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Just released my first Android app - Student Budget


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Hey everyone,


I'm just about to start my second year of my Computer Science course at Uni, with a bit of spare time over the summer I wanted to do something productive and have something which I could show potential placement employers as I'll be applying for placement later in my 2nd year. I had no previous knowledge of Android Development before starting this app in June 2013, though I did have some knowledge of Java because it was the programming language we studied in the 1st year of my course.


Here's a bit of info about my app


"Student Budget is a new, simple application designed to help students manage their finances. Calculate a weekly balance to ensure that you'll never spend more money than you have.



- Simple user interface

- Monitor your incomes and expenses

- Plan a budget to ensure that you're not spending more money than you have

- Check upcoming payments

- Get reminders for upcoming payments

- Automatic calculations"


It's currently only available to the UK. Feel free to give it a download and tell me what you think. Would appreciate it if you give it a rating and maybe a review too.



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