Moves?


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[QUOTE=TheProtege]I have already converted T-Zone's 2001 Scenario, put in Shows and the like, just gotta do Events, but I'm wondering if anyone out there is doing Real World Move Sets and Moves? It would be greatly appreciated. Protege[/QUOTE] I too am working on a Moves list (and when I finish, hope to find someone willing to do Move Sets using it), but I shouldn't be done for at least a month due to the hugeness of the list I'm doing (I'm basing it off of the BBoWM website, to give you an indication of the size of it). I'm planning on using Ravex's moveset list from TEW as the backbone of the Move Sets I have done (so a user could just convert the latest RaVeXTEW file using the file coverter, then "plug in" the moves and move set going off what the worker is listed as having in the TEW file). Not as good as a full data coversion like Ravex and T-Zone is working on, but that's not what I'm going for anyhow. ;)
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