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Gimmick change doesn't prompt after development callup

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So I've been having a problem with gimmicks whenever I call someone up.


They come up from development with a gimmick of None, with no rating because they haven't debuted yet. My product requires people to have gimmicks, so I give him one, and it changes his status to "Prepared to change to a Weasel gimmick" or whatever.


Then when he debuts on his first show, he debuts with no gimmick, and it gets ranked Awful. Then I have to re-set the gimmick change, and it tanks because it's flagged as being way too soon since the last change.


What am I doing wrong that this is happening, and how can I make it so that he debuts with his gimmick?

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<p>I used to have this problem all the time in 13 because I would pay attention to contract types.</p><p> </p><p>

Basically this happens when you sign a prospect to a written deal instead of a developmental deal. When you sign someone to a written deal and send them down it uses whatever gimmick and alignment you selected for them before sending them down and locks them at the gimmick and alignment for any potential main roster work acting as if they have just debuted minus the grade for the gimmick as far as time between changes. This is also true of any guys who might already be on roster and working who you decide to send down. It will lock them at whatever point they are in their gimmick and alignment's life until they are brought up.</p><p> </p><p>

On the other side, if you sign someone to a dev deal you can change alignments or gimmicks on call up because you never set them before sending them down to train.</p><p> </p><p>

So basically make sure you have the alignment and gimmick you want to use for a worker's debut in mind before you send them to developmental if you have to sign them to a written. This can be pretty annoying since a lot of the older indy stars are unwilling to sign a dev deal but could still use some help with overness or haven't quite peaked or, in some cases depending on the game, workers might be too egotistical to accept a dev deal.</p>

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