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I was think of doing a kind of mini dynasty revolving around grand prix's done via alliance loans and using my promotion's workers.


I get 6 of the best workers from one promotion in one particular skill area, 4 singles, 1 tag team. and get them through trades for 5 appearances, as I have a BIG alliance and a lot of working relationships. I set all workers popularity to 65 in America (my region), as will help ratings somewhat as I'd be using people from promotions from all across the world


As of now I am running the Super X-Cup,(maximum weight of lightweight Juniors, Cruisers, TEchnicians, and Luchadors) using


4 Workers and 1 preestablished tag team (except for my promotion, where I've found good chemistry teams) from My promotion, BHOTWG, EXODUS 2010, MPWF, OLLIE, SOTBPW, WLW, and ZEN.


Now what I'd be doing is having a 32-man singles Grand Prix, rating them on skill from 1-32, typical playoff format (1 vs.32, 2 vs 31 on the other bracket, etc to start and the center is more even 16 vs. 17 ya know. )


I use the tag teams from each promotion and have an 8-Team Grand Prix using the same format


and to top it off having an 8-team Trio Grand prix using the best three workers from said promotion.


Obviously, this one is for Juniors/Cruiserweights, but I would do one for Heavyweights, Technicians, Hardcore, and a 32 team Grand Prix would happen.


I can pull some strings and get SWF and TCW on board and I will have prettymuch everyone

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