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UPW - A New Era

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Former WMMA fighter and drummer of 'Kings Cross' Ayden Reid starts own wrestling company!


Ayden Reid has been teasing this for a long time; but it is confirmed. On the 17th of October, 2016, Ayden Reid had officially announced he now had hi sown wrestling company.


"Oh what's this? A wrestling ring? Excellent!"

-AydenReid's Instahash post along with his brand new wrestling ring with the UPW logo on it.


He posted on Facenote that the company will be based in Newcastle, England, and will be signing talent in the coming month. Ayden also mentioned 21CW in his post and said they were negotiating a working agreement.


What will come of UPW? Will it succeed? Only time will tell!


OOC: Okay so I had a bit of fun writing this, even if its a bit short for a first. This will not be real-world timed as I don't have the time to do it weekly and such. I will probably do a few shows in 1 week and then leave it for a week ect. I will be posting logos, worker pics, and such as the story goes on.

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