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Help with game setup

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So I loaded up the MW6.04 mod that got upped. And I decided I wanted to play a Dawn of MMA type shtick. But I don't have the luxury of time and skills to mod, so I decided the best way to do it was to set the game start to 1980 and edit a few things here and there. The game starts in the 80s and will be populated by Generated Fighters with real fighter pictures.


To make the long story short, I set the status of every active, retired, and deceased fighter to retired set their birthday to 1960 and debut to 1980 so they'll load properly. But I hit a bump when I realized that pre-game retired and deceased fighters who are set to regenerate do no regenerate in game (or at least not as fast as I want them to as majority of fighters generated in the first month don't have any photos). Would there be any tool or whatever that lets me convert Character profiles in the editor to Free Pictures with the appropriate generation settings? Or what's the fastest way to upload pictures to the Free Pictures category?

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