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For Arlie - Big 10 Scheduling

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I know that the scheduling won't be perfect but consistently (at least for the last 3 or 4 dynasties I've started), Michigan isn't playing Ohio State in Season 1. Not only are they rivals but they are in the same division so something is clearly wrong there. I remember you saying something about the current 9 game Big 10 schedule (6 in division, 3 cross division) is not implemented yet but this goes beyond that.


Looking more closely, it appears to be same issue I found in the SEC with Kentucky and TAMU being flipped. Ohio State is playing a West division schedule (sort of; they are playing all 7 west teams and only Penn St in the east).


So most likely the same fix then:

Find the West team playing an east division schedule, flip the IDs in the database and correct any rivalries involving those teams.

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Welp, I'm baffled at this point


This one doesn't look as easy as the SEC fix was. There appear to be more than 2 teams playing wrong division schedules (correct schedule with current game should be 6 in division, 2 out):


East Division:

Mich State - 5 east, 3 west

Ohio State - 1 east, 7 west (hosed)

Penn State - 3 east, 5 west (? maybe hosed; uncertain)

Maryland - 5 east, 3 west

Michigan - 4 east, 4 west

Indiana - 4 east, 4 west

Rutgers - 4 east, 4 west


West Division:

Wisconsin - 4 west, 4 east

Minnesota - 4 west, 4 east

Nebraska - 6 west, 2 east (only team with correct schedule in Big 10)

Illinois - 2 west, 6 east (hosed)

Iowa - 2 west, 6 east (hosed)

Northwestern - 4 west, 4 east

Purdue - 4 west, 4 east

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As a control, I started another league with no changes and checked all the Big 10 schedules again. The exact numbers were different (Ohio State is actually playing Michigan this year) but the same 4 teams seem to be playing opposite schedules:


East Games West Games

Maryland 5 3

Rutgers 4 4

Indiana 5 3

Michigan State 5 3

Michigan 5 3

Ohio State 3 5 Backwards

Penn State 3 5 Backwards


Illinois 5 3 Backwards

Iowa 5 3 Backwards

Northwestern 4 4

Minnesota 4 4

Purdue 2 6

Wisconsin 2 6

Nebraska 4 4

56 56

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Yup, that was it


Swapped teams in database and Big 10 now scheduling correctly (at least correctly for BBCF); 6 division games, 2 cross division. Only issue I see is that Purdue and Indiana aren't playing every year but as cross division rivals, that can't be fixed by db change.


How to for anyone wanting to fix in their database:


Open Teams table


In the ID column:

Change Ohio State from 24 to 129

Change Penn State from 27 to 130

Change Illinois from 19 to 131

Change Iowa from 21 to 132

Change Ohio State to 19

Change Penn State to 21

Change Illinois to 24

Change Iowa to 27


In the rivals column

Change Michigan rival from 24 to 19

Change Mich State rival from 27 to 21

Change Northwestern rival from 19 to 24

Change Iowa State rival from 21 to 27

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