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For Arlie - Bugs (or at least anomalies) with Game Logs

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Found a couple of things with game logs to report in case we get an update -hint hint :)


1) Plays that result in turnovers aren't always recorded in the game log. I think it's specifically fumbles that result in change of possession but not entirely sure. There is just no record of the play and suddenly the other teams offense is in the game log. This may be a known issue, not sure.


2) Plays as described in the game log don't always match up to the playbook. For example:


San Jose State ball, Q2, 1-10-SJSU42 (00:26) 0-13

Offense: Short Pass, Set: Shotgun, Play: SG-RB-streak-WR3-in

Defense: Stop Pass, Set: Dime, Play: Dime-pass-ZoneBlitz

QB H. Mcintosh gets sacked for a 5 yard loss (DT J. Gonzales). OT J. Fritz allowed the sack.


I was actually looking at this play for the missing sack entry in the Offensive Playbook but I then noticed that the offensive play is shown as a short pass here but is a medium pass in the playbook. Not sure which is correct but I would guess it is actually a short pass as the game log is showing what the engine is using? Would like to know for sure on that.

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I'll look at both these. I think number 2 is related to your other post. As to the top one, I have made a note of some instances where that could occur. Just an FYI, I moved these threads into the tech support thread as that's where I keep a log of potential changes/bugs.
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