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This is the BusterVerse people, the future of wrestling. I am looking for a team that will assist me in this mod. Set in the year of 2010, things are very advanced. There is three companies currently created. Pacific Heavyweight Wrestling, Global Championship Wrestling, and Golden Tiger Wrestling.



1. Global Championship Wrestling


GCW is one of the top companies in the wrestling world right now. It's currently owned by Pact Reality Network. The owner of GCW solely is Alex Branson who is the son of Pact Reality Network owner, Moses Branson. After PHW had rised out of California, it would be a battle of America with GCW mostly always coming out on top. But people have declared PHW an underrated and "better" company then GCW, and GCW is just number one by "assiocation". And GCW's other problem is the longest company in wrestling, Golden Tiger Wrestling.



2. Pacific Heavyweight Wrestling


PHW is a company that has started in California, it is unique from the other top 2 companies and is the only National company using high risk moves. People have found it to be underrated and such a great company. The company itself has great potential, and maybe soon, it will be number one.



3. Golden Tiger Wrestling


Recognized as the most respected company and greatest backstage ever, GTW has been there since day one. It was the first puroesu wrestling had to offer. It was always stuck in number 2 or number 3 with the American companies having war. Their year was in 2000 when they got great japanese wrestlers to be the highlight of the company. It was number one, but GTW needs it's big break. And possibly they could get past PHW and GCW. GTW will have their year soon.


Alright, those are the top 3 promotions and the only ones currently made. So, anyways I need a team. Let me know if you want in. If you want in just pm me or go to the TEW 2016 Live Chat and type in /join #Bustaverse. So that will be all for now, will be looking for a while so you wanna join theres no time limit on when.

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