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Game Area Pop/Unpop Product Trends Prediction

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Here's something I haven't seen anyone talk about. I'm going to take a stab at what I think the game area trends in TEW 2016 are going to be. I'm going to focus on where I know - the United States.


Tell me if you agree or disagree and what you think it should be. Also feel free to take a stab at what you think the popular/unpopular products in other game areas will be.



Traditional - Popular stable - Rational what wrestling fan doesn't like good ol fashion good vs evil stuff?

Mainstream - Popular very stable - storylines and sports entertainment seem to be doing WWE well

Comedy - normal medium - PWG is popular in SoCal but their funny antics hasn't made them a top 3 company, hasn't hurt them either.

Cult - popular unstable - The hipsters love cult ish but they don't love it for long.

Risque - very unpopular very unstable - PC culture of today says that if your product is objectifying women and using slurs you may need to go away from that to grow as ROH is seeing.

Modern - normal medium - some people like the flashy dangerous moves some don't. It won't get your company over but it won't hurt it either

Realism - normal medium - some like slow placed catch as catch can stuff some don't.

Hyper Realism - popular unstable - pro wrestling with some MMA connotations is something I think can really get over today but not sure if it's something you can base your whole promotion around. I think if a pro wrestling company presented its product like UFC does it could get over.

Hardcore - unpopular unstable - see risque. Also I think wrestling fans generally fear more for the well-being of workers. Thus a company like CZW can be hard to watch for some.

Lucha Libre - normal medium - some love it some don't care for it. Depends where you are in the country.

Puro - popular in the USA as seen with the rise of NJPW in the U.S. but unstable as I'm not sure it's not just a fad for the large American wrestling audience

Daredevil - normal medium - This is what I see a lot in Lucha Underground. It can be fun to watch but can be tiring. Not sure if it's a positive but it's not a negative.

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