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Locker Room Influences/Ratings TEW-style

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Been playing FBPB for a bit since its release, and while it's a great game on all levels, I've got a few suggestions for a future version, including one that integrates locker room influence/ratings into the mix as a more in-depth way to gauge a team's chemistry or maybe play a part in off-court incidents or fights, two things I'd also like to see in future versions. This feature would be similar to the TEW series, which details workers who are considered "locker room leaders", "positive/negative influence(s)" and whatnot. As such, we could have ratings for how egotistical/humble, naive/manipulative, conservative/liberal, etc. players are... (Though we can add some personality traits such as level-headed/temperamental for the fight/technical foul thing...)


For example, you could have the 2012-13 Lakers' locker room looking like this:


Locker Room Rating - 50%


(-) Dwight Howard is a negative influence.

(+) Kobe Bryant is a positive influence.

(-) Metta World Peace is a negative influence.

(+) Steve Nash is an extremely positive influence.

(-) Dwight Howard and Mike D'Antoni don't like each other.



Or this sore thumb sticking out in the late '90s Bulls locker room...


(-) Dennis Rodman is an extremely negative influence.



...and this note showing up indicating Rasheed Wallace will pick up a ton of T's during his prime.


Considered to be extremely temperamental



As someone who plays both TEW and FBPB, I'd certainly hope to see this add another dimension to the latter title's realism. :)

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