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Version 3.0.20: http://www.fbbgames.com/FBPB3Update3020.exe



*When using "Top 2 Records First" playoff seeding, home advantage should be based on record not seed in the first round as well.

*Output MDB: Position field in PlayerGameStats table should be filled.

*Output MDB: PlayerofGame field in Schedule table should be filled for all games played after the update.

*Only players with contracts at least two seasons long were being sent to the dispersal draft.

*Fixed a bug that caused player cuts to not export properly when using team exports.

*Fixed a bug that caused playing with Finances off to constantly release all players to free agency.

*Save PBP for all teams setting should work during the playoffs.

*Fixed a bug that could cause players to have contract demands that were below their expected value on the first day of FA

*Should not be possible for non rookies to win rookie awards at the start of a historical career.

*Average FT skill was too low among FBCB imports.

*HTML: Projected luxury tax was showing one value for all teams.

*HTML: Team Roster Season Schedule table was showing regular seat attendance rather than total attendance.

*Projected order in draft preview should factor in teams that would currently make the playoffs.

*Fixed several error 6 crashes that could occur when using very large salary caps.

*Contract extension offers should import properly when using team files.

*Fixed several possible crashes while trying to propose an arena.



*Exceptions will be revoked any time a team has more cap room than the value of the unspent exception.

*Added the option to edit contract length for staff members in the current league editor.

*Cohesion will no longer be displayed in the offseason as it is not accurate unless your roster is close to full.

*Players who resign with your team in FA can be traded without waiting 90 days.

*Decreased the effect of home advantage in lower prestige leagues.

*Added a finances option to play with both a soft and hard cap combined.

*HTML: added playoff leaders

*HTML: added waiver wire

*HTML: added available staff

*Technical fouls will be listed in the box score.

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