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Will this game play on windows 8??

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Hey everyone,


Does anyone have any problems with this running on windows 8??? I downloaded the demo and when I try to do anything to move forward in the game I get some error message or something and then the game closes on me. The 2 basketball demos that im trying so far have worked fine on my windows 8 so was wondering if anyone is playing the College football on windows 8 without any problems???

Thanks in advance!


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<p>How do I know if its admin mode or not???</p><p>

The error I get is right when I click on "create league".. I get the message: Run-time error '48'</p><p>

Error in loading DLL</p><p> </p><p>

Then I click ok and it closes out the game completely.</p><p>

I'm doing the pro basketball and college basketball demos and they seem to work fine so I'm gonna purchase those... I would love the college football game since to my knowledge its the only good one on a pc but I cant figure out whats going on with it?????</p><p>

Thanks if anyone can help at all.</p>

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