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Ball Placement after Missed Field Goal

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Is there a college football rule I'm not aware of or is this a bug? [QUOTE] Texas ball, Q2, 3-9-UNT9 (12:54) 6-0 Offense: Short Pass, Set: I Form, Play: I-SE-curls Defense: Normal, Set: 3-4, Play: 34-norm-MZ-B5 QB B. Sykes completes a 3 yard hook to WR D. Elling (ILB I. Davis, OLB D. Maslowski). Texas ball, Q2, 4-6-UNT6 (12:30) 6-0 Steve Thelwell misses the 24 yard field goal. It will be North Texas ball at the UNT 20 North Texas ball, Q2, 1-10-UNT20 (12:12) 0-6 Offense: Medium Pass, Set: Spread, Play: SP-SE-outs Defense: Stop Pass, Set: Nickel, Play: Nickel-pass-MZ QB R. Upshaw throws an incomplete pass to WR J. Kennedy. [/QUOTE] I don't understand why the ball was placed on the 20 after the missed field goal?
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