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World Extreme Cagefighting: The return

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WEC, a once prominent organization that focused on the lower weight classes, looked to be on a rise, before the triple headed monster known as Zuffa swooped in, took over, then destroyed its legacy. Fast forward to 2013, Multi Millionaire Lester Kealoha began putting plans to start a MMA organization to take down the UFC, and what better way, to start there. Using his money, and smooth talking, he convinced the UFC to part way with the likeliness of WEC, in return they keep the footage and history of the belts, but Kealoha takes the names, the belts and no fighters. Dana and the Fertitta brothers agreed, and thus the WEC was reborn. However, Lester wasn't done. He revived Smackgirl and X-1, using both as feeder leagues to develop talent, as well as ship off fighters on the downfall in hopes they can return to glory. Now, let's begin the journey.


Im currently in 2 years, and this diary will begin at WEC 51. Currently I'm at 38, but I will get everyone up to speed over the next couple weeks, to where I'm at in game now.


Weight Classes:


Ladies Lightweight(116-125)

Ladies Middleweight(126-135)

Ladies Heavyweight(136-145)








Light Heavyweight(186-205)



X-1 has all the male classes, and Smackgirl has all the female classes.


Starting at Low National, with no TV show or PPV deal in tact. All history has been wiped from this WEC's history, so in this WEC, WEC 50 never took place, but Pettis was then last Lightweight Champ and so forth. We start at WEC 1.

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