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Hey, this is Bo Bailey calling about what we were talking about the other day. Listen, I've decided that I'm going to step down as head booker since I want to actually have some spare time while my career winds down. Look anyway, I've told Vessey about your time on the booking committee over with that Warrior Engine promotion and he seems keen on you. We've arranged a flight for you later this week so you can start for us.




Who would have thought that this was how Douglas "Doug Peak" Spencer would become a head booker back home. It came from a decision by the owner Larry Vessey who wanted to present a more updated traditional style where there could be a bit more room for evolution.

It's rather lucky that I was the designated person to talk to in WEXXV since nobody else on the booking team could speak english and I was actually able to bluff my way into the job.

Mitch Naess thought that he could recreate DAVE with his little promotion in Pittsburgh? Hardcore was done far before DAVE did it and I was going to bring that back.

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