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Will Bowlbound game accept a 14 or 16 team conference? How?


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I am at the point of resurrecting a 168 conference mod which I got stuck running into RTEs...




Bearing in mind the quote by Cooleyvol.... in this...




As it is stated that the conferences such as Independents, MAC, etc... can't have a odd number conference as it won't work...


so will a 2 divisions of 7 teams making up 14 team conference work?


or can you really have a 16 team conference of 8 teams each in 2 divisions?



Can one tell me if it is workable? and how to avoid the RTEs?

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14 team conferences with two 7-team divisions will work; however, the scheduling is screwed up. It would probably be easy to correct this, but GreyDog is not going to release a patch 8 years later. During the first few years of this game, there weren't any 14 team conferences in real life, so this issue was just noticed when Texas A&M and Missouri joined the SEC.
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