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Can't we all get along for Adam's sake

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Adam has given us great games over many years. Most people don't remember adam started this for free to the world. So giving him money today only helps to keep his dream alive. Honestly the GDS forums are becoming a mess of bashing and one sided opinions. I feel myself have done this in the past. Of course honestly I do have reasoning problems due to a brain injury I suffered in 2006. Now that is no excuse for me. Now I have seen veteran members use childish actions lately. So myself I'm stepping away from debating issues on GDS period. If I comment I will put a * at the end of my posts. TEW is a very complex game today. There is no 2 games that will play the same way. If 2 people start a cv game. It will not be exactly the same game. So advice is always good but really the childish negative debating is pointless. It really does nothing but make more work for adam himself. Which I feel was not the point of the tew dream in the first place. If adam said he had enough and stopped tew series. There is no equal to it. There is honestly not even anyone close to it. Lastly can't we all just make GDS a happy friendly community again. Where all his welcome and don't have to worry about entering a war with every comment. Thank you for everybody's time.



* Tew is a very complex and fully customizable game. So my advice is based on my own experiences and does not reflect everybody's game*.

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