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World of Sport making a comeback

Big Roguey

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<blockquote data-ipsquote="" class="ipsQuote" data-ipsquote-username="MichiganHero" data-cite="MichiganHero" data-ipsquote-contentapp="forums" data-ipsquote-contenttype="forums" data-ipsquote-contentid="36511" data-ipsquote-contentclass="forums_Topic"><div>For all you old timey British wrestling fans, World of Sport is making a comeback! <p> </p><p> <a href="http://www.wrestling-news.net/breaking-world-sport-wrestling/33403/" rel="external nofollow">Source</a></p></div></blockquote><p> </p><p> If this indeed does happen I will be watching. I was 6 when it stopped and wasn't really into wrestling at that age but I caught it later on in life and to this day Mick McManus is one of my all time favourite British Wrestlers, just the way he managed to rile the crowd up with his antics and demeanour. Johnny Kwango too was brilliant! There are some extremely talented wrestlers in the UK right now so this is a perfect way to showcase that.</p>
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