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So I built this site for my Gamma promotion and I will keep everything stored on there but will also do each card as a write up on here as well. That will be a much more graphical area for it though seeing as you cannot use any pictures here except a link that looks stupid in the thread.


My promotion is starting base from the game itself and will have the stock fighters that it has. I will list them and post them shortly.


I am impressed with this game and how it looks so I am looking to do this as long as I can.


I will say that I was hurting for cash until we signed a small PPV contract for 6 shows. That was HUGE for us and in 2 shows, we have grown by almost 3 million dollars. Now that my money problems are working itself out, I am looking to grow the product by leaps and bounds.




Starting next will be the roster and 1st card.

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<p>Here is my current roster for GAMMA...</p><p> </p><p>

Heavyweights RANKED BY DIVISION</p><p>


CHAMPION - James Foster</p><p>

1. Jeff Carlton</p><p>

2. Leon Banks</p><p>

3. Rick Stanley</p><p>

4. Raul Hughes</p><p>

5. Jack Cobblepot</p><p>

6. Tim Boyer</p><p>

7. Tony McCall</p><p>

8. Tank Manu'a</p><p>

9. Duke Aiona</p><p>

10. Norbert Vinkus</p><p>

11. Gary Sampson</p><p>

12. Randall Donnelly</p><p>

13. Frank Sheedy</p><p>

14. Fatuma Roy</p><p> </p><p>



CHAMPION - Spencer Rubenstein</p><p>

1. Junior Patinkin</p><p>

2. Anthony LeToussier</p><p>

3. Marlon John</p><p>

4. Ken Peters</p><p>

5. John Rovero</p><p>

6. Linfield Ballard</p><p>

7. Hyun-Shik Lim</p><p>

8. Lawrence Herringbone</p><p>

9. Bill Cumming</p><p>

10. Kendall Tracey</p><p>

11. Derek South</p><p>

12. Ricky Heath</p><p>

13. Christian Mountfield</p><p>

14. Mike Watson</p><p>

15. Mark Cohen</p><p>

16. Jerry Bogdonovich</p><p>

17. Bryan Van Den Hauwe</p><p>

18. Logan Bluffer</p><p>

19. Brody Howles</p><p> </p><p>



CHAMPION - Matthew Dean</p><p>

1. Neil Napier</p><p>

2. Buddy Garner</p><p>

3. JJ Reid</p><p>

4. Mac Fuller</p><p>

5. Stuart Strange</p><p>

6. Thomas Smith</p><p>

7. Petey Mack</p><p>

8. Patrick Thomas</p><p>

9. Ashley Ballard</p><p>

10. Dexter Darling</p><p>

11. Maarten De Vries</p><p>

12. Osmosis Benn</p><p>

13. Adam White</p><p>

14. Sutton Ripley</p><p>

15. Woody Fierstein</p><p>

16. Ethan Sutton</p><p>

17. Paxton Brinkal</p><p>

18. Tony Legg</p><p> </p><p>



CHAMPION - Julio Rugeiro</p><p>

1. Nathan Chambers</p><p>

2. Josh Aldarisio</p><p>

3. Jim Carpenter</p><p>

4. Jack Humphreys</p><p>

5. Darin Blood</p><p>

6. Yevgeny Sipitov</p><p>

7. David Allen</p><p>

8. Rufus Stephens</p><p>

9. Alan Kendall</p><p>

10. Dan Halvorsen</p><p>

11. Dana Delaney</p><p>

12. Tyler Lass</p><p>

13. Bobby Brubaker</p><p>

14. Peter Bracewell</p><p> </p><p>



CHAMPION - Sean Morrison</p><p>

1. Brandon Sugar</p><p>

2. Beau Gorshin</p><p>

3. Bruce Steven</p><p>

4. H. M. Menzel</p><p>

5. Truck Gleeson</p><p>

6. Moss Gilbert</p><p>

7. Nicholas Bretton</p><p>

8. Benny Danare</p><p>

9. Bud Brockett</p><p>

10. Luke Hilton</p><p>

11. Aaron McBroom</p><p>

12. Henry Baldwin</p><p>

13. Ian Linderman</p><p> </p><p> </p><p>

Coming up next, GAMMA 1: RUBENSTEIN v BALLARD</p>

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