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The Birth of a "Phenomenal" Company...The RPW story

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October 2013 will forever be known as the month that the wrestling world begin to shake. It all started when TNA Star AJ Styles was offered a new contract from TNA. See TNA was in a little bit of a rough spot and running low of money that they where able to use. AJ walked into Dixie's office with the new contract in hand and respectfully told Dixie either add more money or he would have to leave and pursue other wrestling options. Dixie explained that it wasn't possible and that she would lovefor AJ to stay but wouldn't blame him if he wanted to see what else was out there, which he did.


In November AJ Styles begin working on the foundations of his own wrestling company and to his surprise he got a call from multimillionaire Shane McMahon. Shane explained that while he has had close ties in WWE in the past him and Vince are not talking anymore and Steph and Paul were going to ruin what wrestling was supposed to be, Shane continued to tell AJ that he would go in 50/50 with AJ with him providing the money and AJ with all of the creative say in the business they would split profits evenly. AJ agreed..


In December, AJ and Shane met in their first face to face meeting in North Carolina, they agreed this would be the home base of the company, next they had to agree on a name for the company. The name the two men agreed on was Rapid Pro Wrestling, representing the fast paced, style that they would use in most matches in the company. The next thing was wrestling, AJ talked about how multiple TNA/WWE wrestlers had reached out and wanted to join and had already requested release from their respected company, the wrestlers were the following....


Austin Aries

Samoa Joe

Evan Bourne

Kofi Kingston

TJ Wilson

Zack Ryder

Rob Van Dam

Kenny King

TJ Perkins


The full roster is yet to be set but these guys are tired of the misuse of them in wrestling and hope that AJ will capitalize on this opportunity.



OOC: More meetings will come and revile more about this company and it's roster, product, and schedule

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