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Chuck Nimbus: From Zero to Zero point Five!


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Its a cold November day in 2005. My trainer Brandon Bishop and me were talking. He asked me if I was ready. Of course I was I had worked the Texas indy scene for the past year but this is quit different. I got a call from my Boss and he told me I was fired from my job as a computer technician. Brandon told me that if I wanted to be taken seriously on the indy circuit than to get out of Texas. So I did... I have sat down and talked to a few northern indy promotions about working some matches for them. Jersey All Pro was one of my first choices and I have been blessed enough for them to talk to me. Cary Silkin of ROH has agreed to give me a try-out match. I got ahold of BCW Owner Scott D`Amore and he agreed to give me a try out match as well. CZW, ETWA, ASW, HWA, IWC, PWG, and others have agreed to let me work on a trial basis. My career is going to be based around JAPW as of right now. My second ever career match outside of Texas is for BCW tonight. I hope I can make an impression. I just got a call from Scott and he told me I am working Bobby Roode! Thats quite a start to work in your second-non Texas match! Diary Notes for Week 1: Monday: November 2005: My match with Roode went well. The first 9 minutes were me and him fighting back and forth with kicks and hits and basic wrestling. Roode went for a splash and I capitilized by rolling out of the way and getting a quick 2 count. After battling intensely for the next 30 minutes and after many pinfall attempts and even two finishing moves (The Lariat by Roode and the Shooting Star by me) I finnaly pulled out an upset win at the 40 minute mark with a Tiger Driver off the Top Rope! The internet fans gave it a B- Scott D'Amore then offered me a $60 per appearence contract with BCW! Saturday Week 1 November 2005: Tonight I appear in ROH against Jay Lethal in my tryout match. Lethal has been on a role lately but I think I can outsmart him. Match Notes: Eh decent match between me and Lethal. Lethal brought his A Game just like Roode did on Monday but my never say die attitude scored me yet another upset win. I got the win whenever Lethal went for a T-Bone and I managed to land ontop of him scoring a pinfall! Internet fans are being very nice about my matches: B- My Next match is next Friday for All Star Wrestling in Britian who I got the booking with by talking to Chad Collyer backstage at a ROH Show. Match Notes: Definitally not my best work. I had a match with the Stampede Bulldog Harry Smith and lets just say that Mr. Smith is not a fan of my work and he made sure to gripe to ASW management about our match. I managed to win with a Shooting Star Press.
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