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Is there ANY way we can get the game on steam?

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So hello, i've been playing TEW05 and TEW10 (That i bought on steam) for years now and i love them both dearly a play them all day however i really don't trust elicense at all (I've had bad things happen with them in the past) and they just seem so fishy to me, so i have not been able to play any of of the newer games witch really upsets me



You can only have one copy on a computer at a time whereas on steam i can have the games on both my gaming laptop and desktop that has really made me turn off them


I know that with Steam Adam and his amazing crew can't get all the money however i sure would be willing to pay a little extra for one of the best damn games in this genre as there really is no other ones


So i ask kindly that if there is a way to get these games on steam instead of on elicense?

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