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SWF: Back On Top

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I Know Wrestling


Those three words have been said from my lips on only a handful of occasions. The biggest, arguably, was in talks with Richard Eisen to purchase the Supreme Wrestling Federation, known by many as SWF. Those three words are what Eisen will say convinced him to sell the company to me, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The truth being that Eisen was looking to sell the company because he viewed it as a sinking ship, and he wanted to cash out as soon as possible, which happened to by New Year’s Day. However, Eisen was wrong once again. SWF was not a sinking ship. Sure, they were on a seemingly downwards spiral, but Eisen had no idea how to turn it around. I did. Why? Because of those three words. SWF had an abundance of talent, but no one to utilize them how they would be best fit.


Immediately, I wanted to shape the roster my way. Unfortunately for a handful of wrestlers, I either had no use for them, or they were not popular backstage. This led to some releases. The most notable would have to be Eric and Jerry Eisen. Richard agreed to walk away after selling the company, and I had no plan of getting rid of his sons. However, after a fight with Everest backstage, I was not about to deal with this drama and so I fired Eric. Jerry was extremely upset at this and was taking it out on others backstage so I fired him as well. This led to Eric suing me for wrongful termination, which he won costing me and the SWF almost a million dollars. In the end, it was worth it. Eric was trouble backstage, being the reason for Black Wednesday as well as having creative control, which is something I hate. I hate creative control because everyone in the wrestling game is selfish and wants to keep their star bright at the expense of anyone else. Paul Huntingdon, James Prudence, Bear Bekowski, Joe Sexy, Brett Biggins, Jungle Lord, Captain Atomic, Squeeky McClean, Kurt Laramee, Big Smack Scott, and Everest were the others released over my first six months as the owner of SWF.


I was criticized for releasing some of these names, but they were of no use to me. I wanted my guys and I wanted to build them up my way. I have signed over 80 workers to either SWF or go develop in RIPW. Most notably would have to be Jaxon Fury, formerly known as Man Mountain Cahill. This was my first project. I built this guy up over the past six months to be a monster. He has only wrestled in seven matches, but he has been destroying everyone and is one of the most over acts in SWF at the moment, after defeating Skull DeBones at Supreme Challenge 36. I almost immediately called up Spencer Spade and aligned him with new Supreme TV on air GM Shane Sneer as Sneer’s chosen one. His gimmick is arguably the most over in all of wrestling. This resulted in me giving Spencer the victory in the Feast or Famine ladder match, giving him a guaranteed world title shot in the future.


The most gutsy call I had made was putting The Crippler, now going by his real name, Chris Morrisette, over Jack Bruce. Their first match at When Hell Freezes Over, Jack used his creative control to prevent me from giving Chris the win. So I had Chris intentionally disqualify himself. After picking up more momentum, Jack agreed to lose to Chris at Nothing To Lose which immediately put Chris in the main event scene. This led to my giving Angry Gilmore the title at the same show. Chris then beat Gilmore at Awesome Impact for the title, changed his gimmick to a Loose Cannon, and Chris has been on fire ever since, still holding the title, and is now only second to Jack Bruce in terms of popularity.


My first major storyline that I built up to started with American Machine winning the new Intercontinental Championship tournament. He began picking up heat and then I turned him heal and had him go by his real name Dean Ansell, and made him be the guy who cared about his title more than everything else. All this had an end plan, which cumulated at Supreme Challenge, where Des Davids defeated Ansell for the title. Yes, I gave Dean the brand new Intercontinental Championship at the now age of 40, built him up, just for him to put over Des. The reason I did this is obvious. I wanted to build a new star, but Des was out injured, so I built up his partner so when Des eventually beat him, it would be even more impressive. All this so I had a new face star.


I knew that there was not room for three big promotions in the United States. So I made sure I knew when every TCW star’s contract was up so I would be able to sign them, bolstering my roster while weakening theirs. So I signed Jay Chord when his contract was up in April. Two weeks later, I stole Wolf Hawkins and after another two weeks, I stole Edd Stone, with Vita following later. The biggest signing, however, came at the perfect time, at the build up to Supreme Challenge. I signed Rocky Golden, the face of TCW. I had him face Jack Bruce in a Once in a Lifetime match in the main event at Supreme Challenge, which resulted in Supreme Challenge being a major success. After stealing all these names, TCW is left with very few main eventers and is now a sinking ship, with more and more workers jumping ship to SWF. TCW is practically dead, and SWF is the reigning number one promotion in the US, all because of me.


Now that I believe I’ve covered all the major points in the last six months, let’s take a look at the future. After Supreme Challenge, at a storyline stand point, we are starting over, because that’s what Supreme Challenge entails. I am not satisfied with being only the number one promotion in the US; I want to be the biggest promotion in the entire world. This led to the new TV show, SWF Uprising on USA Sports 1. This is because, contrary to the name, USA Sports 1 has coverage in the British Isles, Europe, and Australia, albeit small coverage, but coverage nonetheless. I view this as getting SWF’s foot in the door with a foreign audience. Uprising is not going to be a ‘b’ show, it will be right up there with Supreme TV for that very reason; I want to showcase how good SWF is to this new audience. No, this does not mean a brand split, but storylines will stay exclusive to shows, but workers can show up on either. Another huge announcement was that Supreme TV and Uprising are both going to be shown in Primetime. To pull this off, I had to agree to lower the risque factor of our product, which I think is fine and is probably better that we do so now rather than later. All of this is possible because I proved those three words, that I know wrestling. Now, off to a meeting with the creative team on what the product we are putting out will be.


Author Notes

So this is my first time doing this and I hope you guys like it. I realize I have only been a member of the forum for a couple days, but I have been a visitor of the forum much longer than that, just never really got around to making an account. As for the diary, I plan on having backstage entries that allow you to get a peek on what happening backstage. These will be kind of like House of Cards with Freddie Hatch talking to the reader, without any of the characters hearing from time to time. I’ll probably post prediction cards because people seem to enjoy predicting. The save is actually one I’ve played through, and I just wrapped up Supreme Challenge 36. The character that I am using as my user character is a created one named Freddie Hatch. He won’t show up on any show, and instead handles all the behind the scenes stuff. The roster is relatively big and isn’t quite even as far as pushes go, but it’s subject to change as they always are. The creative meeting is the next thing that will be posted and there more things will be elaborated on. I also change the names of the wrestlers I sign from time to time depending on if I see them as too gimicky or just don't like the sound of them. I am very excited for the diary and I hope you all are too.

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<p></p><div style="text-align:center;"><p>Roster</p><p>

(This is just quickly thrown together so it’s out there; I’ll make it look nice later)</p><p> </p><p>

Main Event</p><p>


Jack Bruce</p><p>

Rocky Golden</p><p>

Wolf Hawkins</p><p>

Joey Morgan</p><p>


Skull DeBones</p><p>

Angry Gilmore</p><p> </p><p>


Chris Morrisette (World Heavyweight Champion)</p><p>

Jaxon Fury (Man Mountain Cahill)</p><p>


Brandon James</p><p>

Remo</p><p> </p><p>

Upper Midcard</p><p>


Mikey Lau</p><p>

Zimmy Bumfhole</p><p>

Ross Henry</p><p>

Des Davids (Intercontinental Champion)</p><p> </p><p>


Edward Cornell</p><p>

Frederique Antonio Garcia</p><p>

Jay Chord (North American Champion)</p><p>

Huey Cannonball</p><p>

Dean Ansell (American Machine)</p><p> </p><p>


Face- </p><p>

Marv Statler (World Tag Team Champion)</p><p>

Randy Bumfhole</p><p>

Marshall Dillon</p><p>

Oliver Kobb</p><p>

Robbie Retro</p><p>

Remmy Skye</p><p>

Jimmy Hernandez</p><p>

Daniel Waldorf (Dean Waldorf, World Tag Team Champion)</p><p> </p><p>

Heel- </p><p>

Spencer Spade</p><p>

Jefferson Stardust</p><p>

John Greed</p><p>

Steven Parker</p><p>

Sammy Smoke</p><p>

Justin Sensitive</p><p>

Monty Trescarde</p><p>

Edd Stone</p><p>

Hollywood Bart Starr</p><p> </p><p>

Lower Midcard</p><p>


Lassana Makutsi (Away at Rehab)</p><p>

Frankie Perez</p><p>

Teddy Powell</p><p>

Ekuma</p><p> </p><p>


Jamar Jackson (Gravedigga)</p><p>

Lenny Brown</p><p>

Clay Velazquez (Rudy Velasquez)</p><p>

Keon Kurtis (Mobstar)</p><p>

Gregory Keith</p><p>

Arthur Jamison (Jamie Atherton)</p><p>

Hector Galindo</p><p> </p><p>



Carlos Gonzalez</p><p>

Posion (Joey Poison)</p><p>

Jonathan Coleman (Mimic)</p><p> </p><p>


Matthew Faith</p><p>

Javier Chaves (Jorge Chaves)</p><p>

Scythe</p><p> </p><p>

Enhancement Talent</p><p>

Ace Youngblood</p><p>

Max Mayhem</p><p> </p><p>

Tag Teams</p><p>

Dead Men Walking (Jamar Jackson & Keon Kurtis)</p><p>

Evolve (Matthew Faith & Gregory Keith)</p><p>

The Aces of Mayhem (Ace Youngblood & Max Mayhem)</p><p>

The Amazing Bumfholes (Randy & Zimmy Bumfhole)</p><p>

The Awesomeness (Jefferson Stardust & Huey Cannonball)</p><p>

The Future (Steven Parker & Bret Starr)</p><p>

The Latino Kings (Hector Galindo & Clay Velasquez)</p><p>

The Ring Generals (Daniel Waldorf & Marv Statler)</p><p> </p><p>


Ana Garcia (Mikey Lau)</p><p>

Emmy (Spencer Spade)</p><p>

Phil Vibert (Jaxon Fury)</p><p>

Kristen Pearce (Dead Men Walking)</p><p>

Krissy Angelle (Brandon James)</p><p>

Herb Stately (The Future)</p><p>

BJ O’Neil (Dean Ansell)</p><p>

Hannah (Valiant)</p><p>

Vita (Edd Stone)</p><p>

Jessie (Angry Gilmore)</p><p> </p><p>


Duane Fry</p><p> </p><p>

Colour Commentators</p><p>

Adrian Garcia</p><p>

Emma Chase</p><p> </p><p>

Authority Figue</p><p>

Shane Sneer</p></div><p></p><p></p>

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