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Thursday January 7th a day that was to change my life. First let me introduce myself, my name is Ted Gillingham up until 1992 my life revolved around professional wrestling, not SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT!, good old professional wrestling.


I worked for Mid-South Championship Wrestling from 1980-1985, then Jim Crockett Promotions from 1985 till 1989 until that damn fool Jim Herd arrived. I scratched a living on the independence scene. Then in 1991 i sold my soul to the devil. I went and worked ''up north'' for Vincent K McMahon. A year i will never forget as long as i'm in residence on this planet. Vince is not such a bad guy but the WWF was going through a lot of issues at the time and it was interesting to say the least. Hey who knows? maybe someday i'll piss Vince off and write my memoirs.


I digress. January 7th and i answer my cell phone. ''Hey Teddy, its Teddy'' . It was Teddy Long. Id met Teddy during the late 1980's when he was a manager in NWA. I liked Teddy more than most people i had met in wrestling so it was good to hear from him.


We spent 3 hours on the phone and by the end of it i had learned two things. Teddy was planning on buying TNA and secondly i was to be his partner and CEO of the company. What followed was the most stress full 3 months of my life. Filled with doubt and anxiety.


What was pitched to me in January was that Teddy was putting a consortium together i was to put up 15,000 dollars of my own money a sum i could easily afford as a result of selling my haulage business in 2009 for 2 and half million dollars. What happened was i bought TNA for a cut price of 250,000 dollars and injecting a further 500,000 dollars for running costs. I had promised my wife i would put no more than that in of our own money. So there it was after 24 years in retirement from the business, which ended after a short spell booking for Jim Cornette at Smokey Mountain Wrestling from January 92- July 92. So there it was, I was the owner of TNA Wrestling and at the age of 67 years old i wasn't sure i had to quote my good friend Mick Foley the ''Testicular Fortitude'' to turn round the sinking ship that was TNA. I was about to spend my days and nights from now on in saving TNA.


March 2016


My first Booking meeting at TNA.


TNA Roster


World Heavyweight Champion


Matt Hardy


King of the Mountain Champion


Eric Young


TNA World Tag Champions


The Wolves (Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards)


TNA X-Division Champion


Tigre Uno


TNA Knockouts Champion


Gail Kim


Main Eventer


Bobby Roode

Mr Anderson


Jeff Hardy

Matt Hardy


Upper Midcarders



James Storm

Drew Galloway

Eric Young






Davey Richards


Eddie Edwards

Jessie Godderz


Robbie E

Rockstar Spud




Chris Melendez

Eli Drake





Mahabali Shera


Tigre Uno


Enhancement Talent


Trevor Lee

Mike Bennett




Gail Kim


Madison Rayne

Marti Bell


Velvet Sky



I spent a long day. Booking my first show in 24 years. I had been a fan for the last quarter century. I was impressed with what WWE had done with NXT, New Japan and Lucha Underground were all companies i enjoyed watching. I pulled up on my drive and had a restless night staring at the ceiling in going over Impact in my mind. This was it no turning back. The next day we filmed Impact and this is what went down.


TNA Impact (wk1 March 2016)


Moody Coliseum (Abilene)

Att 2814


Opening Segment


EC3's music hits and he comes to the ring. '' All week i have been hearing how its a new dawn for TNA!''(pauses for crowd to react) '' Teddy Long is running things now!'' ,'' I dont care who is running things. Tonight i face Matt Hardy for the TNA World Championship in Full Metal Mayhem!'' (EC3 looks straight down the lens of the camera) ''Matt Hardy Tonight, i am going to hurt you physically by beating you to a bloody pulp! and i am going to destroy you mentally by taking back my World Championship!, I promise now, if anyone hear is of a nervous disposition Leave! anyone at home turn the station! because it is going to get dam brutal, that Matt Hardy i promise'' EC3 throws the mic to the floor and leaves the ring looking determined.


(SEG Rating 58)


Match 1


Tigre Uno & Mandrews Def Robbie E & DJ Z


In a tag match that had below par wrestling and not much heat. Tigre Uno and Mandrews teamed up to defeat Robbie E and DJ Z. Tigre Uno Rolled Robbie E up to score a pinfall


(match rating 44)


Segment 3


Beer Money Inc come to the ring they work the crowd with a few catch phrases and beer stomping antics. Then James Storm put the microphone to his lips. An unfamiliar music hits.....Its Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson!. After a staredown of a few seconds Gallows speaks first '' You may know us. the whole wrestling world is talking about us!''. The Crowd chant ''Bullet Club'' Karl Anderson smiles at the crowds chanting then gives notice '' Beer Money let us introduce ourselfs we are Armed Response and your right it is a new dawn for TNA because we are taking over, consider this our opening gambit Armed Response is taking over your yard!''


Bobby Roode Responds '' I don't know how things work in Japan, but those are fighting words round here so you two jack-asses come down here so we can give you a good old Beer Money welcome''


Gallows laughs '' Oh were not coming to fight! were coming to destroy, you can count on that beer money.'' Armed Response leave on that note.


(Seg Rating 39)


Segment 4


After a short commercial break. Drew Galloway is back Stage with Josh Matthews


Josh:'' Drew the landscape is changing in TNA, how do you think the TNA locker room will adapt?''


Galloway'' I don't care Josh how others a adapt. I'll make it clear my goal in TNA is simple i want the TNA World Championship and i don't care if its Matt Hardy or EC3 i have to go through, 2016 i am putting the World Championship Round my waist''


Josh '' on that note then Drew, what are your thoughts on tonights Main Event match Full Metal Mayhem for the World Championship?''


Drew: ''like i said Josh i don't care who has the Belt, I am coming for it and i don't care who i have to go through to get it bottom line''. Galloway storms off as the segment ends


(SEG rating 49)


Match 2


The Decay Def Rockstar Spud & Micah


Decay bring the stolen championships to the ring. In a dominate performance Decay run through Spud and Micah with relative ease


(Match rating 48)




The Wolves run to the ring and try to get their belts back Abyss double Chokeslams the Wolves, while Crazzy Steve and Rosemary leave with the Gold


(Seg Rating 38)


Segment 6


In a night of suprises Nash and Hall come out to the Ring . They enter the ring and embrace the crowd. Hall speaks out first ''Hey yo!'' ........ Eric Young and Bram come out ''This is the new dawn of TNA!, '' Eric Young maniacally bellows '' Guys who have been dug up from the scrap heap'' . Nash hold the Mic in his usual casual manner ''Eric still jobbing around the midcard. you talk about dawns Eric how many false dawns have you had in your years here!'' Hall continues ''Bram? is that your name dog? did the door hit you hard when Trip kicked you out of NXT'' both Bram and Young get enraged and storm the ring Bram '' why don't you too old Bastards get out of here before you get hurt'' Hall and Nash Laugh , then Hall responds '' you know i came here to kick ass and chew gum! (spits his gum out ) and i'm all outta gum, so how bout you two punks face us right now''.


Match 3


Outsiders Def Young & Bram


After a Short match. Nash Powerbomed Young to get the Pin while Hall stayed mostly on the apron to protect his limitations as a performer.


(Match 3 rating 36)


Segment 7


A Video package plays to hype Lashley. Clips of him training. '' People ask me whats left for me to do? , I answer the only thing i know how to do dominate and destroy. I want the feeling of being the World Champion, I don't believe I am the best I know it.''


(Segment rating 36)


Match 4


Lashley Def Mike Bennett


Lashley defeats Bennett quite decisively. Despite Maria doing her best to distract Lashley he controlled the match from the first bell , leaving Bennett with blood coming from his mouth


(Match Rating 40)


Segment 8


Jeremy Borash catches up with EC3 in the Locker room


Borash'' what is your mood going into tonights match?''


EC3''Jeremy, there is an old saying nice guys finish last, and you know better than anyone i am not a nice guy Jeremy. I do not regret a dam thing i have done. and why? because it got me to the top, but what i have done in the past will be nothing to what i do tonight ''


Match 5


Full Metal Mayhem


TNA World Heavyweight Championship


Matt Hardy Vs EC3


EC3 starts the match aggressively. Beating the snot out of Matt Hardy. Hardy tries to escape by going down the entrance way. But to no avail EC3 Slams him into both barriers. Then leads him back to the Ring


EC3 Seems to have a shockingly easy win on hand when ........Tyrus Smashes a Steel Chair on the back of EC3's head. Matt Hardy beats down EC3 till he is busted open then lands the twist of fate. Hardy climbs the first couple of rungs..... EC3 struggles to his feet. Hardy looks on in shock he gets down the ladder and delivers a second twist of fate ''Stay down you dumb bastard!'' he climbs the ladder and gets half way. EC3 is up again. Hardy Jumps down to confront him knocks the ladder down and delivers a 3rd twist of fate on the ladder. EC3's face is a crimson mask (there is so much blood as he coughs and splutters its hard to know if he is coughing blood up but he gets up before Hardy has even chance to set the Ladder up he dodges Hardy and delivers a spine buster. Tyrus gets up on the apron and he nails Tyrus with a forearm. ECW Places Hardys Head on the Steel steps that had earlier been bought in he delivers a shockingly hard chair shot to Hardy , EC3 climbs the ladder he takes a deep breath ....... puts his hand out ........ wham Hardys wife tips the ladder EC3 has nasty fall on the ropes. Tyrus is in the ring and he is climbing the dam ladder himself to get the belt for Matt. He Reaches out and thats it ....... another swerve from out of no where Drew Galloway Powerbombs Tyrus off the Ladder. Matt Somehow himself back to his feet delivers a chair shot to Drew Galloway busting him open. Hardy Climbs the ladder and is getting closer to the belt , EC3 counters by climbing the other side but half way up he stumbles from the loss of Blood. Hardy reaches out and grabs the belt and unclips......but with One last effort from EC3 he grabs up and stops hardy unclipping the Belt. Both mens hands are on the Championship of the World with one last effort he sends his opponent off the Ladder. He grabs the belt and celebrates as he looks down on his fallen opponent ..... EC3 holds the belt above his head as he is ONCE Again the World Heavyweight Champion. Tyrus is up and Drops the Ladder and sends the new champ down with a clatter of metal sweat , tears and blood filling the air. Hardy has lost his belt.


(match rating 54)


Segment 9


Tyrus and Hardy set up EC3 for a spike piledriver to the steel steps. Galloway makes the save and picks the world title up and at the same time so does EC3 both men hold the belt in one hand each as nitro goes off air


(segment rating 45)


Show Rating 47

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